Chapter 727 Reports Shall be Rewarded

Chapter 727 – Reports Shall be Rewarded

Since most of the Immortal Region’s civilians were evacuated to the subdimension the white-robed man had created, most of them survived.

On the other hand, the various cities suffered different levels of damage as the battlegrounds.

In particular, Pool City had been reduced to complete rubble-.

After the demons retreated, the civilians began to repair the cities. In two weeks worth of time, apart from Pool City, all of the other cities were more or less completely repaired and seemed even grander compared to before.

“Zeze, wow, you guys are amazing at building cities!” Ye Zichen exclaimed as he stood outside Maple City.

Such efficiency…

They would definitely be the best construction team amongst the best in the Modern Realm.

“People have infinite potential,” Flame Emperor smiled. He had already gotten used to all this throughout his long life.

“I definitely agree.”

Qin Shi Huang had ordered the construction of the Great Wall in the Modern Realm, which was then built up from scratch by civilians moving a stone at a time. What’s more, this was the Three Realms where even normal commoners were at the False Spiritual Body level.

Repairing the cities was not too difficult.

“Is this the place where the ley line suddenly rampaged?

Ye Zichen glanced back at where the ley line was hidden previously`.

Flame Emperor also stopped smiling. “To be more precise, it should be around a hundred meters in front of us.”

“Let us take a look.”

Ye Zichen walked over and closed his eyes.

He was very familiar with this place after gaining the memories of his past life.

Flame Emperor kept silent when he saw how serious Ye Zichen looked. He then gave orders to everyone else not to walk over here to prevent Ye Zichen from getting disturbed.

An hour later…

During the past hour, Ye Zichen entered a trance, causing even his breathing to become nearly undetectable.

However, Flame Emperor could sense that Ye Zichen’s spiritual consciousness now wrapped around the vast area.

A wave of spiritual energy spread forth from Ye Zichen as he opened his eyes.

His dark orbs glistened with confidence as he smirked.

“That old guy.”

“You found a clue?” Flame Emperor hurried over. The ley line was of utmost importance to the Three Realms. He had been in near complete panic when he saw the ley line disappear from his sights.

Although Ye Zichen comforted him the past few days by telling him that the ley line could not be lost, he found himself unable to eat or sleep without seeing the ley line again.

“Mm, I told you the ley line wouldn’t randomly go on a rampage. Someone did something to try and capture the ley line and he managed to succeed.”

“Captured?” Flame Emperor gasped. “Isn’t the ley line a manifestation of all spirits in the world? How could it get captured?”

“Since I managed to hide it back then, why can’t someone else capture it?” Ye Zichen wasn’t panicked at all. “He really didn’t change after all these years. He’s still so… Mmm, sleazy? He didn’t cultivate to try and break through, but instead spent his days researching the ley line. That is some dedication right there.”

“What are you talking about?” Flame Emperor was rather confused. He barely understood anything of what Ye Zichen was saying. The only thing that he caught from it was that the thief was an old person in the Three Realms.

But why did he steal the Three Realms’ ley line if that person is also from the Three Realms?

Ye Zichen explained when he saw Flame Emperor’s confusion, “The old guy has been holding it back for tens of thousands of years, he naturally couldn’t resist when he saw the ley line. What’s more, you should know as well as I do that the closer a person I to the ley line the stronger its effects. He is urging to break through, so he was definitely going to steal the ley line. But his skills are definitely lacking, so he left a bit of clues. However, it was all thanks to that that I managed to find out who it was.”

Flame Emperor didn’t quite understand, but he could tell that Ye Zichen already understood what was going on.

“Then we…”

“We’re not in a hurry. Let’s find a restaurant in town first. I need to make some arrangements before going over.”

In the Red Packet Server…

The group was beyond lively after the two weeks of hurrah. Most of the Underworld staff were in the group now, but a few new people would enter now and then, sending out waves of red packets.

The ones from the Heavenly Court were truly overjoyed. We didn’t join the group for nothing!

They had almost all gotten filthy rich over the past two weeks.

Immortality Peach Fairy (Admin): @King Qinguang, please send some red packets as a new person. If you do not, then you will be kicked out from the group.

Ye Zichen had been forced to set a few admins due to the massive increase in group members.

Immortality Peach Fairy was his little sister in name, so Ye Zichen naturally promoted her.

Canopy Marshal: Old Qin, you’re finally here. Hurry up, send red packets.

King Qinguang: Huh?

Someone had to stay behind when the two groups merged and King Qinguang took the role as the eldest of the Ten Yama Kings.

His departure from the group also represented the true disbandment of the Underworld’s Staff Chat.

He was completely confused upon his entrance into the Red Packet Server. What’s going on? Why am I being asked to send red packets immediately after entering the group.

Stop messing around. I have always been on the receiving end!

God of Thunder: Dude, didn’t you see Immortality Peach Fairy telling you to send red packets? If you don’t , she really will kick you out without any hesitation.

Immortality Peach Fairy (Admin): @King Qinguang, you have one minute remaining.

King Chujiang: Big Brother, hurry up. They really will kick you out if you don’t! <insert a row of sobbing emojis>

It was very clear that he had once been kicked out of the group before.

The one who kicked him out was naturally Ye Zichen and he had paid a huge price to return.

King Qinguang: …

Immortality Peach Fairy (Admin): @King Qinguang, you have thirty seconds remaining.

Ye Zichen: Man, it’s sure lively here.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but comment when he saw just how active the chat group was.

King Chujiang: Greetings to the master <insert a row of cute emojis>

God of Thunder: Sky Sovereign, please accept our warmest welcomes for invigilation and guidance.

Immortality Peach Fairy (Admin): Big Brother, why are you here? King Qinguang didn’t send any red packets when he entered.

King Qinguang: …

Ye Zichen: He didn’t send any red packets? Just kick him then.

Ye Zichen clicked on King Qinguang’s profile pic and kicked him out of the group without any hesitation.

Canopy Marshal: …

God of Thunder: …

Yue Lao: …

King Chujiang: …

Fine, I guess kicking without much prior notice is just like Sky Sovereign.

Ye Zichen ignored the ellipses and just mentioned all the high ranking people of the Heavenly Court and Underworld.

“What have your bosses been up to recently? Tell me now. You will be rewarded for your reports!”

Soon, another round of ellipses appeared in the chat.


Does he really think of us as spies?

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