Chapter 730 Heavenly Court Blacklist

Chapter 730 – Heavenly Court Blacklist

“Master, I’ve already told you everything I know.”

King Qinguang replied sincerely on the screen.

Ye Zichen smiled as he scrolled through the series of messages.

It was exactly as he expected.

“Very well, I’ll let you back into the group now. I won’t disappoint you if you work hard for me.”



King Qinguang has joined the group.


King Qinguang has been set as an admin.

The deities in the group naturally congratulated King Qinguang.

In the meantime, Ye Zichen did not say anything in the group. He merely continued to ponder about what Heavenly King Li and King Qinguang told him.

“Customer, all of the dishes you ordered have arrived.”

The waiter placed the final dish onto the table.

Flame Emperor waved his hand in front of Ye Zichen’s face. “The stuff you ordered.”

“Let’s not eat anything. I’ve already gotten information on the ley line. Let’s go.”

“But the food…”

“Don’t eat it.”

With that, Ye Zichen dragged Flame Emperor away, but not before the latter grabbing a slice of beef and throwing it into his mouth.

Meanwhile, the waiter chased after them, “Customers, you didn’t pay yet!”


A bag of money fell into the waiter’s hand.

“Keep the change!” Ye Zichen called out.

“But that’s my money!” Flame Emperor cursed.

Flame Emperor was in a bad mood ever since Ye Zichen snatched his bag of money. Although he was one of the most important people in the Immortal Region, he didn’t have any actual income.

The several thousand celeste Ye Zichen took was all he had saved up.

“Stop it with that dark look. Who the heck owes you money right now?”

“You!” Flame Emperor just rolled his eyes.

“Alright, it’s just a bit of celeste. I’ll get Zuo Mo to pay you back tenfold when we return. You know about the Treasure Tower, right? The Zuo Mo I mentioned is the young mistress of the Treasure Tower. She’s damn rich!”

“Are you for real?” Flame Emperor’s eyes lit up. He had heard of the Treasure Tower in the outer areas of the Immortal Region.

He knew that they were very rich!

“Just look at what sort of face you have right now!” Ye Zichen shook his head speechlessly. He could not comprehend why he became such good friends with a guy so obsessed with money.

Flame Emperor’s mood improved drastically when he heard that he would get compensated ten times the amount he had lost.

When he glanced in front of him, he suddenly stopped in his tracks.

“We’re going to the Heavenly Court?”

The South Heaven’s Gate was clearly in front of them.

“Of course, we’re searching for the ley line! Where else are we supposed to go? The Underworld?”

“Then aren’t you saying that the one who took it away was the Jade Emperor?”

“You thought of that yourself, I didn’t say anything,” Ye Zichen smirked. “I’m merely investigating. I’m not certain that the Jade Emperor has the ley line.”

He’s still pretending?

Flame Emperor was already very wise after living for so long.

It didn’t matter if Ye Zichen didn’t admit that the ley line was in the Heavenly Court, that was clearly what Ye Zichen had tried to express.

However, Flame Emperor could not understand why the Jade Emperor stole the ley line.

Another thing that he couldn’t understand why the ley line couldn’t be sensed from the Immortal Region since it is in the Heavenly Court.

“Stop thinking about it. You won’t think of anything with your level of intelligence,” Ye Zichen patted Flame Emperor’s shoulder, then strode over to the South Heaven’s Gate.

“Who are you? This is the South Heaven’s Gate. If you are irrelevant personnel, then take your leave now!” The guards glared seriously at Ye Zichen and Flame Emperor.

“Zezeze, you must be new to not know me. I am Sky Sovereign Nameless, the Chancellor of the Grand Secretariat, so scuttle off. I have business with the Jade Emperor.”

He waved his hands towards the guards, then continued walking.

Yet, the guard stopped him.

“Are you Only Idealism?”

“Indeed!” Ye Zichen puffed up his chest.

“Then, I’m very sorry. You are now blacklisted from the Heavenly Court by the decree of the Jade Emperor,” a guard said bluntly.

That old geezer...

Ye Zichen shook his head. He really had everything planned out.

But… This is basically just telling us that he did it!

“What do we do now?”

Flame Emperor was also certain now that the ley line was with the Jade Emperor. There was no other reason for him to blacklist Ye Zichen.

“Don’t worry.”

He looked at Flame Emperor confidently then smiled towards the guards.

“Then I won’t go in. You won’t have any issues with me staying here, right?”

“Erhm…” the guards frowned. The Jade Emperor did not say that he can’t stay here though… “Of course.”

“Alright, then go back to your work.”

These Heavenly Soldiers did not dare to go and do anything else. They had to keep a close watch on the number one of the blacklist.

They could not afford to endure the consequences of letting him sneak in.

Ye Zichen did not mind. He merely took his phone out.

“@everyone. This Sovereign is at the South Heaven’s Gate now. Would anyone like to come and welcome me?”

Canopy Marshal: Sky Sovereign’s at the Heavenly Court? This old pig’s coming right now.

God of Thunder: Same same.

Erlang Shen (Admin): Bro, you should have told me earlier. I’ll come and get you now.

Nezha: Then I’ll come too.

More than half of the deities in the group offered to come and welcome him, so upon seeing that, Ye Zichen chose a few that he was more familiar with to come instead to prevent a sudden panic As for the rest, he said that he would visit them all while he was in the Heavenly Court.


“Done?” Flame Emperor was very confused.

“You’ll see.”

Soon after, a huge figure appeared at the South Heaven’s Gate. The pair looked over, it was Canopy Marshal, the first one to reply.


The Canopy Marshal was definitely a great deity, so all the Heavenly Soldiers saluted him.

Canopy Marshal nodded, then walked out of the South Heaven’s Gate towards Ye Zichen.

“Sky Sovereign.”

“You came pretty quickly,” Ye Zichen smiled.

“Although this old pig is fat, I’m not slow. I saw that stick God of Thunder giving orders to his subordinates hurrying up when he saw me. He should be here soon.”

“Why did I hear someone talk about me behind my back from miles away?” God of Thunder flapped his wings and flew over.

The Heavenly Soldiers quickly greeted him as well.

“I thought you would need to give commands for at least an hour.”

“Whatever,” God of Thunder twitched his mouth, then turned to Ye Zichen. “Sky Sovereign.”

“Mmm.” Ye Zichen nodded.

“Bro, I’m here!” At that moment, Yang Jian flew over alongside Nezha, God of Fortune, Yue Lao and Old Lord Taishang.

Pretty much all the deities close to Ye Zichen had arrived.

The Heavenly Soldiers were beyond excited!

These great deities that they normally won’t even get a glimpse of in six months had all arrived!

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