Chapter 740 I’ve come to find you

Chapter 740 – I’ve come to find you

Ye Zichen was not in the mood to check up on the ley line after seeing Lorie return to her origin form. Instead, he immediately went back to the subdimension Gu Zichen had left behind.

Having never faced with such a situation before, he was completely lost. He tried asking the Flame Emperor, who was rather knowledgeable when it came to plants, but the latter had no clue about what to do.

“Actually, you don’t need to worry so much,” a voice said behind Ye Zichen, while he was brooding in his room.

He turned around. It was Xuan-Yuan Xiang.

She was dressed like a wandering warrior with her long hair tied up casually behind her and the Xuan-Yuan Sword in her arms.

“Do you know why that happened?” Ye Zichen frowned.

“She just spent too much spiritual energy, so she couldn’t maintain human form any longer. She has been asking you for pills the entire time, hasn’t she? The spiritual energy from the pills was what was allowing her to maintain human form, but this time, she transferred all the spiritual energy to the ley line, so she naturally had to return to her true form to slowly gather spiritual energy again,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang said casually without any hint of worry.

However, Ye Zichen did not seem to be swayed by her words.

“She is a herb king. She’ll be fine. Trust me.”

“Why are you so certain?”

With the Yellow Emperor’s memories, Ye Zichen did not think that he was any less knowledgeable than anyone else, especially not Xuan-Yuan Xiang, who was basically from the same era as his first life. Why does she know so much?

“Child, I am a divine weapon forged by the blood and sweat of the dragon race. Plenty of dragon souls were mixed into me while I was being forged. So you should just listen to your big sister when it comes to matters like this.”

That does make sense.

Ye Zichen blinked, before asking for confirmation once more, “Are you sure?”

No matter what, this happened because Lorie did something for him. If anything bad happened to her, then he would never be able to forgive himself.

“Her life force is definitely far more resilient than you can imagine since she is a herb king. Just stop worrying,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang comforted with a smile.

Ye Zichen nodded, then glanced back at Lorie, who was now a six-leaved lotus.

Her roots were crystal clear.

She was truly a special lotus, being able to float in midair without any support. When Ye Zichen sensed more carefully, he noticed that she was slowly absorbing the spiritual energy around her.

“If I was you, I would definitely not leave her here. The density of spiritual energy in the Immortal Region that has the ley line would definitely be far higher. If you want her to recover as soon as possible, Maple City might be a good place for you to leave her,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang suggested.

Ye Zichen stopped hesitating. He hurried over to the manor in Maple City and placed her in the courtyard, then sat down and sensed how she was absorbing the spiritual energy around her.

When he confirmed Xuan-Yuan Xiang’s words once more, he finally let out a sigh of relief and looked up at the ley line glistening in the sky.

With the ley line fully recovered, the place that benefitted most from this was the Immortal Region.

Both the civilians and the plants in the Immortal Region were breaking through their levels with the nourishment of the ley line.

Thinking about it, Liu Qing and the others should have moved out already.

Within a dark space filled with revolting purple demonic energy…

Qiu Hai, who had once shown off his might in the Lower Three Realms, was respectfully bowing behind a muscular man.

“Little Hai, are you certain that the Xuan-Yuan Sword has appeared?”

Qiu Hai was a rather experienced existence even in the Demon Realm and there were only very few who could address him as “Little Hai”.

This muscular man was one of those. He was one of the twelve warriors that served the Demon Realm’s emperor directly as well as the messenger this time.


“General Sid, I am certain that it is the Xuan-Yuan Sword. I’m sure you must have sense it in the Demon Realm as well.”

“I did feel a strange fluctuation of spiritual energy, but that’s the case for the appearance of any spiritual treasures. I was in the midst of breaking through at that moment, so I didn’t pay too much attention to it.”

Seeing Qiu Hai’s smile, Sid continued, “Our situation is not the greatest right now. It would be a great thing if we can get the Xuan-Yuan Sword. But… Have you noticed anything about the Chiyou Sword while you are here?”

“I haven’t,” Qiu Hai shook his head. The Chiyou Sword was the legendary weapon used by the demon king Chiyou. However, it disappeared alongside its master after their battle with the Yellow Emperor.

It has been very long, but they never once found Chiyou’s reincarnation or the existence of the Chiyou Sword.

Of course, if Black Dragon knew what they were thinking, he would merely snicker.

That was just part of Black Dragon’s ploy. He never told Qiu Hai about Gu Li’s identity because he wanted to take the Chiyou Sword for himself after breaking through.

Yet, the fates were not on his side. He never once expected that the small worm who he looked down upon to take over his nest.

In this regard, perhaps his intelligence did get in his way.

“That’s a shame. I’ll be honest, I don’t really like the Xuan-Yuan Sword. It would be a stain upon the great Demon Realm’s achievements if we were to use a weapon crafted by those hypocritical fellows to rise above them,” Sid snorted.

“General Sid, you are right. But we don’t really have to use the Xuan-Yuan Sword. We just need to make it so that the God Realm can’t use it. That’ll give us more time to search for the Chiyou Sword and slaughter them all.”

“Haha, I like your thinking,” Sid chuckled. “Yes, we just need to make it so that the God Realm don’t get their hands on the Xuan-Yuan Sword. I heard that they sent a messenger down from the Four Directional Palace. Apparently, the messenger is just a baby girl. She better not bump into me, if she does, then… Heh…”

A savage light flashed across Sid’s eyes as if he could already see himself ripping the God Realm’s messenger to shreds.


A special sigil glowed underneath him and Qiu Hai’s feet.

The sigil radiated outwards and instantly completed a spiritual formation.

“General, it’s a trap!” Qiu Hai shouted while immediately hiding behind Sid.

Sid didn’t really care much of it. He merely walked forward cockily and laughed, “Which idiot dares to block the way of the great Sid!?”

“It’s me,” a beautiful female voice rang out. Soon after, Liu Qing, who now donned a fiery red robe, waved towards Sid. “Didn’t you say you were looking for me? There’s no need for that anymore, I’ve come to find you!”

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