Chapter 716 Consecutive Breakthroughs

Chapter 716 – Consecutive Breakthroughs

As the loud dragon roar sounded through the Three Realms, the faint figure of a gold dragon coiled in the sky.

The moment the image appeared, spiritual energy seemed to radiate out from its body and spread out.

The ley line is the crux of the Three Realms. It’s appearance instantly caused the density of spiritual energy in the Three Realms to go up a notch. Of course, the area that benefited the most was naturally Maple City, which was closest to the ley line.

Yang Jian, who was eating a pork knuckle in brown sauce, put his food down. Since he was enjoying good food, he naturally was not cultivating, but he could feel the spiritual energy in his body increase.



In merely a few breaths’ worths of time, he, who had only just broken through to the late-stage of the Sky Immortal level, broke through to the complete stage.

However, that was only the beginning.

More and more Heavenly Soldiers begun to break through, causing gold glows of breakthroughs all around the city.

Although it seemed unbelievable, some Heavenly Soldiers decided to take the chance to sit down cross-legged on the ground.

They began to mutter the incantations of their cultivation technique and either solidified their cultivation level or tried to continue breaking through to the level they want to be at.

“Nezha,” Yang Jian looked to the side and noticed that Nezha was still eating. He smacked the pork knuckle out of Nezha’s hands with a frown. “Eat. Eat. Eat. That’s all you ever do. Don’t you feel something strange?”

“Strange?” Nezha looked at Yang Jian in confusion, then burped.

He broke through.

Into the complete stage of the Sky Immortal level.

“Huh? What’s going on? How did I break through?” Nezha licked his fingers and smiled so hard that his eyes turned into two lines. “Haha, now father can’t beat me. Let’s see how he’s going to beat me when I eat snacks at home.”

“Why are you always thinking about eating?” Yang Jian rolled his eyes. “Why aren’t you considering why so many of us broke through?”

“A lot of people broke through?”

Nezha looked around, then noticed that occasional gold sparks would light up in the city.

“Wow, why are so many people breaking through!?”

“I’m the one asking you!” Yang Jian was extremely frustrated. Although he didn’t want to admit it, he knew that he wasn’t the brightest person. He really couldn’t find a possible explanation for all this.

“They probably found the ley line. But who cares, I’m so hungry after the fight just now,” Nezha rubbed his tummy, then noticed that Gou Yuzhan, who was sitting with them, didn’t even look up at all. He was still eating.

“Hey, leave some for me!” With that, Nezha begun to stuff things into his mouth, and would occasionally glance at Gou Yuzhan as if the two were in some sort of eating competition.

“Ley line?” Yang Jian could only shake his head.

Although he is the Heavenly Court’s war god and held a very high celestial position, he still wasn’t one of the older deities, so he doesn’t know the value and the effects of the leyline.

“Never mind.”

Since he knew he couldn’t figure it out, he really didn’t want to bother anymore.

I might as well use my time to eat. However, just as he turned back to the table, he noticed that the entire table of food was replaced with mere bones.

”Are you two pigs!?”

Black Dragon, who was guarded by Ye Zichen and Lorie, had a dark look on his face. He squinted his eyes and looked at the two people, then chose to use Ye Zichen as his breakthrough point.

“Zeze, so you want to treat me as your breakthrough point,” Ye Zichen naturally felt that invading gaze. He shrugged, then hook his index finger at Black Dragon. “Bring it.”


Black Dragon was naturally not foolish enough to charge forward when his opponent said so. He was in a two versus one situation, and although the girl behind him seemed to be smiling harmlessly, he felt a sense of pressure from him.

What’s more, her physical strength seemed to be at least equal to a matured Abyssal!

At that moment, a gold dragon’s roar sounded out in the sky.

Black Dragon, who was pondering what he should do next, felt more and more anxious.

I can’t waste any more time with them here.

He gritted his teeth, then suddenly kneeled down on one knee.

What’s going on?

Ye Zichen was dumbstruck.

Is he submitting?

“Hey, don’t…”

Before Ye Zichen could finish, Black Dragon said seriously, “Welcome, o esteemed messenger.”


Ye Zichen felt a chill down his spine. He instantly protected his guts, then subconsciously summoned both the Swirling Flash Plate and created an armor of blood energy.

He looked around nervously.


Black Dragon revealed a sinister smile, then pushed his palm against Ye Zichen’s back with all the spiritual energy he has been gathering.

Nobody’s here!

Shit, he tricked me!

When Ye Zichen saw nobody in the surroundings, he immediately realized that Black Dragon was merely calling his bluff.

“Ye Zichen, be careful!” Lorie shouted. However, it was already too late.

Fortunately, Black Dragon’s attack did not pierce through his body due to the two protective armors, but the residue spiritual energy seemed to tear at the interior of his body, causing him to cough up a mouthful of blood.

I was too careless!

Liu Qing’s dealing with the messenger already, so how could he come over here!?

He had fallen for the trick because of the pressure he felt from the demon messenger who was half-a-step into the Diviner level.

Black Dragon immediately took advantage of the situation. He formed claws with his hands, while black scales surfaced on his face and arms.


“Screw off!”


Lorie kicked Black Dragon on the back. Ye Zichen quickly rolled to the side and reached out with his right hand, “Xuan-Yuan!”

Xuan-Yuan Sword came out of his arm. He reached out and grabbed its hilt.

Winds soared, sweeping up the sand and rocks in the surroundings.

“That was your only chance just now,” Ye Zichen smirked. “I have to say, you really know how to make use of an opportunity. But you’re still going to remain here forever.”

Swordslash Maelstrom!

Several hundred blades of air formed in the gather and shot towards Black Dragon.

Black Dragon grunted. The pain on his body caused his eyes to swell up with blood. When he felt the blades of wind disappear, he looked up…

And saw another wind blade several meters tall with terrifying sharpness locked onto him.

I’m in danger!

Black Dragon could feel his heart race in danger, but it felt like he wasn’t going to be able to muster up any real defense.

It was a feeling he only felt from the white-robed man. Impossible, how could Ye Zichen possess this level of strength!?

He roared maniacally in his mind. However, Ye Zichen didn’t care.

“This ends now. Die!”

With that, the blade of wind slashed down at Black Dragon’s scaly body.

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