Chapter 728 The Innocent Nezha

Chapter 728 – The Innocent Nezha

The deities in the group did not think of themselves as people without lines that they were unwilling to cross. Trying to make us reveal where the boss is petty bribery?


Don’t joke around.

We would never do that!

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li was the first to speak up as an old subordinate of the Jade Emperor.

“Sky Sovereign, how could we know about the Jade Emperor’s whereabouts? Fellow deities, don’t you think so as well?”

“I see.”


Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li was removed from Red Packet Server.

“Let me ask you again. What have your bosses been doing? You will be rewarded for any reports.”

All of the deities in the group gasped. Sky Sovereign isn’t letting us stay spoiled! He even kicked Heavenly King Li. Is there anything that he doesn’t dare to do!?

Meanwhile, Heavenly King Li was stunned as well. Wait… Didn’t we fight side by side half a month ago?

He just kicked me!

“Nezha!” Heavenly King Li shouted without thinking.

Soon, Nezha hurried over on the Wind Fire Wheels with a soccer ball in his hands.

Nezha quickly lowered his head and muttered when he saw Li Jing’s dark look. “This child knows his wrongs.”

Li Jing was completely and utterly confused.

He had called Nezha over to ask his child to put in some words with the Sky Sovereign so he can return. What did he do wrong?


“Mhmm, this child really does know his wrongs. I gave the Luminous Pearl you got from the old dragon of the East Sea to Immortality Peach-jiejie. Sorry about that. But you told me since I was a kid that I should not ask people to get back what I already gave them. Just hit me if you’re angry, that is if you can beat me.”


Li Jing was confused for a long time. The Luminous Pearl I got from the old dragon of the East Sea?


Heavenly King shot up and cursed, “You damn bastard! You actually gave the Luminous Pearl away? That was my anniversary present for your mother!”

“What’s going on? I heard someone calling from me from miles away,” Heavenly King Li’s wife walked with a plate of fruits and giggled. She was already used to her husband and her son arguing with each other.

Instead, she was far more interested in the present they were talking about.

“What present?”

“It’s the one my father…”

“Shut up!” Heavenly King Li glared at Nezha. Although he couldn’t beat Nezha now, he still possessed his authority as Nezha’s father.

Nezha immediately lowered his head like an ostrich when he saw the glare.

Heavenly King Li’s wife did not understand, “You didn’t say what the present was yet.”

“Dear, I need to have a chat with Nezha, so we’ll be right back.”

With that, Heavenly King Li floated up into the air and dragged Nezha away.

“You didn’t eat your fruits yet.”

“I’ll eat them later.”

They flew through the air for several minutes and met many deities who greeted them with smiles.

At the same time, Heavenly King Li would always return the greetings regardless of their position being the nice person that he is.

When he finally dealt with all the deities, he glared at Nezha, “You little bastard, you’re actually stealing your father’s treasure to please girls!”

Nezha stuck his tongue out pitifully. He merely found the Luminous Pearl to look nice and Immortality Peach-jiejie might like it. That’s why he stole it.

He didn’t know that it was a present for his mother.

“Alright alright, I’ll help you ask for another one. If that old dragon refuses, then I’ll kill his dragons until he does.”

Heavenly King Li’s expression immediately darkened when he heard the little dragon slaying master say that.

“Just stop causing trouble for me.”

“Then what about Mother’s gift?”

“I have my ways,” Heavenly King Li clicked his tongue. “I have proper business with you.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Ahem… I.. Uhm… got kicked out of the group by Sky Sovereign.”


“I won’t tell you why, but hurry up and ask Sky Sovereign to let me back in.”

Now, the orders were given in the group and socializing was done there as well. The Red Packet Server had already become an integral part of their lives. It was going to be very troublesome if he wasn’t able to return.

“Alright, wait a moment.”

Ye Zichen’s act turned the entire group silent. He could understand why though. No matter what, the were being paid by the Jade Emperor and the Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens. It would be terrible for them to report on their bosses outright.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t send me a private message! But nobody’s saying anything!


Ye Zichen took out his phone and saw a small red “1” on Nezha’s chat.

“Sky Sovereign, my father said that you kicked him from the group. Can you let him back in?”


Ye Zichen naturally could not allow clear opposition to set a negative example for the other deities. He must prevent situations like that from ever happening again.

“Sky Sovereign said no,” Nezha shrugged towards his father.

“Beg him a bit more.”

Soon, Nezha sent another message to Ye Zichen.

“My father told me to beg you a bit more. Please let him in. I accidentally let him know that I stole the wedding anniversary present my father was going to give to my mother. If you don’t let him back in, then he might beat me up in anger again. Sky Sovereign, you definitely don’t want me to get beaten up when I’m this cute, right? What’s more, Immortality Peach-jiejie is your little sister, then I’m your future brother-in-law!”


“Sky Sovereign sent me a row of ellipses,” Nezha reported to his father.

Heavenly King Li felt a bit troubled. Isn’t he overreacting? I just said a single sentence, what’s there to get mad for?

How about I tell him what he wants to know?

“Sky Sovereign sent me another message,” Nezha blurted out.

“What did he say?”

“See for yourself!”

Nezha put his phone in front of Heavenly King Li, who began to read…

“Tell Old Li that if he tells me information about the Jade Emperor, I’ll let him back into the group and let him be an admin. Oh, and of course I can help him handle the anniversary present.”

“Sky Sovereign, deal!”

“You are…” Ye Zichen replied in a testing manner.

“I’m Old Li,” Heavenly King Li replied with Nezha’s phone. “I can tell you information about the Jade Emperor. I hope that you will keep to your promise and let me back in the group and help me handle the anniversary present.”

“When did I not keep my promise?”

Pretty much always!

Heavenly King Li couldn’t help but think to himself. However, he did not dare to reply like that. He could only force a smile.

“Sky Sovereign naturally keeps his word all the time.”

“Then what are you waiting for? Tell me what he has been doing during the past two weeks. I will definitely satisfy you if you satisfy me!”

Ye Zichen replied quickly.

At that moment, his phone rang again. He took a look at who it was.

King Qinguang.

“Oops, I nearly forgot about him.”

Ye Zichen smirked.

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