Chapter 717 Primordial Dragon

Chapter 717 – Primordial Dragon

The fierce blade of wind locked was locked onto Black Dragon.

When Black Dragon opened his eyes, he could see it getting closer and closer. He could not think of anything else except how to survive the attack.

I’ll risk it!

Black Dragon bit open his lips, causing purple blood to flow out. He swept his finger across his lips, then drew a strange sigil on his chest.

“Come forth!” A formation appeared on Black Dragon’s chest, then, a scaly claw reached out…


Ye Zichen was dumbstruck. What crawled out of Black Dragon’s chest was a huge black dragon!

He was keeping a dragon within his body!

The dragon was gigantic and its appearance seemed to make the valley seem very squished. The blade of air several meters long seemed like it was nothing compared to it.

Just as the blade of wind was about to land on it.

The dragon flapped its powerful wings. The wind blade left its track and crashed against the wall of the valley.

An explosion sounded out.

Gigantic Boulders were blasted off the walls and fell down, sweeping up sand and dust off the ground.

Ye Zichen pulled Lorie into his arms and used Xuan-Yuan Sword to cut the boulders into pieces, while he looked vigilantly at the huge black dragon in front of them.

Aren’t dragons and demons enemies? Why is it helping a demon?

“I survived,” Black Dragon judged himself to be unable to survive the blade of air, that’s why he could only use this trump card of his.

A primordial dragon.

This was an existence from the battle between Gods and Demons. He was very fortunate to find it.

He found this black dragon ten thousand years ago when he was searching an ancient cave.

The black dragon was already on the brink of death and he gained the dragon’s promise in exchange for using most of the demons’ resources to save it.

It was to satisfy any one request of his.

That was his trump card for a long time. He had wanted to save it for after he ascended to the Upper Three Realms. This was a dragon that could match the might of people who are half-a-step into the realm of Rulers…

I ended up using it here.

It’s all his fault. I should have killed him when I had him captured!

Black Dragon thought in his mind, then he heard the dragon ask.

“Demon, what is your request?”

The huge black dragon’s voice was very deep. Black Dragon looked up at the beast, then gritted his teeth and pointed at Ye Zichen, who was guarding Lorie behind him, “I want him dead. No, I want both of them dead!”

The huge black dragon turned its head around after hearing the request.

It was impossible for Ye Zichen not to worry when being glared at by such a gigantic being.

He repeatedly calmed himself down, then clenched his teeth, “You are clearly a dragon, why are you in cohorts with the demons? Did you forget about how many of your kin the demons slaughtered during the Great War of Gods and Demons!?”

“Hmm?” the dragon raised his eyebrows and let out a puff of air from its nostrils. Although it was just simple breathing, it was like a hurricane for Ye Zichen and the rest. “Young man, you actually know about the Great War of Gods and Demons?”

“Why wouldn’t I? The demons were savages and hunted the members of all tribes. In order to overthrow the demons’ tyranny, the dragons and the Gods made an agreement. I believe you to be a primordial dragon, so you should have taken part in that war. Why are you with your enemies now!”

Ye Zichen heard all of that from the old dragon god. Of course, he didn’t actually ask the old dragon god, they were merely things he heard when the old dragon spoke of the past.

However, the old dragon god would only speak a few words about it each time.

Despite that, Ye Zichen could guess what went on back then from all the tidbits he heard.

“You sure know a lot,” the dragon leaned forward. “I smell a familiar scent on you.”

Ye Zichen didn’t say anything and merely used what he learned from the dragon race’s secret manual, forming the mirage of a pale dragon behind him.

“The Dragon Race’s Secret Manual. You are my kin? No, you don’t look like it. Dragons will not have as weak of a constitution as yours. It would be even more believable if you told me that the little girl beside you is my kin,” the large black dragon shook his head with a smile.

“I am not a dragon, I only gained the Dragon God Ring by chance and cultivated under the guidance of the old dragon god for a while,” said Ye Zichen.

“You know that old fellow!?” the huge black dragon stood up.

At that moment, Ye Zichen tensed up.

A primordial dragon is definitely incredibly powerful. It only needed to flap its wings to deal with my blade of wind just now.

“This should be the demons’ turf in the lower realms back then, right? It seems like the Gods won in the end, so the ones living here are the descendants of the God Race. But this is strange, this old dragon has been here for so long, but no Laws have been rejecting me. This is very very strange.”


Black Dragon, who stood behind the dragon, suddenly recalled the image of the white-robed man fighting the Master of the Laws…

Could it be…


Black Dragon shook his head intensely and turned to the huge black dragon, “Senior, when will you kill him?”

He had no time to waste, he had to go and fight for the ley line.

“I nearly forgot about your request,” the dragon flapped its wings with a coy smile, then looked towards Ye Zichen. “Little fellow, since you are acquainted with that old thing, then I won’t make it difficult for you. Use your full strength. Pure strength. If you can knock me back by one step, then I shall leave this place.”


“Huh?” the dragon glanced at Black Dragon. Black Dragon instantly went silent.

It’s alright.

This is a primordial dragon, even a supreme level expert of the God Race will not be able to move him. Ye Zichen cannot possibly knock this dragon back.

“Are you certain you are going to work in cohorts with the demons?” Ye Zichen frowned at the dragon’s words.

“We’re not in cohorts. So many years have passed already, my hatred for the demons have faded away. The demons did hunt many of my kin back then, but did the Gods not also do so?” the dragon glanced at Xuan-Yuan Sword with a dark and meaningful smile. “Take your sword for example, do you know how many dragon souls are within it? Little fellow, don’t try to bargain with me or get close to me. You only have one chance right now, which is to use your full strength to knock me back. I will do so if you manage to knock me back a single step. Otherwise, the two of you will be my first meal after coming out of closed cultivation.”

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