Chapter 739 Six-Leafed Lotus

Chapter 739 – Six-Leafed Lotus

Ye Zichen pondered about the meaning behind Xiao Yumei’s message by the window.

Not friends but foes.

It was not the first time Su Yiyun had said something like that. Before inheriting all of the Yellow Emperor’s memories, Ye Zichen would have definitely just viewed him as a foe.

But now that he thought about it…

It was as if Su Yiyun had deliberately pushed himself to the opposing side and tried to make Ye Zichen hate him.

He had countless ways to kill me before, but he never once did.

I still don’t understand the reason behind the way he did things and the choices he made, but somehow, I always lived through them all.

“Alright, got it,” Ye Zichen nodded, then caressed Xiao Yumei’s cheek with a smile. “Get some rest, I’ll stop disturbing you.”

Just as he was about to leave, Xiao Yumei grabbed his hand and hugged him from behind.

“How about… not leaving?”

Two days passed in the blink of an eye. Tiantian, who had been asking to see her mommy, finally saw Xiao Yumei.

Now, she no longer stuck close to Ye Zichen and instead followed Xiao Yumei all around.

This meant that Ye Zichen was able to relax a bit more and focus on dealing with other problems.

Such as…

“I’m telling you, we made a promise. These candies are just the down payment, you said you will give me more after the ley line recovers,” Lorie pouted and protected her pile of pills like a hen protecting its chick.

Lorie was truly amazing in how much she was able to intake. Even though it was merely normal pills to recovery spiritual energy, even an Immortal King would have imploded if they ate as much as she did.

In a mere two days, only a small pile was left of the small hill of pills.

Ye Zichen was able to afford any amount of pills as long as the ley line was able to recover. Since that’s what he promised Lorie, he naturally would not go back on his word.

However, that was only if the ley line recovers.

“Of course I will keep my promise. But… I don’t think you made any progress?”

The ley line was still shriveled up and unmoving on the ground like it was in the Heavenly Court.

Ye Zichen had a sneaky suspicion that Lorie had spent the past few days eating and didn’t bother with helping the ley line at all.

“Did you transfer any spiritual energy to it these few days?”


Ye Zichen was speechless. Lorie openly denied doing anything without any hesitation.


Lorie giggled, “Don’t be so anxious. I’ll just help it cover now. But let me remind you again, you need to give me lots and lots of pills, okay?”

“Just hurry up,” Ye Zichen didn’t really know what to say.

“Fine,” Lorie walked forward and carefully pocketed the leftover pills. She bit her lips and patted the ley line’s head with a reluctant look. “I’m going to give you all the spiritual energy I stored up, so don’t disappoint me, okay?”

With that, the aura around Lorie changed.

A soothing fragrance filled up the valley. Lorie’s hair turned from black to white and a crescent moon-shaped image appeared in her eyes.

She put her hands on the ley line as light shone from her eyes.

She called out softly, causing an even more intense fragrance to fill the valley.

Ye Zichen stood dumbstruck behind her…


He broke through.

He broke through the complete stage of the Sky Immortal level without even doing anything, and was now half a step into the Immortal King level.

“Hey, don’t steal my spiritual energy!” shouted Lorie.

“I didn’t,” Ye Zichen replied innocently. He didn’t mutter any incantations. He couldn’t do anything against the spiritual energy that surged into him by itself. “What do you want me to do?”

“Never mind,” Lorie waved, while a crescent moon shaped mark surfaced on her forehead.

A powerful spiral of spiritual energy appeared above her.

The spiral continuously engulfed the spiritual energy in the Three Realms. All of a sudden, everyone could feel the spiritual energy in the air gathering towards it.

“Hey, just how much energy are you going to suck from me? Fine, I’ll let you have enough!” Lorie glared at the ley line while the spiritual energy around her became denser and denser. If one was to grasp out at it, they would be able to touch physical droplets of condensed spiritual energy.

And just like that, two hours passed by.

The loss of spiritual energy in the Three Realms started to cause a panic. Many of the more powerful people began to follow the direction the spiritual energy was gathering in.

At the same time, the ley line also seemed to rejuvenate.


It opened its eyes.

A howl echoed through the valley. The marks on the ley line’s body shimmered as it started to release purified spiritual energy into its surroundings.

“Gotcha,” Ye Zichen smiled in excitement, only to notice Lorie wobble weakly.

“Lorie!” He ran over and caught her. Lorie’s face was stark white and the crescent moon on her forehead also dimmed down.

“You…” Lorie muttered. “You owe me lots…. and lots… and lots of candy! Keep your promise!”

Ye Zichen started to understand what Lorie had done…

She used the spiritual energy within her to awaken the ley line.

And in order to do so…

It was pretty clear that it required an astronomical amount of spiritual energy.

He smiled wryly at the thought of her still asking for candy in such a state.

What a gluttonous loli!

“Of course. You’ll get as much candy as you want in the future.”

Lorie smiled happily at his response and reached out her pinky. “You promised, so pinky swear on it. But I’m so tired… I’m going to take a nap. Make sure to give me lots of candy when I wake up…”

Lorie’s hand fell back down and her eyes shut tiredly as her voice trailed off.

Ye Zichen initially thought it was just because she had overextended herself a little.

But then he noticed that Lorie started to shrink.

And shrink…

Until she turned into a six-leaved lotus.

Panic overwhelmed Ye Zichen. He thought Lorie merely wanted to rest because she was tired.



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