Chapter 729 King Qinguang turned as well

Chapter 729 – King Qinguang turned as well

King Qinguang was very troubled.

The job of staying till the end was tough and yet he had to do it.

It wasn’t really that big of a deal as he was the eldest.

That’s how he had always comforted himself.

Yet… When he finally finished the task and sent everyone over to the Heavenly Court’s group… And when he finally entered the group…

In less than three minutes…

He was out again!

He thought long and hard about it but just couldn’t accept it. He really didn’t want to try and get into that shitty chat group again, but all his brothers convinced him otherwise.

So… He decided to enter again.

As for how? He naturally had to go and find the person who kicked him.

“Master, would it be possible for you to add me to the group?”

“Why should I?”

King Qinguang was utterly speechless.

“Uhm.. We are old friends, you really can’t treat me like this, can you?”

“Heavenly King Li fought beside me and we went through life and death, but I still kicked him.”

With that, a screenshot appeared on the screen. It was one where Ye Zichen kicked Heavenly King Li out of the group.

“Master, you…”

“Don’t try to talk about relationships. The rules of the group require everyone to send red packets when you enter. You didn’t send any in time, so you were kicked out. I didn’t decide on the rule myself, all the other deities agreed on creating that rule.”

Ye Zichen replied bluntly.

King Qinguang gritted his teeth. “I’ll send them!”

“It’s too late.”

“I’m done with this shitty group!” King Qinguang stomped in feet in anger. What the hell! No matter what, I am a reputed person of the Underworld!

This is just too much!

“Hey, I’m telling you guys now. I’m not going to join the group.”

King Qinguang complained in the private group of the Ten Yama Kings.

King Chujiang: Big Brother, calm down.

King Lunhui: Be more rational.

King Pingdeng: Don’t be so impulsive.

“I’m being impulsive? Look at what he said to me!”

He sent a few screenshots in the group. The group instantly turned silent for a while.


King Chujiang: Big Brother, I think Master is right.

“You’re helping outsiders now?” King Qinguang was clearly displeased.

King Yanluo: Master did put everything too bluntly, but he is still being logical. You didn’t send any red packets, that’s why you got kicked out of the group. It was the same when we entered the group.

King Pingdeng: Old Chu didn’t send any like you back then, so he got kicked. He had to pay a hefty price to re-enter.

“It’s just a shitty group, why do you care about it so much!?”

King Chujiang: The upper echelons have decreed that all information will be sent through that group. If you aren’t in the group, then you will end up behind on the news. You should understand what’s at stake, right?

King Lunhui: The group is also used for socializing.

“So that means I have to????”

A few “mhmm” appeared on the screen. King Qinguang could only give up. Although he was unhappy about it, he still had to enter the group. He couldn’t bear the consequences of being behind on the news.

Fine. Worst come to worst, I’ll just give more up!

King Qinguang thought to himself, then sent a message to Ye Zichen, who was actually having fun chatting with Old Li.

“You said the Jade Emperor snuck down half a month ago, then came back around half a day later? Then he never came out since?”

Even a radically loyal person towards the Jade Emperor like Heavenly King Li ended up falling under the combination of threat and reward.

“Yes. We have not seen the Jade Emperor in the past two weeks. It’s also been a long while since we have had morning court.”

“I see,” Ye Zichen pursed his lips with a smile. “Alright, your information has been very useful for me. You can re-enter the group now.”

With that, Heavenly King Li received a message that he was added back into Red Packet Server.


Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li has joined the group.

Canopy Marshal: Wow, Old Li’s back.

God of Thunder: This is good.


Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li has been set as an admin.

Yue Lao: Old Li got promoted!

Barefoot Immortal: There’s definitely more to this.

Erlang Shen (Admin): He’s actually equal to me now!

Wu Gang: It must be some disgusting deals!


Wu Gang was removed from the group.

Ye Zichen: Heavenly King Li will be an admin of the group in the future too, please support him. As for Wu Gang, treat it as some nice benefits. Make good use of it.

Soon, a bunch of smirking emojis appeared in the group. They understood very well…

That there will be more red packets to grab.

Heavenly King Li did not say anything in the group yet. He didn’t care so much about being an admin, what ultimately brought him over was…

“Sky Sovereign, about the wedding anniversary present…”

“I definitely did not forget,” Ye Zichen smiled. “Go to Yue Lao and ask him for a three carat diamond ring. It’s a new product that we haven’t launched yet, I’m sure it’ll be a great choice as a present for your wife.”

“New product?”

Heavenly King Li’s eyes lit up. All women liked to have things that belonged only to them and his wife was no exception.

He didn’t think so much of it when he heard that it was a diamond ring, but when he heard that it was a new product…

“Sky Sovereign, thank you so much!”

“Work hard for me in the future. I won’t let you down.”

“Yes, yes, of course.”

After finishing his deals with Heavenly King Li, Ye Zichen turned to see King Qinguang’s message.

Wow, putting him on hold for a while is amazing. The sheer number of messages really shows how desperate he is.


Although Ye Zichen maintained the cold attitude, King Qinguang did not dare to retort anymore.

It’s good as long as he replies!

He was truly worried that Ye Zichen would never let him back into the group when Ye Zichen didn’t reply earlier.

He did not say anything and merely sent a red packet.


Ye Zichen smirked.

He’s smart.

However, he did not open it.

“Sky Sovereign, why didn’t you…”

King Qinguang was truly anxious. Hurry up and receive it. Then I can get into the group!

It’s been nearly two minutes, but he didn’t do anything!

Could Sky Sovereign think that it is too little?

“You want to enter the group?” Ye Zichen sent a simple question.


“It’s simple.”

Ye Zichen pasted the conditions he gave Heavenly King Li, then changed the terms a little.

“Tell me the latest news on your boss. Not only will I let you back into the group, I’ll let you be an admin. What’s more, you can also have a hundred thousand cultivation experience worth of credits to purchase from the Heavenly Court. How about that? Do I need to give you some time to consider?”


King Qinguang was rather hesitant. I really shouldn’t sell my boss out...

“Two hundred thousand.”

“I really can’t…”

“Five hundred thousand. Consider it carefully. You will be getting essentially five hundred thousand cultivation experience and the esteemed identity of an admin in the group. If you are still going to refuse, then don’t think about coming back in.”

“But he’s our boss. I’ve been working for him for…”

“A million.”


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