Chapter 733 Jade Emperor Arrives

Chapter 733 – Jade Emperor Arrives

“We haven’t had so many guests in ages, so please forgive me for the terrible hospitality,” the Third Princess of the West Sea [1] brought a few dishes over.

All the deities chuckled, “Little sister, don’t bother, we’re no outsiders.”

These deities might not have spoken with such familiarity a few years before, but Ye Zichen’s appearance had turned these acquainted deities into a small group.

The Third Princess left with a smile.

At this moment, Yang Jian held up a cup of divine liquor…


It was just Er Guo Tou[2]

“Bro, it’s rare for you to come to the Heavenly Court, so let’s drink to you!”

“True Lord is right. Although Sky Sovereign often chats with us in the group, he rarely comes to the Heavenly Court. It’s hard for us to descend as well, so we must drink!” All the deities raised their cups, while Flame Emperor looked at Ye Zichen in confusion.

Just what did my old friend go through during his reincarnated lives? How is he so familiar with all these Heavenly Court deities?

Although he was confused, he still held up his cup like the others to prevent himself from ruining the mood.

“Then, let’s drink?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

“Of course!”

Ye Zichen chugged down the cup instantly.

Time seemed to fly by.

In what seemed like mere moments, the deities drank everything from red wine and beer to all sorts of liquor.

Anybody in the Modern Realm would have been dead drunk from all the drinking. However, these were deities, who showed no signs of drunkenness even after downing everything.

Simple chitchat always came to an end, but that doesn’t mark the end of a conversation with drinks.

Thus, the topic naturally drifted towards the Jade Emperor.

“Honestly, it really is strange. We haven’t seen the Jade Emperor recently,” God of Thunder muttered as he took another sip of liquor.

Even though they could make their own decisions regarding the Heavenly Court’s defenses as generals under the Jade Emperor’s banner, they would often just relay the Jade Emperor’s decisions to their soldiers instead.

Yet, they had not seen the Jade Emperor in the past few days, so they could only come up with their own ideas about what to do.

“Old Lord, do you have any insider information about this?” Yue Lao squinted his eyes with a smile.

“I really don’t,” Old Lord Taishang stretched lazily. “That brat didn’t come and find me the last few days.”

“You don’t even know as one of the Three Pure Ones?” Yang Jian gasped.

“Hey, you’re family, yet you don’t know anything either,” Old Lord Taishang retorted.

For some reason, the atmosphere around the table shifted. All the deities looked down at their cups and started to ponder.

It really was strange that the Jade Emperor did not show himself for half a month.

Although he has always been indulging in his own entertainment for a long time, he had never once missed morning court.

They could make the decisions for the short term… But, sooner or later, there will be issues that they would have no right to decide upon.

“Hah…” Ye Zichen smirked.

The other deities looked at him with raised eyebrows, “Sky Sovereign, why are you smirking?”

“Hmm? Was I?” Ye Zichen looked at them in confusion. He merely imagined what the Jade Emperor’s expression must be right now, he didn’t expect himself to laugh out loud.

“He didn’t?” The deities responded.

Ye Zichen shook his head, “Alright, fine, I did smirk. But aren’t you guys too restricting? Am I not allowed to do that?”

The deities laughed. This wisecrack also seemed to put an end to the topic of the Jade Emperor.

After drinking together for a whole six hours, some of the deities started to play Landlord.

Meanwhile, the others stood behind them and laughed as they watched the matches.

At that very moment, a cloud floated across the sky.

Both Yang Jian and Old Lord Taishang were losing by a huge chunk, so they did not pay attention to the passing cloud at all. On the other hand, Ye Zichen smiled, but continued to play as if he didn’t know what was about to happen.

“Joker Bomb[3. This refers to a play of a pair of Jokers in Landlord, that can be played any time and is the ‘strongest’ combination of cards in the game!”

Yang Jian chucked out the Joker bomb without thinking when he saw Ye Zichen had nearly run out of cards.

The deities watching the match all shook their heads. He definitely lost.


A soft cough sounded out behind the crowd. Yet, all of the deities ignored it and continued watching the match.

“Ahem. Ahem.”

Ye Zichen and the deities were not actually playing for money. The stakes were sticking slips onto each other’s faces. Yang Jian’s face was nearly filled up with them, so he was extremely frustrated.

Thus, the coughing instantly ticked him off.

“Who the f*ck was that? If you have a cold, then go and take your meds. Stop your mother*cking cough.”

The rest of the deities turned around…


Isn’t this the Jade Emperor!?

“Greetings, Your Majesty!”

The various deities quickly greeted.

The Jade Emperor already had a poor expression on his face, which only turned even darker when he heard Yang Jian’s words.


The soft nod caused the deities to freeze. Our boss is definitely angry.

Yang Jian, who was just about to play a card shuddered, then froze with the cards in his hand.

A while later, he finally glanced behind him.

He turned around.

Bent down.

Lowered his head.

And cupped his hands.

“Greetings, Your Majesty.”

“Hah…” The Jade Emperor let out a soft laugh, then forced a smile at Yang Jian, who did not dare to meet his gaze. “True Lord, thank you for your concern. I seems like this one really should go and take some cold medicine.”

“That is merely this subordinate’s responsibility.”

Jade Emperor face turned nearly completely black when he heard Yang Jian dare to reply. Is he being an idiot, or is he insulting me?

The Jade Emperor took a deep breath, then focused himself on his target.

He ignored Yang Jian, then glared at Ye Zichen.

“Jade Emperor would like to play a few rounds as well?

“Ye Zichen.”

“Mmm, present.”

Ye Zichen shuffled the poker cards and smiled.

“Stop playing dumb, you should know why I have come here.”

“You can’t resist anymore? I thought you would be able to endure it for at least another half month,” Ye Zichen chucked the cards onto the table.

The deities were completely confused. What are they talking about? It sounds so mysterious!

“Do not mess around with me. I have no time to waste with you!”

Jade Emperor released a powerful spiritual pressure that stunned all the deities.

It had been years since they have seen the Jade Emperor act so forcefully. In the past ten thousand years, the Jade Emperor has always acted the part of a foolish ruler.

The passage of time even made them forget that the Jade Emperor was once the strongest in the Three Realms.

“In a hurry?” Ye Zichen smiled, then turned towards the doorway. “You should come out as well. Aren’t the two of you working together? Why are you still hiding?”

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  1. She is Erlang Shen Yang Jian’s wife, and yes, she is a dragon.
  2. I’ve mentioned this before, but it is a type of cheap Chinese liquor.

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