Chapter 73 Yue Lao buys cigarettes

Chapter 73 – Yue Lao buys cigarettes

“Repaying with my body is no good, just change your conditions…”

Officer Lin blushed. At this moment, the door to the ward was pushed open.

“Lil’ Yue, I’ve been looking for you for a long time. So you were here,” The person who spoke was a rather handsome man in police uniform.

“This is the person that saved you, right?” The man walked over and reached his hand out towards Ye Zichen with a smile. “Hello, I’m Zhao Ziming, Lil’ Yue’s boyfriend.”

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, and looked at Officer Lin’s expression, before reaching his hand out towards Zhao Ziming, “Ye Zichen.”

The moment they shook hands, Ye Zichen felt a powerful force from his hands that yanked his arm outwards.

A tremendous pain instantly passed out from the wound on his shoulder. Ye Zichen knitted his eyebrows firmly together without saying anything. However, he begun to look towards Zhao Ziming with hints of confusion in his eyes.

This man wasn’t as bright of a man as he seemed to be.

“No wonder Officer Lin can’t repay me with her body, so she has a boyfriend,” Ye Zichen intentionally mentioned the issue of repaying him with her body when he retracted his hands. As he expected, the moment Zhao Ziming heard this, his expression grew dark, but he hid it very well, so Officer Lin did not notice.

“Ziming, Ye Zichen is like this, he likes to joke around,” Officer Lin explained, perhaps due to being worried that Zhao Ziming would think too much into it.

Zhao Ziming’s face continued to show a warm smile as he reached out his hand to rub Officer Lin’s hair, “Am I that petty of a person? Lil’ Yue, you are wounded and your savior needs to rest. Let’s go back to your ward.”

Officer Lin nodded slightly, then smiled towards Ye Zichen, “Ye Zichen, I’m leaving.”

Right before Officer Lin and Zhao Ziming left his ward, Ye Zichen suddenly called out to her, “Officer Lin, at least tell me your name.”

“Lin Xiyue.”

When the two of them left the ward, Ye Zichen finally looked down onto his shoulder. The wound that was quickly healing had been ripped apart once again due to Zhao Ziming’s yank.

The snow-white bandage already had traces of blood.

“Didn’t I tell you not to move around so much. Why aren’t you listening? Do you think that I would harm you?”

Ye Zichen sat on a chair in Huang Shengmei’s office as he listened to her blabber on.

“Would you believe me if I say that I didn’t do it?”

“Do you think I would believe it?” Huang Shengmei rolled her beautiful eyes and picked up a scissor from the table and tied a knot with the bandage.

“Alright, be careful from now on. It won’t be any good for you if it keeps on ripping like this.”

“I understand,” Ye Zichen helplessly twitched his mouth. Just as he stood up and was about to leave, Huang Shengmei stopped him.


Ye Zichen stopped, then tilted his head as he looked towards Huang Shengmei in confusion.

Huang Shengmei walked in front of him with her phone in her hand and pointed at the photo on the phone, “Is this you on there?”

Ye Zichen glanced over at the photo. The photo was of the corridor outside Elder Su’s emergency room. As for the person in the photo, that was indeed him.

“What about it?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

Huang Shengmei bit her lips and replied, “Just say whether it is you on the photo.”

“It is,” Ye Zichen replied without even thinking about it. There was nothing to deny about it. There were plenty of doctors nearby at the time, if Huang Shengmei really wanted to know, she can just grab anyone of them to point him out.

Huang Shengmei did not react when she heard his reply.

Ye Zichen waved his hands in front of her, then said, “Anything else? If there isn’t, then I’ll be leaving.”

However, she still didn’t react. Thus, Ye Zichen left the office with pursed lips.

Huang Shengmei only picked up her phone to look at the photo after he closed the door, while Ye Zichen’s reply echoed in her head.

“How is that possible!?”

Huang Shengmei scratched her hair, causing it to turn into a mess.

Her friend had sent her the photo, telling her that the person in the photo had even saved someone that Professor Deng Cheng couldn’t save.

She instantly treated this man as her god when she heard the news.

She had always fantasized about when she would be able to meet her god, until she met her patient, Ye Zichen.

No matter how she looked at it, she felt like Ye Zichen was the person in the photo.

All of a sudden, she felt like she was going crazy. She only went to ask Ye Zichen in order to deny her thoughts.


He answered yes!

No matter what, she just could not link the two together.

The Ye Zichen she knows and the god in the photo…

Huang Shengmei felt like she was really going crazy.

From Ye Zichen’s point of view, getting injured wasn’t bad. At least he can blatantly skip lessons.

Ye Zichen hummed as he wandered around the hospital garden when his phone started to ring.

Yue Lao: Daoist friend.

What did this geezer come to find him for?

Ye Zichen replied as he leaned on the willow tree underneath the hospital building.

Ye Zichen: Here.

Yue Lao: Daoist friend, you weren’t really right.

Ye Zichen: What happened?

This made Ye Zichen rather confused.

Yue Lao: You sent five boxes of cigarettes to Old Lord Taishang, he just came to show off at my place and even gave me one. After smoking it, I feel like he cigarette you gave him was higher-class than the ones you gave me.


So it was about that. Ye Zichen was wondering just what the hell it was.

Ye Zichen: Old Lord Taishang exchanged a Nine Reincarnation Soul Pill with me. Yue Lao, if you want higher-class cigarettes, then you can use things to exchange for it as well.

Yue Lao: Sure, daoist friend, just say what you want.

Yue Lao actually agreed so easily. It seemed like those two geezers in the Heavenly Court got into a competition.

A competition is good, there was no harm and all benefits for Ye Zichen.

What should he ask for, this was something he had to think about.

What Yue Lao could do merely seemed to be helping people tie strings together for relationships.

He had enough women around him, there was no need for Yue Lao to tie him up with anymore.

All of a sudden, Ye Zichen thought of the new function, the Treasure Shop.

Ye Zichen: I want cultivation experience.

Yue Lao: About this… Daoist friend, you know that cultivation experience is very important to us deities.

Ye Zichen: Is cultivation experience more important, or is face more important? What’s more, are my cigarettes not rare things?

Yue Lao fell into silence. It seemed like he was having an internal struggle.

After a long while, Yue Lao finally replied.

Yue Lao: What’s the rate?

Ye Zichen: 500 cultivation experience for a box of Zhonghua, 220 cultivation experience for a box of Yuxi. Choose.

Yue Lai: Give me 10 boxes of Zhonghua.

Ye Zichen: Hehe, pay first, then the items will be delivered.


Yue Lao immediately sent a red packet over without saying anything.

You received Yue Lao’s red packet.

Cultivation experience x5000.

Ye Zichen was extremely proud as he looked at the 5000 cultivation experience he just earned.

He already had 8000 cultivation experience when he added it with the 3000 cultivation experience from before.

He was a step closer to the Secret Scriptures of the Fiery Eyes of Truth.

Ye Zichen placed the cultivation experience into his celestial plate.

“One moment, I’ll immediately send you the goods.”

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