Chapter 718 Making a Scene

Chapter 718 – Making a Scene

Ye Zichen seemed unusually tiny in front of the huge black dragon.

Ye Zichen felt more and more solemn as he looked forward.

This is an impossible task!

Although it looks like the dragon has already made a huge compromise by making me that offer, my strength cannot ever move a being like that dragon!

Black Dragon smiled. He could already imagine Ye Zichen becoming the dragon’s food.

“Young man, stop wasting time.”

The dragon huffed out another puff of hair from its nostrils.

Raging winds swept the pebbles in the valley up into the air.

Ye Zichen gritted his fists tightly and stepped forward.

Not bad, The dragon, who was lying on the ground, raised his eyebrows with a silent nod.

He didn’t give up the final sliver of hope, he did not fall to his desperation and beg…

The dragon was very satisfied.

Although Lorie was naïve, she was no fool.

She understood very well that the situation was not good. She was also very nervous when Ye Zichen stepped forward determinedly.

Meanwhile, Black Dragon…


Trying to be a hero? He might as well just surrender.

Yet, what they didn’t expect was…


“Old senior, you can’t screw me over like this. My relationship with the dragons run far and deep. The Old Dragon God of the dragons is half a master to me. They say a master for a day, father for a life, so half a dad for me. I can tell that you’re the Old Dragon God’s brother, so I’m a nephew for you!” Ye Zichen, who had a look of determination and resolution on his face, suddenly fell down by the dragon’s front leg.

He hugged the powerful leg and wailed in tears, “Old senior, I’m on super duper good terms with the dragons. The entire dragon race said I would be a very very very important person to them when I returned the Dragon God Ring! There’s a golden dragon girl of your clan that’s a really good friend of mine. If you eat me here, then the entire dragon race will be sad.”

What. The. Hell.

Those words popped up in the heads of the other three people together.

Lorie, who was just worried about him, turned around. She did not want to see such an embarrassing moment.

This is too shameful!

That was the same for the dragon who was originally looking down at Ye Zichen with a praising look…

Alright, let’s just say I didn’t have any opinions just now.

“Old senior,” Ye Zichen cried as he swept his snot and tears onto the dragon’s leg.

The dragon frowned and swung Ye Zichen to the side in his disappointment, “This old dragon already gave you a chance. As long as you…”

“As long as I knock you back, you will leave, right?” Ye Zichen sobbed. When he saw the dragon nod, he immediately shook his head on the ground and made a scene. “No, this isn’t fair at all! Let’s be honest, just what strength are you? Then consider what strength I have? Let’s ignore all that. Let’s just think about your weight… Think about how many tons you are… No matter what I do, I won’t be able to move you!”

He is making a scene now!?

Lorie was speechless. No, I don’t know him. This is way too embarrassing.

Even if he wants to live, he can’t throw his face and dignity aside…

Yet, Ye Zichen definitely would object against that. Just how much is face worth?

Your face or your life?

The dragon hesitated for a moment. Then, he leaned forward and rested his head in front of Ye Zichen and stared at the latter with his basketball-sized eyes, “What you are doing does not work on this dragon. If you don’t care about that chance, then this old dragon will just eat you now.”

Meanwhile, Black Dragon, who was standing at a distance, felt more urgent!

“Senior, you…” Black Dragon said urgently.

“If you are in a hurry, then leave,” said the dragon.

Black Dragon couldn’t help but retort in his mind. I want to leave!

I’m worried about the ley line now, but I have to watch this dragon make true his promise with my own eyes.

God knows if this dragon will just let them go after I leave. Then, Ye Zichen will still annoy me and I would have lost my trump card!

Thus, after a harsh hesitation, he decided to stay and witness everything.

“No, then I’ll stay.”

“Then stop bullshitting,” the dragon replied, then turned back towards Ye Zichen. “Little fellow, it’s the same for you. This old dragon lacks patience. If you dare to make any more of a scene, then don’t blame me for not considering my connection with that old guy.”

I guess I won’t have any more chance.

Ye Zichen twitched his mouth, stood up and patted the dirt on his body. He couldn’t help but roll his eyes at the dragon, “Look at how stingy you are, no wonder you didn’t become the dragon god back then.”

“Why you…” the dragon raised his front claw.

Ye Zichen didn’t even look at him and instead rotated his arms and mustered up his spiritual energy.

“Heh,” the dragon was furious after Ye Zichen’s mockery as well and all his desire to go easy on Ye Zichen was gone from his mind.

Ye Zichen definitely would slap himself if he knew what the dragon thought. Retard, what the heck did you mouth off for!?

“Old Comrade Dragon, don’t blame me for not giving you a chance. I wasn’t willing to punch because I was worried that I would hurt you. You are basically a living fossil to stay alive from the primordial times until now. I wanted to keep you as a complete cultural artifact, but you refused to listen. If I cripple you… Don’t fault me,” Ye Zichen gripped his fists tightly in disdain.

The old dragon chuckled, “Come, don’t say that I’m being too hard on you. I’ll give you three chances.”

“Then here I come,” Ye Zichen’s expression straightened as spiritual energy gathered on his fist.

At that very moment…

“Look, an airplane!”

Ye Zichen, who was about to punch, suddenly pointed towards the sky with his other hand. Although the old dragon didn’t’ know what an airplane was, he still couldn’t help but turn back and look.


Seeing the old dragon let down his guard, Ye Zichen took that chance to punch the dragon on the chest.


A huge commotion sounded out in the valley, yet, the dragon did not even budge. Instead, Ye Zichen held his hand and jumped up in pain.

What the hell.

The skin is way too hard!

At that moment, the dragon also turned around. He naturally understood that Ye Zichen tricked him, but he was not mad. It was normal to use any kind of little tricks one had at his disposal in these sort of impossible circumstances.

“Two more chances,” said the dragon.

Ye Zichen swung his pained arm, then took a step back.

Trying to move this old dragon is definitely impossible!


Xuan-Yuan Xiang appeared in front of Ye Zichen. Since they have been together for a long time, they didn’t really have to talk with each other anymore.

Xuan-Yuan Xiang already knew what Ye Zichen wanted to do from his glance.

Double-up on the power!

Although the chances of success were slim, he still had to make use of the opportunity.


Ye Zichen charged forward with his fist. Yet, the dragon maintained an indifferent expression.

Just as Ye Zichen’s fist was about to reach the dragon…

“How’s this possible!”

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