Chapter 722 Death of Great Emperor Yonghe

Chapter 722 – Death of Great Emperor Yonghe

The moment Ye Zichen heard Lorie’s shout, he turned around and slashed, generating a blade of wind.

The attack was far quicker than Black Dragon and the demons.

As the blade of wind was about to catch up…

“Sorry, we will always remember your sacrifice,” Black Dragon grabbed Yonghe’s arm and threw the latter behind him.

For some reason, Yonghe laughed. He did not resist and allow Black Dragon to throw him out to be a meat shield for the escaping demons.

He did not even try to defend against the attack either.

A brilliant spark exploded as the blade of wind hit Yonghe.

Black Dragon quickly turned around and bowed deeply as Yonghe was engulfed by the light, then continued on his path.

Lorie wanted to continue chasing after the villains, but Ye Zichen stopped her.

“Leave it, we won’t catch up to them.”

Lorie stopped in her tracks, then looked down in fear of meeting Ye Zichen’s gaze.

She had failed the mission Ye Zichen handed her.

“Sorry,” Lorie bit her lips like a child who had done something wrong.

Ye Zichen caressed her head, “How is Little Lorie in the wrong? You’ve done great.”

“But I let those bad guys run away,” Lorie was in a sullen mood as she worried the corners of her clothes.

“It’s not your fault,” Ye Zichen comforted.

“Really? Then can I still eat more candy?” Lorie looked up with a blinking gaze.

Ye Zichen chuckled.

He gave her two vials of pills, then pinched her cheek.

“Of course.”

“Yay. Hurray!”

Lorie skipped over to Fatty Yin to show off her prize, once again showing her innocent-like childish personality.

“This girl is very strong,” Flame Emperor commented. Although Lorie didn’t consciously release any spiritual energy, Flame Emperor was still able to feel threatened by her.

“But she’s just too pure,” Ye Zichen chuckled.

“Isn’t that better than being too complicated?”

Ye Zichen was unable to deny it. Indeed. Sometimes, being pure made you far stronger than those who thought too far into things.

It’s too late for us to chase after Black Dragon now. They really should thank Yonghe for that.

Thinking that, the group landed in front of Great Emperor Yonghe’s corpse.

Although the blade of wind was merely something Ye Zichen had generated casually, the strength of something generated from Xuan-Yuan Sword was not to be underestimated.

Taking the brunt of the attack using his defenseless body…

Only spelled death.

“He’s dead.”

One could not fake their deaths in front of them, due to their strength.

“Indeed.” Flame Emperor nodded indifferently.

That was the nicest he could act towards someone who had betrayed the Immortal Region.

“Just why did he do this? But… I guess this isn’t a bad end for him.” Qingming, one of the four Great Emperors of the Immortal Region sighed. Although they didn’t talk too much, they were still people of the same era, which made them closer to the other higher ups of the Immortal Region.

He was very furious when Great Emperor Yonghe had betrayed them as well.

Yet…. For some reason, Great Emperor Qingming managed to understand why Yonghe had made the choice that he did.

They all had their own ideals. Perhaps Yonghe chose to do this to fulfill his ideals.

“Seeing that he has worked hard for the Immortal Region all these years, let us bury him,” Flame Emperor said calmly. Normally speaking, if a higherup of the Immortal Region died, then they would be buried in a special ancestral hall.

However, Great Emperor Qingming had already betrayed the Immortal Region, so that was unsuitable.

The only thing they could do was not let his corpse rot away in the wilderness in light of his previous efforts.

Let us bury him right here.

One hour later, they finally finished the deed. Neither Ye Zichen nor Flame Emperor thought nicely of Yonghe, while Qingming carefully toasted the grave, then set up a spiritual formation before leaving.

“I hope you can accomplish your ideals in your next life!”

Black Dragon retreated with all the demons after running away from the valley. The alliance of the Three Realms chased after them, causing massive casualties.

Many demons tried to fight back, but Black Dragon only gave then one surprising order….

Run, do not fight!

Three days of pursuit caused huge damage to the demon army.

What was originally a million ferocious warriors was now in tatters. This was the most losses Black Dragon had ever suffered.

Fortunately, most of the elites were saved and none of the Demon Sovereigns died.

Given enough time, Black Dragon was still able to return in full force.

“Ye Zichen…” Black Dragon clenched his teeth as he gazed in the direction of Maple City. “Let’s go.”

And thus, the war ended with the victory of the Three Realms. Everyone joined in for a half-a-month-long celebration in the subdimension Gu Zichen had created.

What’s more, Ye Zichen’s group also became even livelier.

The issues between the Heavenly Court and Underworld seemed to have disappeared with their cooperation.

The Underworld staff also ended up joining Ye Zichen’s Red Packet Server.

With new people…

Came red packets.

During the time period, most of what Ye Zichen did was stared at the Red Packet Server and think about catching red packets.

And due to losing sleep became of that, he came up with an idea!

He would send an announcement to forbid the group members from sending red packets before bed.

Then send an announcement to permit them to send red packets after he wakes.

As for the consequence of disobeying it? Those people would be kicked out of the group.

Ye Zichen didn’t mind losing a few people with so many new ones.

If the situation was to be described in a simple phrase, it would be “red packets were everywhere”.

What’s more, Ye Zichen would could even justly ask the new members to send him a private red packet when he failed to grab anything.

And if they didn’t want to?


Away you go.

Due to Ye Zichen’s rights as the group admin, even the stingiest of people sent him something.

The time period brought Ye Zichen plenty of new things. It was utterly glorious.

Although he didn’t have much use for the treasures the little deities had sent him, the fun of snatching red packets was still amazing.

It was the same reason why people in the Modern Realm enjoyed snatching red packets, even if they only had one cent in them.

It was all for fun.

However, Ye Zichen did not lose himself in midst of all this. He fully understood that he had other things to take care of.

For example…

The missing ley line!

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