Chapter 723 The Demon Realm’s Change

Chapter 723 – The Demon Realm’s Change



They had confidently set out to conquer the Three Realms before, but ended up retreating frantically and losing many of their own.

When the demon army finally exited the wormhole, both the demon leaders and the normal soldiers were extremely downhearted.

No matter what they felt, they had to admit it the moment they stepped out of the wormhole.

We lost.

“Why is it so quiet?” The Demon Sovereigns all frowned as they walked out. Although they sent most of their troops out for conquest, they still left some soldiers behind to pretend to others from attacking their base.

After an entire hour of looking around, they still did not notice any of their patrollers.

“They are actually lazing off when we’re gone!? We definitely have to teach them a lesson!” One of the Demon Sovereigns grumbled.

The truth was that he said it to protect the guards. It wouldn’t be the first time for Black Dragon to kill them all in a fit of rage.

Black Dragon had been in a violent mood ever since they departed from the Three Realms.

They had already lost too many of their kin, they did not want to lose anymore.

“Something’s not right!” Li Min’e signaled the army to stop.

Everyone looked at her in disbelief.

Her nose twitched as she frowned.

“What is it?” Black Dragon asked. Li Min’e’s sense of smell was the most sensitive among all the Demon Sovereigns.

“Although the smell of blood is very faint, it’s still around.”

“Blood…” The other Demon Sovereigns inhaled deeply. However, they did not discover anything.

“Min’e, could it just be that you have not yet recovered from what happened in the Three Realms?” Hua Kui snickered. All of us are sensitive to the smell of blood, but none of us smelled anything.

What’s more, we saw no dead bodies nor spiritual energy fluctuations that would indicate a fight.

Li Min’e shook her head resolutely. She had absolute confidence in her sense of smell. “The smell of blood is definitely here, but a long time has already passed. I would say at least six months worth of time.”

“Hah!” Another Demon Sovereign snickered. His flames of rage of the defeat was still burning and now Li Min’e’s vigilance only irritated him. “Six months? You want to tell me that someone took over this place when we left? Then shouldn’t we hurry up and cower away instead of stand here!?”

“Hmm?” Black Dragon’s expression dropped.


Cower away.

Black Dragon felt like all of it was directly at him.

The Demon Sovereign immediately explained himself. “My Lord, I am not talking about you. Li Min’e is truly being too sensitive. The defenses of our realm are as tough as a rock, how could anyone have taken over right after we left? What’s more, Old Six was left here as well. Even if someone did come, he should have sent a message even if he wasn’t a match for the enemy.”

Old Six was referring to one of the Demon Sovereigns and it was also their ranking of strength amongst them.

This sixth ranking Demon Sovereign was the one Black Dragon had left behind just in case anything happens. He was also at the level of a complete stage Sky Immortal.

“Heh,” Black Dragon snorted. If it wasn’t because of the demons already suffering so many losses, he would have killed the Demon Sovereign already without giving the later any chance to explain himself. “Do not be careless. Do not forget the consequences of being careless in the Three Realms.”

Black Dragon swept his gaze over the Demon Sovereigns. When all of them lowered their heads timidly, he turned back towards Li Min’e, “Are you certain of what you said?”

“I’m ninety percent sure.”

“Then let us be careful.”

The other Demon Sovereigns cursed silently, but they had no choice but to follow Black Dragon’s orders.

Soon, another hour passed. During this time, they had been journeying very slowly.

They carefully searched the surroundings as they journeyed, even if they were on a plain with no coverings to set up any ambushes.

“We’ve been walking for two hours now, but has anyone seen any enemies?” A Demon Sovereign, who had been waiting for Li Min’e to make a fool of herself, sneered. The moment he said that, other Demon Sovereigns who thought the same twitched their mouths.

“Nope, but our Second Big Sister Li must have an explanation for this. Anything is possible before we reach the capital.”

Although the one who spoke up made it sound like he was speaking up for Li Min’e, it was clearly a makeshift mock.

They refused to believe that there were enemies around after two hours of spotting nothing and with the capital in sight.

Even Black Dragon started to have his doubts. Did she make a mistake because she was overly nervous?

“The scent of blood has become thicker,” Li Min’e maintained her calm in face of all the mockery.

“You guys hear that? Second Big Sister Li is trying to tell us that our enemies are at the capital!” The Demon Sovereign who commented the most mocked. The others also shook their heads with snickers as they continued on their paths in anticipation of smacking Li Min’e in the face.

Another even enhanced their roar with spiritual energy, “Old Six, stop hiding in the city. We’re back!”

“What’s going on? What’s Old Six doing?” Soon, some Demon Sovereigns frowned. “Why isn’t he defending the city? What if enemies invade the capital?”

As they said that, they continued to sneer at Li Min’e. Since they were able to enter the city, they were now completely relaxed.

They did not care that Li Min’e continued to remind them that the scent of blood was becoming thicker and thicker.

“Stop!” One of the scouts shouted.

The Demon Sovereigns looked at him in confusion. “What happened?”

The scout pointed towards the city gate with a tremble.

The Demon Sovereigns immediately glanced in the direction he pointed at…

“What happened?”

Those who had better eyesight already saw what was on the city wall, while the others quickly asked them what they saw.

At that moment, Li Min’e spoke up indifferently, “The Old Six you guys were calling out to… is hanging on the city wall.”

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