Chapter 742 - Diviner

Chapter 742 - Diviner

“Seventeen!” Cui Twelve shouted from an eye of the formation.

Liu Qing had left her back completely open to Sid. This was essentially a fatal error to make during a battle of their level.

Sid’s formed a fist and kicked off against the ground. The ground cracked as he shot towards Liu Qing.

A smirk appeared on Liu Qing’s face.

At the same time, smiles appeared on Cui Twelve and the other two in the formation.


Although Sid did not yet realize what the issue was, he instinctively stopped his punch and looked around vigilantly.

“Ahh, just what should I say when you gave up such a great opportunity,” Liu Qing turned around with a shrug. From the looks of it, she didn’t actually have any way to defend against Sid’s attack.

“You were tricking me!”

Sid would be a fool if he did not understand that. He gave Liu Qing a deathly look as he took deep breaths.

Purple demonic energy gathered around him. General Sid would not tolerate such an insult.


“Do it!” Cui Twelve shouted the moment Sid attacked.

Three chains of spiritual energy appeared in the sky and bound Sid.

The three people in the formation all held an end of a chain, while the former called out, “Little Seventeen, deal with him!”

Sid glanced at the silvery chains around him. Did they smile earlier because of this?

But they shouldn’t have any spiritual energy to use while in the formation.

“Shatter!” Sid struggled, but could not damage the chains in the slightest.

“Heh, I spent three hundred points to get this Demon Suppression Chains, you won’t be getting out of it that easily!” Cui Twelve snorted.

Three hundred points!

He only managed to save up five hundred points since his ascension, and he had to spend a good amount of it just for the chains!

I’m definitely going to get everything back from Ye Zichen after he ascends.


Yet… A soft crack rang out. Cui Twelve looked up.

“How is that possible…”

Although the Demon Suppression Chains were only lesser divine artifacts, they were still incredibly tough.

It was unbelievable for Sid to break them so quickly despite being at a near Diviner level.

Was there something wrong with the chains?

Cui Twelve ignored the thoughts running through his head and warned Lliu Qing, “Little Seventeen, be careful, there’s something wrong with him!”

Liu Qing, who was looking for an opportunity to strike, frowned. Sid was still chained by, but his defenses were impeccable. She had hoped to look for a weakness while he got angry.

She did not manage to spot any weaknesses, but the chains were about to shatter.

Liu Qing made up her mind. She had no time to wait for Sid’s mistake. She had to force him to make one.

She lashed out with her ribbon. Metallic rings clanged as her weapon made contact with Sid.

“Girlie, you already lost the moment you chose this spot to make your ambush,” Sid shrugged off the attacks. “Us demons have a natural advantage in the demon realm. We can absorb the demonic energies to recover our wounds, but the same cannot be said for you. You people cannot replenish your spiritual energy here. I just need to wait it out to deal with all of you.

But… I don’t want to do that.

My reputation was built up from bloodshed. Only Zack would use such underhanded tactics. That’s why Lord Sid will kill you here and now.”


The three chains shattered.

The three people holding the Demon Suppression Chains coughed up mouthfuls of blood and collapsed on the ground.

Both Jade Emperor and the Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens instinctively tried to use spiritual energy to recover their wounds, but just as Sid had said, they couldn’t absorb anything from their surroundings.

“You were smart to use a Four Directional Spirit Amplification Formation to increase your strength. From the looks of it, you should be near the Diviner level as well, so you probably investigated me before coming here. But it really is a shame. I am not near the Diviner level anymore,” the demonic mirage behind Sid became clearer with every step he took towards Liu Qing.

Intense pressure radiated outwards.

Cui Twelve was stunned.


He already broke through!

He’s at the Diviner level!

“I should have descended down here six months ago, but have you considered why I didn’t do so? Girlie, that’s the one mistake you made. That’s why you’re going to die here.”

Sid pointed towards Liu Qing with a single finger.

A pulse of purple light shot out.

Liu Qing instinctively tried to block it with her ribbon.

But the ray of light pierced through her weapon.

Blood splashed on her ribbon and face.

The redness of her blood… It was as if it was mocking her.

Liu Qing wobbled but did not fall.

Sid merely pointed his finger forward once more.

Another bloody hole appeared on Liu Qing’s body.

Sid pointed forwards again… and again.

Purple light continuously shot towards Liu Qing. A tearful look appeared on Cui Twelve’s face. He wanted to leave the formation to help Liu Qing.

“Don’t come out!”

After enduring countless attacks, Liu Qing forced herself back up from the ground.

Her arms and legs were dyed red with blood.

“Heh…” Liu Qing smiled. She now held a red pill in her hands.

Sid did not notice because of the blood.

But Cui Twelve did…

She shook his head at her.

Don’t take it.

Don’t take the pill!

Despair nearly overwhelmed Cui Twelve when Liu Qing popped the pill in her mouth.

“What are you doing!” Cui Twelve yelled. He knew the effect of the pill all too well.

“You’re too loud,” Sid frowned. His strength at the Diviner level was nothing too special in the entirety of the Three Realms, but in this situation….

He was extremely strong.

To the point that he felt obsessed with this feeling.

He was very happy about the strong little toy that was Liu Qing. He wanted to keep playing with her, but the brat was too loud.

He pointed towards Cui Twelve’s forehead.


Something stopped the ray of light.

And the one who stopped the attack…

Was Liu Qing.

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