Chapter 731 Didn’t I Come In Anyways?

Chapter 731 – Didn’t I Come In Anyways?

“Great deities.”

The Heavenly Soldiers standing guard were completely unsure of how they should address the various deities. There were too many important ones and if they were to greet them one by one, then the important deities might get unhappy about the sequence they were greeted in.

So the best choice was to greet them as a group.

With someone taking the lead, the other Heavenly Soldiers also respectfully greeted incomers.


The deities nodded, then all walked out from the South heaven’s gate and greeted Ye Zichen familiarly.

“Sky Sovereign.”

The Heavenly Soldiers were dumbstruck.

Sky Sovereign.

These are all famous important deities in the Heavenly Court, who was the one even they had to address as Sky Sovereign?

They glanced over…

It was none other than Ye Zichen, whom they just refused entry.

Didn’t he get blacklisted by the Jade Emperor? Why are these important deities so friendly with him? Did they not get informed? It’s the blacklist! The Jade Emperor might punish them for this!

The Heavenly Soldiers thought to themselves.

“You’re all here! Zeze, even Comrade Old Lord came!” Ye Zichen shook his head with a smile.

Old Lord Taishang chuckled, “How can this old man not act as master of the house when Sky Sovereign has come?”

The truth was that the two of them did get into a lot of conflicts initially.

Neither of them wanted to give in.

However, it has already been a long time since then. Their revolutionary friendship allowed them to chat like familiar old friends.

“You old geezer…” Ye Zichen chuckled, then dragged the Flame Emperor over. “This is Flame Emperor, one of the Immortal Region’s Primordial Five Emperors and a good friend of mine.”

“Hah, we’re all acquainted!” Yang Jian laughed.

God of Thunder and the others also nodded in agreement.

They chatted quite a bit when the Three Realms had united against the demons.

“Enough talk, let’s stop crowding around here and invite Sky Sovereign in. Honestly, what the heck are we doing?” Yue Lao interrupted the greetings.

Yang Jian nodded, “Bro, c’mon.”

Thus, Ye Zichen stepped towards the South Heaven’s Gate with the deities crowding around him.

The Heavenly Soldiers were extremely conflicted. He’s someone blacklisted by the Jade Emperor himself. We’re in so much trouble if we let him in.

But… The others aren’t people we should piss off either.

The Heavenly Soldiers remained silent and watched as Ye Zichen took a step through the South Heaven’s Gate.

The guard captain could only walk out and stop everyone.

“Hmm?” Yang Jian frowned. As the number one war god in the Heavenly Court, he was already the main general. Nobody in the army had dared to stop him before.

The captain felt a chill down his spine. What am I doing!? I actually dared to stop True Lord Erlang!

The other great deities also frowned. However, since neither Yue Lao and Old Lord Taishang were martial officials, the Heavenly Soldiers were not under their command, so they could only waited for the others to deal with the situation.

“Are you stopping me?”

While Yang Jian spoke indifferently, the Heavenly Soldier was still under tremendous pressure just due to the presence of so many important people.

“O’ True Lord, the Jade Emperor has ordered that this friend of yours is not permitted to enter the South Heaven’s Gate,” the Heavenly Soldier gritted his teeth and spurt out everything he wanted to say. After doing so, he felt a lot better.

Yeah! The Jade Emperor ordered this of us. We are merely obeying orders!

“The Jade Emperor said that my bro’s not allowed to enter? Don’t make things up.”

Ye Zichen was the Chancellor of the Grand Secretariat, meaning that he was a favored one of the Jade Emperor.

That put him merely below a single deity in the Heavenly Court.

They are saying that the Jade Emperor decreed that my bro is not allowed to enter? Ridiculous!

“Kid, you can do a lot of things, but you cannot speak so carelessly,” said Old Lord Taishang.

“Sky Sovereign is the Chancellor of the Grand Secretariat in the Heavenly Court, how could he be denied entry?” Yue Lao agreed.

“Zheng Qian, come over here.”

God of Thunder waved his hand at the captain of the Heavenly Soldiers.

The Heavenly Soldier gulped, then did as God of Thunder said.

God of Thunder smacked his head, “You’ve got guts now don’t you? I only just promoted you the day before yesterday and you’re stopping Sky Sovereign now? You might as well get rid of your position. Lil’ Six, you’re the captain here from today onwards.”

“Boss….” The captain was concerned, after all, it was far more difficult to get promoted in the Heavenly Court compared to the Modern Realm.

Everyone in the Heavenly Court lived almost forever, he had waited countless years to become a captain.

“So, do you know what you should do if you don’t want to lose your position?”

“Let Sky Sovereign enter!” The captain of the Heavenly Soldiers gritted his teeth.

The surrounding Heavenly Soldiers all moved aside.

God of Thunder nodded happily, “Alright, then you can keep being the captain.”

“Boss, then what about me…”

The Lil’ Six mentioned before walked up to God of Thunder. I think I heard that I was captain while I was taking a dump?

But… That’s not the case now?

“You? You can be the vice captain.”

“Yes sir!” Lil’ Six saluted in excitement. Vice Captain was an official job too. What’s more, that means that he managed to become a vice captain just after a hundred years in the Heavenly Court! That was massive when there are ones who have been normal Heavenly Soldiers for at least a thousand years.

He took a peek at Ye Zichen. It seems like me getting the job of a vice captain and nearly the captain was all thanks to this sire.

I must thank him properly in the future.

“Old Lord, our brothers guarding the South Heaven’s Gate worked really hard, so do give them some pills that can improve their cultivation levels. As the first line of defense, the brothers guarding the South Heaven’s Gate have to be stronger,” Ye Zichen turned to Old Lord Taishang.

Old Lord Taishang took out a clay vase without any hesitation.

This familiar scent…

Great Recovery Pills!

“Can you be any more shameless?” Ye Zichen retorted. “You are actually offering crappy pills like this? Give them some good stuff.”

Old Lord Taishang glared at Ye Zichen, then unwillingly took out a delicate jade vase.

“Here, for you guys.”

It was obvious from OId Lord Taishang’s pained expression that the pills within were very valuable.

“Thank you Old Lord. Thank you Sky Sovereign!”

As the Heavenly Soldiers quickly expressed their gratitude, Old Lord Taishang gritted his teeth and made up his mind that he must recoup these losses from Ye Zichen.

On the other hand, Ye Zichen nodded with a smile, “Guard the South Heaven’s Gate well, don’t let other blacklisted people come in. Got it? On the side note, can I go in now?”

“Sky Sovereign, please!”

The South Heaven’s Gate’s Heavenly Soldiers already tossed the Jade Emperor’s orders behind them and been won over by Ye Zichen’s ‘caringness’ and ‘charisma’

If it wasn’t because they were mere Heavenly Soldiers, they really would start following Ye Zichen around.

“Alright, then I’m going in,” Ye Zichen stepped into the Heavenly Court then turned to the deities around him. “Would it be possible for you all to come with me to the Cloudy Palace of the Golden Arches?”

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