Chapter 74 Old Lord Taishang’s Special Medical Journal

Chapter 74 – Old Lord Taishang’s Special Medical Journal

Ye Zichen sent the cigarettes over to Yue Lao.

Not long later.


Your intimacy level with Yue Lao increased by 30. Current intimacy level: 180.

It can’t be, it was so easy to earn intimacy level from Yue Lao? These business transactions could increase the intimacy level?



At that moment, Ye Zichen’s phone rang again.

Ye Zichen scrolled over to his chats and saw that Old Lord Taishang had messaged him.

Old Lord Taishang: Daoist friend, why did you give that geezer, Yue Lao, cigarettes?

Old Lord Taishang: And it had to be ten boxes!


It was clearly a business transaction.

However, Ye Zichen immediately understood. Yue Lao and Old Lord Taishang were definitely together, and Yue Lao might be showing off in front of Old Lord Taishang with his cigarettes.

Ye Zichen: Actually, it wasn’t really given. Yue Lao gave me some cultivation experience.

Old Lord Taishang: How much?

Ye Zichen: 5000.

Old Lord Taishang: 5000 cultivation experience for ten boxes of Zhonghua cigarettes? Do you have any higher-class cigarettes there? I want to buy them.


Ye Zichen clapped. This was what he liked.

He would receive money, while two people competed.

Ye Zichen: Of course there are higher class ones. The Zhonghua we have is already a rather high-class brand. However, there are different types. The hard packaging Zhonghua in Yue Lao’s hands are the lowest ones.

Old Lord Taishang: Give me a few boxes that are higher class than his.

Ye Zichen: Soft packaging Zhonghua is 650 cultivation experience per box.


Old Lord Taishang directly sent a red packet over, which Ye Zichen quickly accepted.

You received Old Lord Taishang’s red packet.

Cultivation experience x6500

Old Lord Taishang: Send it.

Ye Zichen: Please wait a moment.

Ye Zichen happily ran over to the supermarket to buy ten boxes of soft packaging Zhonghua.




Old Lord Taishang received your red packet.


Your intimacy level with Old Lord Taishang increased by 20. Current intimacy level: 120.


Selling goods could increase intimacy levels.

Ye Zichen hoped for Yue Lao to come seek him out again, but after ten odd minutes, there were no messages from Yue Lao.

It seems like he wasn’t going to come.

However, it wasn’t an issue, at least he earned quite a bit of cultivation experience easily.

All of a sudden, he felt like cultivation experience wasn’t really hard to earn with his resources in the mortal realm and his celestial plate and title.

He could easily just open a convenience store in the group!

However, in order to do that, he needed to get into good relationships with all the different deities. Right now, he only knew a few…

The mission was important and the path was long. He still had a long way to go!

He saved the 6500 cultivation experience from Old Lord Taishang into his celestial plate!


Your celestial position in the Heavenly Court has been increased.

Celestial Plate: Sky Sovereign Nameless (Cultivation Experience: 14500, Level 4 Celestial Official)


Lucky Roulette activated.

Start-up requires 8888 cultivation experience.

What is this for?

Ye Zichen looked at the extra wheel that appealed in the Treasure Shop and randomly clicked on it.

Congratulations, you received Old Lord Taishang’s Special Medical Journal (Level 1), it has been added to your Treasure Chest.


Ye Zichen’s hand shook.

Old Lord Taishang’s Special Medical Journal.

That was a treasure priced at 1000000 cultivation experience!

Ye Zichen opened his Treasure Chest and checked out Old Lord Taishang’s Special Medical Journal.

Old Lord Taishang’s Special Medical Journal: Old Lord Taishang’s medical journal



Do you wish to study Old Lord Taishang’s Special Medical Journal (Level 1)?


All of a sudden, a bunch of information flowed into Ye Zihen’s mind.


A call suddenly sounded out beside Ye Zichen’s ear. He looked up and saw Su Yiyun run over towards him.

“It really is you, why are you here?” Su Yiyun clapped his shoulder, causing Ye Zichen’s face to instantly turn green.

“F*ck you…”

“Wait, what?” Su Yiyun was completely confused, but he quickly saw the bandages around Ye Zichen’s shoulder.

“The f*ck? Ye-zi, what happened?”

“You were f*cking trying to kill me, right?”

Within Ye Zichen’s ward.

At that moment, the ward was already full of people since his bros from the dorm, Su Yan and Xia Keke had all rushed over.

“How could you have a gunshot wound?”

Xia Keke’s delicate face frowned. As Ye Zichen looked at the caring gazes of the surrounding people, Ye Zichen glared at Su Yiyun in annoyance.

This huge mouth, he didn’t dare to tell the people around him in fear of them worrying.

That’s great, now they all know.

“Don’t glare at him, why didn’t you tell me when you got so hurt?” Su Yan’s face was also full of worry.

However, Ye Zichen did feel rather awkward in front of her.

Where did this awkwardness originate from?

It was their affability level.

Ever since Ye ZIchen saved Elder Su, Su Yan’s affability level shot up and reached 499.

Yes, it was just 1 point away from lovers, but no matter what, it just wouldn’t increase.

Right now, they relationship was something akin to more than friendship, but not yet lovers.

They liked each other, yet resisted each other.

“Wasn’t I just afraid of causing you guys to worry?”

“But are we not worried now?” Su Yan bit her lips and pouted.

When the wolf pack from the dorm saw this, they instantly screamed out, “Ye-zi, I really couldn’t tell, you seriously got our goddess.”

Bai Yu walked over and nudged him, while Kang Peng and co. also looked playfully over the two people.

“Did you guys say enough?” Su Yan didn’t mind, but Xia Keke did get a bit angry.

All of Ye Zichen’s roommates within the ward were shocked.

Xia Keke also instantly realized that she shouldn’t have said that, so she quickly tried to cover up, “Our Susu has a really thin face, she’ll get embarrassed if you guys are like this.”

A cover up was a cover up. People in the room weren’t idiots…

All of a sudden, the atmosphere in the room turned really strange.


At that very moment, Huang Shengmei suddenly ran into Ye Zichen’s ward.

“Ye Zichen, I want to trouble you with something.”

Ye Zichen casually took and a cigarette and lit it as he looked at the passing images behind him.

“You can’t smoke.”

Huang Shengmei raised her eyebrows.

Ye Zichen nodded, then shrugged, “Then, as a doctor, you should properly treat patients, what sort of doctor takes a patient hostage like you?”

“I didn’t take you hostage.”

“Alright, even if I did agree to come with you, you still brought me away from the hospital.”

Ye Zichen blew a smoke circle with a smile.

Huang Shengmei pursed her lips and did not retort, “I will apologize to Auntie Ye when we get back to the hospital, and ask for punishment from the hospital.”

Ye Zichen speechlessly twitched his mouth when he heard her serious reply.

He just wanted to make a joke, he didn’t expect that this Doctor Huang to be so boring.

“You didn’t tell me what do you want me to help you with.”

Ye Zichen chucked the cigarette out of the window and raised his eyebrows. He only followed Huang Shengmei out without asking about anything just to escape from the awkwardness.

“I want to ask you to help treat my little brother’s sickness.”



Ye Zichen was completely stunned.

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