Chapter 724 Lord Gu Li

Chapter 724 – Lord Gu Li

“Old Six is… hanging on the city walls.”

Most of the Demon Sovereigns were stunned. Some of the ones who didn’t believe the situation or didn’t see it clearly ran forward against Black Dragon’s objections.

“Old Six!” The Demon Sovereigns who ran out shrieked. Then… they saw it.

Old Six was indeed hanging on the wall. Judging from the state of the corpse, this brother of theirs who had been with them for tens of thousands of years had already been dead for at least six months.

“Who!?” Many of the Demon Sovereigns got along with Old Six, so when they saw him hanging on their own city walls, their eyes swelled up with blood as they roared.

“Who was it!? Come out here! I’m going to murder you!” One of the Demon Sovereigns charged towards the city like a madman.

“Old Three, come back!” The rest of the Demon Sovereigns called out.

However, the Demon Sovereign didn’t care. All he wanted to do was retrieve Old Six’s corpse to bury it, then slaughter the latter’s killer.

“My Lord…” Some of the Demon Sovereigns called out.

Black Dragon gritted his teeth, “Follow him.”

“Old Six, I’m coming to get you now!” The Demon Sovereign charing in the front stared at Old Six’s corpse, but…

“Old Three, behind you!” Another Demon Sovereign shouted.

At the same time, a sinister sneer sounded out beside Old Three’s ear, “You’re too impulsive. You’re isolated from the rest.”

Old Three felt a chill down his spine. Although he acted in a seeming impulsive manner, he did search his surroundings using his spiritual energy.

Yet, he never noticed when the owner of the sneering voice appeared beside him and was already pierced through when he finally reacted.

He stood still with the person’s arm through his chest. His heart was still beating strongly in the person’s hand.

“I recall you being on the best terms with Old Six amongst the Demon Sovereigns. Go and join him.”

The man flung his arm, chucking Old Three to the ground. The Demon Sovereign didn’t even have a chance to struggle. He was already dead.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye, so when the Demon Sovereigns realized what was going on, it was already too late.

“Third Brother!” Kua Hui shrieked. She nearly lost her mind the moment Old Three’s chest was pierced through.

She tried her best to rush over, but Li Min’e grabbed her by the arm.

“Let go of me!” Hua Kui yelled. However, she was the weakest of the Demon Sovereigns, she stood no chance against Li Min’e.

“Let go of me!”

A hand slapped her across the face.

“Do you want to die as well!?” Li Min’e glared at Hua Kui coldly. “Mou Qing’s already dead. What can you do against an enemy he could not match? Die for your love?”

Although Hua Kui appeared to be very slutty and always teased others sexually, that was all she did. She would instantly snap the neck of anyone who tried to go further with her.

The Demon Sovereigns all knew that Hua Kui held a single person closest to her heart.

The identity of that person was someone she only told Li Min’e. It was the third ranking Demon Sovereign.

“I know you must feel terrible now, but I share your despair as a woman.”

“How!?” Hua Kui glared at her.

Li Min’e could only smile lonelily, “Don’t forget that Yiyun stayed behind as well.”

That tone instantly caused Hua Kui to remember…

Li Min’e doing everything she could do in the Modern Realm to be with Su Yiyun.


“Alright now, Kui. Let us calm down?”

At the same time, the other Demon Sovereigns also noticed what was around the city.

The corpses of demon soldiers piled around the city walls, while a group of…

Abyssals crawled all over them.

They couldn’t process what was going on when they saw the abyssals. The abyssal were truly too different from the ones they were used to.

However, that was not why they were furious.

The real reason was that the lowly abyssal were actually crawling over the esteemed demon soldiers and munching on their corpses!

That’s unforgivable!”

“What a loving scene between sisters.”

A meaningful chuckle sounded out from the sky. Soon, a purple-robed young man appeared in front of the Demon Sovereigns. His skin seemed to glisten like mutton jade under the light.

At the same time, a bloody heart was held in the jade-like right hand.

The heart was clearly still beating and was very obviously still warm.

“You are… Gu Li!”

Although the change surprised Black Dragon, he was still able to recognize who the young man really was.

“This one is truly shocked that Lord Black Dragon is able to recognize this lowly one!” The young man laughed in false fear. Then, he twitched his mouth. “Yes. I am Gu Li. However, I am no longer the Gu Li that you remember.”

“What? He is Gu Li!?”

“How is that possible? He is making me feel pressurized!”

“Wasn’t he only at the mid-stage of the Sky Immortal level? How did he become so much stronger?”

Some of the Demon Sovereigns muttered. The change was truly too astronomical, they refused to believe that the person in front of them was Gu Li, whom they all looked down on.

“Surprised?” Gu Li smiled. He enjoyed the gasps that the Demon Sovereigns made when he looked down upon them from above.

That being said, there were still some who did not think much of Gu Li even now. The first ranking Demon Sovereign was one of them. He looked up with a click of his tongue, “Gu Li, I don’t care about your strength. But just what are you trying to do by assassinating two Demon Sovereigns!?”

“Assassinate? Don’t make yourselves sound so amazing,” Gu Li laughed in disdain. “I killed them so very openly. That Old Six actually dared to investigate me in secret and ended up discovering my plans. I had no choice but to kill him in order to shut him up. As for Old Three, let’s just say that was a present for you.”

“Are you trying to rebel!?”

“Haha, you’re funny,” Gu Li shrugged. “Whatever, allow me to announce it to you now.”


“From today onwards, I shall be the master of this realm. You may address me as… Lord Gu Li.”

Then, Gu Li raised the beating heart to his mouth and bit down under the dark gazes of the Demon Sovereigns. Purple blood flowed down the corner of his lips, which he then promptly wiped with his fingers, then sucked on it.

“Man, eating it while its hot is truly the best.”

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