Chapter 72 Repay me with your body

Chapter 72 – Repay me with your body

In the First People’s Hospital’s special ward.

Ye Zichen twitched his mouth and sat on the bed, while both Huang Shengmei and Ye Rong stood within the ward.

It could be said that he was truly scolded terribly by these two people. What’s more, Huang Shengmei had kept on exaggerating things, causing Ye Zichen to worry that Ye Rong would just tie him up.

“Auntie Ye, you also know the situation of the patient. It was a gun shot wound. If he wasn’t lucky enough for the bullet to get stuck at the collar bone, then it might have penetrated the entire shoulder. He actually went out with this sort of injury…”

Huang Shengmei had already nearly died of anger when Ye Zichen made a face at her when he had escaped. Now, Ye Rong’s also held an angry expression, she was at the height of her anger for Ye Zichen sneaking out.

“Doctor Huang, don’t worry. I’ll watch him personally, and not let what happened today happen again.”

At this moment, Ye Zichen saw that Huang Shengmei actually made a victory sign with her hands towards him. Her proud look made it seem like she had just won a war.


Ye Zichen reached out a finger towards her, but was slapped down by Ye Rong.

“Doctor Huang is doing it for your own good. You can’t leave this ward at all without permission from now on, do you understand?”

Ye Zichen muttered like a balloon letting out air as he gazed at Ye Rong’s angry look, “I understand.”

“Then that’s it, Auntie Ye. I’ll be leaving first. Just come and find me any time if you have any questions.”

“We’ve troubled you, Doctor Huang.”

Ye Rong walked towards Ye Zichen in rage after sending Doctor Huang out of the war.

“I was wrong.”

Ye Zichen quickly lowered his head to admit his mistakes. Only an earnest attitude admitting his mistake could get the least punishment in this situation.

“Alright, hurry up and sleep. You should be tired after messing around for that long outside.”

Ye Rong sighed and covered Ye Zichen with a blanket.

The entire night passed by silently.




Ye Zichen’s phone started ringing intensely beside his pillow.

“Who is it, it’s so late…”

Ye Zichen sleepily put the phone in front of him…

White Impermanence!

White Impermanence?

All of a sudden, he lost all his sleepiness.

White Impermanence: Are you there?

White Impermanence: Can you chat with me for a while?

White Impermanence: <insert image>

Ye Zichen took a look at the picture that she sent and saw that it was a photo of a voluptuous girl with gold hair and pearl-colored eyes. The only thing that the girl was wearing was two bands of white cloth around her body…

White Impermanence: Do you think I look good wearing this?

Ye Zichen was stunned.

Stop messing around, this is White Impermanence?

When Ye Zichen thought back to when they met, he didn’t notice that she was so busty.

It was definitely a picture stolen from the internet.

Ye Zichen was certain of that. If this was truly White Impermanence, and Black Impermanence was still cheating on her, then wasn’t there something wrong with his brain!

Ye Zichen then ignored whether or not the one in the picture of her, that wasn’t important. The important thing is that he needed to enter the inner circle of the Underworld through White Impermanence.

He took a glance at their intimacy level.



He never would have thought that their intimacy level was so high, it was the same as his intimacy level with Erlang Shen.

Ye Zichen thought about it, then replied.

Ye Zichen: Yes.

White Impermanence: Really? <insert embarrassed emoji>. It’s fine if you like it.


Why is it fine if I like it?

Ye Zichen’s was speechless, so he quicky changed the topic.

Ye Zichen: Why aren’t you sleeping in the middle of the night? Don’t you know that it is bad for the skin when women stay up late?

White Impermanence: We sleep in the morning.

Ye Zichen instantly understood, people of the Underworld were all active at night, it was truly different from his own.

White Impermanence: Did I disturb your rest?

Ye Zichen: Nope. What do you want to chat with me about? Did Black Impermanence bully you again?

White Impermanence: He didn’t bully me. He just went out to work. I’m a bit bored just staying here.

Ye Zichen: Shouldn’t you two be working together?

White Impermanence: No, ever since we left your place, he applied to change partners with the higher-ups.

So this means that that Black and White Impermanence of the Underworld weren’t unique.

Yet, it made sense when he thought about it. There were so many dead people, wouldn’t it tire them out if there was only one pair of Black and White Impermanence?

Ye Zichen chatted with White Impermanence for more than two hours, about everything from relationships to their lives.

Seeing that it was about to be day time, White Impermanence sent a message over.

White Impermanence: Thank you for chatting so much with me. I feel much better now. I’m going to rest.


Your intimacy level with White Impermanence increased by 20. Current intimacy level: Trusted 220.

Ye Zichen had no strength left to retort when he saw this message. She felt great, but he was about to die of tiredness.

It was fortunate that he didn’t chat for nothing that night, he managed to increase the intimacy level by 20.

The higher the intimacy level was, the easier it will be when he asks her to enter the group later. When that happens, he’ll earn stuff from both the Underworld and the Heavenly Court!

Ye Zichen then sleepily fell asleep once again. When he opened his eyes, it was already noon.

“You’re awake?”

Ye Zichen thought that the person beside his bed would either be Ye Rong or Liu Qing, but it was actually Officer Lin, who sat on the side of his bed, while looking at him with a complex look.

“Why are you here? Your wounds healed?

Officer Lin was still wearing a hospital gown, but seeing her red face, it seemed like she was fine.

“More or less.”

Officer Lin handed a peeled tangerine over.

Ye Zichen snickered, “Officer Lin, you probably have never taken care of a patient before, right? You’re telling me to eat a tangerine when I just woke up, are you really not afraid of me getting inflamed?”

“Whatever if you don’t eat it.”

Officer Lin took back the tangerine and placed a segment into her mouth. Ye Zichen put the pillow behind him and leaned against it as he watched her tangerine-chewing mouth, before slowing moving his gaze down.

Just what did this woman eat growing up? It could actually get so big.

Ye Zichen thought about it as he looked. When Officer Lin saw this, her expression immediately turned cold.

“Did you see enough?”

“Not yet…” Ye Zichen answered subconsciously, but when he feel the gaze that could kill him, he quickly corrected himself. “I saw enough.”

“Then retract your lecherous gaze.”

“Alright, alright.”

Ye Zichen looked away with a coy smile, then placed his arms behind his head.

“What did Officer Lin come here for? Is it to repay the favor? I heard that women would repay favors with their bodies in ancient times, is Officer Lin the same? If it’s true, then that’s amazing.”


Officer Lin subconsciously wanted to get mad, but when she saw the bandages around Ye Zichen’s shoulder, she suppressed the flames of anger within her heart.

“I did come to thank you.”

“Oh? It’s true?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and smiled naughtily. “Then Officer Lin is ready to repay me with her body?”

“I’m not kidding with you. I did come to thank you. Thank you for taking the shot for me, despite the danger and saving me,” Officer Lin bit her lips, while her voice became quieter and quieter. “How do you want me to repay you? As long as I can do it, I will satisfy you.”


Ye Zichen, who was lying on the bed, suddenly laughed naughtily and said, “Since Officer Lin said that, then I would be offending you if I was too courteous. You want to repay me, right? Then… repay me with your body.”

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