Chapter 719 The New Master of the Laws

Chapter 719 – The New Master of the Laws

The gigantic dragon suddenly shrunk like a balloon with its air all leaked out.

In a few dozen seconds, he became a dragon around seven to eight meters long. Although he was still huge, it was tiny compared to the size he was at before.

“That’s just circus tricks,” Ye Zichen slowed down when he saw the strange scene.

However, he wasn’t foolish enough to actually stop!

Fighting spirit is aroused by the first roll of the drums, depleted by the second, then completely exhausted by the third.[1]

If I stop now, then this chance would be wasted.


Ye Zichen slammed his fist into the dragon’s bottom jaw. The dragon suddenly shook…


Was pushed back.

Everybody was shocked when they saw the dragon fall with a gust of wind.

He fell?

Ye Zichen looked at his fist in confusion. How am I strong enough to knock the primordial dragon back?

Lorie skipped over in excitement and danced around happily.

“Impossible!” Black Dragon shook his head in disbelief when he saw the dragon fall down.

The primordial dragon possessed at least the level of a Diviner. How could he lost to Ye Zichen, who hasn’t even reached the Immortal King level?


The dragon must have fallen down intentionally.

The dragon slowly stood up. He was very confused when he fell down.

However, what surprised him more was what happened to his strength level…

At that very moment, his strength was suddenly limited to half-a-step into the level of Supremes, which meant that he was limited to the Immortal King level.

That caused his body to shrink. It was due to his shock that he didn’t pay attention to Ye Zichen’s punch, causing him to fall down after losing his balance.

“Hey, I won, right?” said Ye Zichen.

Although the dragon did not want to admit it, Ye Zichen did indeed fulfill the dragon’s condition.

He didn’t just move back, he even fell down.

“You won,” the dragon nodded slightly in affirmation.

Hearing that, Ye Zichen chuckled. “Then what are you blanking out for? Hurry up and leave, you’re not needed here anymore.”

Who knows what happened just now, but I actually won.

This guy will be a threat here. I’ll shoo him away so we can continue to bully Black Dragon.

“You did it on purpose!” Black Dragon stared at the dragon with bloodshot eyes. “Indeed, the demons have a grudge with the dragons, but you have to remember, I did everything I could to save your life. As a primordial dragon and a senior from the primordial age, should you not keep your promise?”

It was clear from his crimson eyes just how unwilling he was to accept the situation.

This was supposed to be his final trump card, one he used up a huge amount of resources to get. However, for this to be the result he receives in exchange.

He wasn’t going to accept it.

“Although you might not believe me when I say this, but this old dragon never went easy on him, nor did I fall on purpose,” the dragon scoffed. “Just now, something limited my strength to around the complete stage of the Immortal King level.”

“Even if you are at the Immortal King level, Ye Zichen is only at the level of a Sky Immortal!”

“This is indeed my fault,” the dragon nodded slightly apologetically. “It happened so suddenly that I was startled, so I didn’t notice his strike. I am very sorry about that, but…”

The dragon’s gaze turned sharp, “I detest your commanding attitude. I already saved your life when I appeared and helped you block off that blade of wind. What’s more, I remained in your body for so long and helped you to strengthen yourself and provide you with mystical techniques… Demon, do not be too greedy.”

Black Dragon was momentarily shocked by the threatening tone. Then, he regained his senses.

This is a primordial dragon, not my slave or subordinate.

The dragon walked over a little, then lowered his head and looked down at Ye Zichen in confusion, “Young man, just what sort of technique did you use to limit my strength so much?”

“Huh?” Ye Zichen was confused. But I didn’t do anything except summoning Xuan-Yuan Xiang out to strengthen me.

“Ye Zichen, you really are in a terrible spot over here. If it wasn’t because big sis took up office on time, what would you have done?” a clear giggle sounded out in the air. Yet, for some reason, Ye Zichen found it to be rather familiar.

He looked up into the sky, then saw a giggling girl in a sailor outfit[1] standing in the air winking at him. “Lin Ru!”

The Modern Realm was frozen by Old Man Lin’s hands.

Ye Zichen had already begun to suspect about the real identity of the Lin family after learning more about the world. He suspected that they might have been the Masters of the Laws for the Modern Realm.

But Lin Ru actually came over here?

Take office?

So she has become the Master of the Laws here? Then what happened to the previous one!?

“Zezeze, that’s better. At least you didn’t forget me,” Lin Ru pursed her lips in an all mighty manner.

Ye Zichen disregarded her comment. He merely pointed at her skirt. “Hey, you’re flashing Lady Lin. T-string. Wow, that’s sexy.”

Lin Ru’s face flushed red. She gritted her teeth and conjured a cloud below her feet, then floated down with a sharp glare at Ye Zichen.

Then, when she saw Lorie, a look of disgust appeared in her eyes.

“I see that your Casanova ways didn’t change here. I really feel bad for Susu. I should have taken up office a bit later so that he would have eaten you,” she rolled her eyes at Ye Zichen, then walked over to the dragon with a smile. “Hi, I am the new Master of the Laws here. The Laws here dictates that the highest level of strength allowed to be used here is of the complete stage of the Immortal king level. Your strength already surpassed the about that this place can endure, so I was forced to limit your strength. Please understand.”

“So it was the Master of the Laws,” the dragon was not surprised when he heard Lin Ru announce her identity. It was clear that he has met some Masters of the Laws before and knew of their existence. “Master of the Laws, you are being too courteous. This old dragon was the one who broke the rules. Now that I know why my strength was limited, this old dragon shall take his leave.”

“Are you returning back to the dragons? I can send you there directly.”

“That would be great,” the dragon raised his eyebrows with a smile.

Lin Ru nodded, then patted his body, causing him to disappear from the valley.

“Master of the Laws, that’s pretty cool,” Ye Zichen checked Lin Ru out. “But what kind of fetish is this? Why are you wearing an uniform? Could there be some… ‘unspoken rules’ for you people? Did you just come back after seducing your superior?”

“Do you want to do?” Lin Ru gritted her teeth.

Black Dragon checked out the situation carefully. Since there is a new Master of the Laws, then it means that the previous one has already been killed.

I didn’t expect that white-robed person to be so strong.

But this new one actually knows Ye Zichen. This is bad.

I must run!

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  1. This is an idiom which basically means how when a person gathers up the strength to do something, they won’t be able to gather as much force when they stop then restart for a second and third time.
  2. Think Japanese school girl style.

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