Chapter 726 You are far better than me at plotting

Chapter 726 – You are far better than me at plotting

The uncaring attitude caused Li Min’e to feel rather worried for Su Yiyun,

Gu Li was no longer the same as before. He was now extremely tough with powerful aids. She was truly afraid that Gu Li would kill Su Yiyun in anger.

The three inhuman beings blocking off the demon elites also looked towards Gu Li.

Yet, Gu Li merely shook his head, causing the three to turn back towards the Demon Sovereigns.

Gu Li nodded with a smile, then lifted his arms.

Li Min’e nearly cried out for Su Yiyun to be careful.

“I will respect your decision.” However, Gu Li only patted Su Yiyun’s shoulders, then tried to give him a hug.

Su Yiyun continued to stand still without any intention to respond.

Gu Li did not get angry. He moved aside. “I hope you will not regret your decision today.”

“Allow me to return the same words to you,” Su Yiyun finally replied. “I have to at least try to remind you. Although your method of strengthening yourself is fast, but it is against the nature of the world. You still have time to stop if you are willing to do so.”

“Thanks for your concern,” Gu Li nodded. “But I want to continue on my own path using my own method.”

Su Yiyun nodded, then walked towards Black Dragon and the rest of the demons.

The three beings stopped Su Yiyun just like they stopped the demons, but moved aside when Gu Li shook his head.

“Let’s go,” said Su Yiyun.

“Go? This is the land of the demons. Are we supposed to leave this place to him!?” The first ranking Demon Sovereign snorted. He never liked Su Yiyun and never would. The only thing he wanted to do was cause trouble for Su Yiyun. “I bet you’re just in cohorts and want to take over the place us demons built up for ten thousand years. Dream on!”

“Then stay here,” Su Yiyun didn’t argue. He merely raised his eyebrows at Black Dragon. “Let’s go.”

“Sure.” To everybody’s surprise, Black Dragon agreed without any hesitation.

A Demon Sovereign voiced out his confusion, “My Lord, why are we leaving? What force can that brat Gu Li have with him? Although we lost some troops in the Three Realms, we might not have actually lose if we fought to the death.”

“Indeed my lord, don’t fall into the evil person’s plot,” said the first ranking Demon Sovereign.

“I cannot take the risks any longer,” Black Dragon seemed to age even more after saying that. “These soldiers are our only hope in the future, I cannot make them take any more risks for me. Do they not all have families?”

“My Lord!”

“Stop,” Black Dragon interrupted the Demon Sovereign without any hesitation.

Thus, although they were displeased with his decision, they could only follow in tow.

“Kids, it’s time to send out guests off,” Gu Li clapped his hands.

Soon a huge swarm of beings appeared behind Gu Li, darkening the sky.

When the demons looked up and saw what was there…

We’re lucky that we didn’t fight.

Their defeat in the Three Realms and the conquering of their base caused the demons to be in a very sour mood. They could only stand at the entrance to the spatial wormhole in confusion. All of a sudden, they didn’t know where they were supposed to go next.

“I did set up a space with spiritual formations during the past six months. Although it’s rather small, it should be enough for us to live in,” said Su Yiyun.

“Please,” Black Dragon bowed earnestly. The truth was that if it was not for Su Yiyun, even he was not sure where he was supposed to lead his subordinates to next.

“Here you go,” Su Yiyun threw a ring to Black Dragon.

A look of confusion surfaced on the receiver’s face.

“Here are our resources. I felt that Gu Li wanted to take over the base quite a while ago, so I started to collect some of our resources. Although I couldn’t gather everything, it should be enough for us to live off on.”

“This…” Suddenly, Black Dragon wasn’t sure of what to say.

Even the Demon Sovereigns who were suspicious of Su Yiyun tossed their doubts away..


If he was really in cohorts with Gu Li, then he didn’t have to give these resources back.

“Master Su, you are the savior of the entire demon race,” Black Dragon bowed deeply, while the demons also follow suit.

Su Yiyun nodded indifferently.

At the same time, Gu Li couldn’t help but smirk when he watched everything unfold from afar, “You really are far better than me when it comes to plotting.”

“From today onwards, Master Su is of the same level as me. Treat Master Su as you would me. Understood?” Black Dragon swept his gaze over everyone and left his gaze on the first ranking Demon Sovereign a while longer.

He knew that the first ranking Demon Sovereign didn’t get along with Su Yiyun and if that demon dared to do anything in the future, Black Dragon would definitely discard him without any hesitation.

“Understood,” the demons all answered together.

“There’s no need for that, let us be like before. What’s more, I’m just going to focus on researching spiritual formations, I only ask Lord Black Dragon to provide me with the resources needed,” Su Yiyun smiled.

Black Dragon immediately agreed. “No problem, Master Su and I shall share this ring from now on. Please just take what you need from it without reporting to me.”

“Then allow me to express my gratitude.”

“Master Su, you are too courteous.”

For Black Dragon, the resources were not just resources, they were his hope of bringing the demons back to their peak.

“As long as these resources last us until the Demon Realm’s messenger arrives, then we will definitely fight our way back to the Three Realms. I’ll also make Gu Li pay the price!”

“Messenger? Su Yiyun frowned.

“Master Su, the situation is like…”

Black Dragon explained the information without any hesitation. He already had complete trust in Su Yiyun.

“After the messenger arrives, I will definitely put in a few good words for Master Su.”

“Then allow me to give you my gratitude in advance.”

“Master Su, you are too courteous. Us demons value people proficient in formations very highly. You will be treated extremely well even if you ascend. I will merely be introducing you,” Black Dragon replied with a smile. Then, he recalled the three people who had blocked their way.

They didn’t seem like the living, but nor were they like the dead….

But they were extremely strong. That is… strange.

“Master Su, do you know anything about Gu Li’s three subordinates…”

“Oh, them? I was going to talk to you about them as well. Do you know about the Four Primordial Zombie Progenitors?”

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