Chapter 735 Her

Chapter 735 – Her

Ye Zichen’s hand trembled.

Then his body trembled.

Normally speaking, people at his strength level would not do that, unless…

An inner turmoil began to overwhelm him.

“I-Is that you?”

Ye Zichen choked. He felt something gnarling at his throat, suffocating him. Even he did not realize just how much he anticipated the answer.

“Is that you?”

Ye Zichen instinctively asked once again when he did not hear an answer.

“What do you mean by is that you? I’m Liu Qing. Where are you? I’ve confirmed that the Demon Realm’s messenger is coming. Although I have a plan to deal with him, I don’t have enough people to act it out right now.”


The phone slipped away from his hand, while his expression turned stark white.

Was that not her?

Ye Zichen collapsed backwards as if he lost everything supporting him.

Flame Emperor and the Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens rushed over to hold him up.

“Brother Ye.”

“Impossible. Impossible! It was definitely her! I would never make a mistake, there was no mistake! It was definitely her!” Ye Zichen muttered soullessly. I did not make a mistake, it was her that talked to me.

Only she would speak with such a gentle tone, only she…


It was definitely her.

“Hey, are you listening to me? The Demon Realm’s messenger is coming to the Three Realms. I need more manpower!” Liu Qing’s voice rang out from Ye Zichen’s phone.

Ye Zichen continued to stare at the phone in shock.

After a while, he finally let out a long sigh, then shook his head towards Flame Emperor before picking his phone up.

“Sorry, I lost myself just now. What did you say?”

“You’re so strange. Whatever, I’ll let you go this time. I’ll tell you again, the Demon Realm has already chosen who they will send down here. He is confirmed to be half-a-step into the Diviner level. I have a way to deal with that person, but I need more manpower,” Liu Qing patiently repeated everything.

It wasn’t her?

Ye Zichen smiled wryly. Maybe I really miss her far too much. I’m actually hearing things now.


“Yeah, yeah,” Ye Zichen came back to himself. “It’s difficult for you to explain everything, so come to the Heavenly Court’s Cloudy Palace of the Golden Arches. We’ll talk in detail there.”

“Meh, you’re so annoying,” Liu Qing complained. “Fine, alright. I’ll go over there right now. See you in an hour.”

The call ended.

Ye Zichen put his phone down unwillingly. The very first sentence and the familiar voice continued to echo through his mind.

“Hah…” Ye Zichen smiled terribly, put his phone down, then slowly sat down by the wall.

“Brother Ye, that was…”

Flame Emperor, Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heaven and the Jade Emperor all wondered just what exactly was the call about to make Ye Zichen turn out so.

“It’s nothing,” Ye Zichen forced a calm smile, but those words just refused to leave his mind.

He shook his head forcefully.

Why does my heart only move like this when I hear her voice?


It wasn’t her. It was merely an auditory illusion.

Yet… Another question immediately surfaced in his mind. Was it really?

Even if it was… Why did I hear those words?

Did you miss me?

If it really was her. How could I not miss her?

The others in the secret room looked at Ye Zichen in confusion. The situation was far too strange.

However, the Jade Emperor was in no mood for all that. All he wanted was for Ye Zichen to make the ley line work again.

All he wanted to was ascend.

“Since it’s nothing, then hurry up and treat the ley line.”

“Jade Emperor,” Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens frowned. It was clear that Ye Zichen had something troubling him. How could he be so unreasonable?

“Alright,” Ye Zichen did not mind and walked towards the ley line with a nod.

Fifteen minutes later.

Ye Zichen stood still.

He stood in place with his hands on the ley line without moving.

“Sorry, can you give me a bit of time? I just can’t calm down right now.”

“I have no time to waste,” Jade Emperor frowned.

“Even if you have no time, I am not in the mood to sort out the ley line right now. Why don’t you figure it out yourself?”


“Also, let me inform you that the God Realm’s Messenger is coming over later. I’m waiting for her,” with that, Ye Zichen went and leaned over by the wall once more.

This time, the Jade Emperor stopped his hurrying. He couldn’t formulate a response to that.

He could not afford to offend the messenger of the God Realm.

“We’ll see if it’s her soon,” Ye Zichen muttered quietly to himself. He still held his suspicions about the first person he heard.

Time slowly ticked away.

The secret room remained so quiet that every breath they took could be heard.

Soon, a ringtone broke the silence.

Ye Zichen, who had remained stationary, answered the phone as fast as he could.


He was waiting, hoping that it would be the one he wished for.

“Hey, I’m at the Cloudy Palace of the Golden Arches now. Where are you?”

Liu Qing’s voice sounded out from his phone once more.

For some reason, a feeling of lost and disappointment rose from the depths of Ye Zichen’s heart. It was the sort of feeling that could not be put into words. Anybody could tell his change in mood.

“I’ll come out to get you right now.”

“Zeze, what’s with the tone? You got dumped?” Liu Qing teased.

“Wait for me.”

Ye Zichen was in no mood to joke with her. He merely replied curtly before hanging up and walking out of the secret room.

It wasn’t her…

Was I really wrong?

The others quickly followed Ye Zichen when they saw him walk out. They knew that the God Realm’s messenger has arrived.

“Hehe, I’m telling you. He was like soooo sad.”

Liu Qing giggled as she sat on top of the throne in the Cloudy Palace of the Golden Arches. However, she was not alone. Another person stood beside her.

“Why did you have to trick him?” Liu Qing’s companion was rather annoyed.

“Hmmph, he’s always flirting with new girls. You know that he had so many girls by his side in the Modern Realm and he even got a new one here! How could we not make him know his place?”

“I don’t care. I’m happy as long as he holds me even in the tiniest part of his heart.”

“You’re helpless,” Liu Qing shrugged.

At that moment, a person walked in through a side door to the palace.

The figure had his head lowered as was slugging along like a lifeless zombie.

“You were so slow, I’ve waited for you for so long!” Liu Qing jumped off the chair and in front of Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen looked up with a forced smile.

He didn’t just see Liu Qing. He saw a beautiful figure standing behind Liu Qing, who was smiling at him tearfully…

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