Chapter 715 Prepare for a Beatdown

Chapter 715 – Prepare for a Beatdown

Spiritual energy seemed to spread throughout the Three Realms. Black Dragon, whose cultivation level had stopped increasing for tens of thousands of years, suddenly felt a small increase in his cultivation level.

It’s definitely the real ley line.

That was when Black Dragon realized. Ye Zichen studied the dragon race’s secret manual.

Did he fool me?

Although he didn’t want to admit it being the ruler of the demons, the truth was already in front of his eyes.

Thus, he could only unleash his fury onto Ye Zichen.

“You dared to fool me!?” Black Dragon did not suppress the spiritual energy in his body in his fit of rage, causing it to harm his subordinates as well.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows when he felt the commotion in the mirage formation.

Oh wow, he really isn’t the head of the demons for nothing.

Yet, despite thinking that, Ye Zichen naturally had to continue trash talking. “So how is it my fault that you’re not smart enough? Do you really think everybody is as much of a fool as you are? Do you think I didn’t know that you’ve got spies watching us? Did you really think that I would just stroll over so openly to retrieve the ley line? Damn, can you stop showing off how poor your intelligence is?”

Ye Zichen opened his mouth in exaggeration even though Black Dragon could not see his exaggerated expression.

However, Ye Zichen did everything he could to exaggerate his tone to make Black Dragon imagine it.


Black Dragon grit his teeth. The cities were taken and the news on the ley line was false.

He could not accept this.

“Wow, as expected of the Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation.”

“Listen to what you’re saying. What does being the reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor have to do with anything? Your brain’s seriously offline!”

“You better maintain this mirage formation forever.”

“Or else?”

“You should understand,” Black Dragon clenched his teeth.

However, this sort of baseless threat was just like a kid saying some tough words. It was only childish.

Ye Zichen carefreely leaned back on a boulder.

Yet, at that moment…

“I can’t hold it anymore!”

Fatty Yin, who was maintaining the mirage formation blurted out. He was indeed someone from the God Realm and was indeed of the Earth Supreme level.

However, it took a huge amount of spiritual energy to activate the Eight Formations Origin Chart and also maintain the mirage formation to trap the demon experts.

Even a Sky Supreme’s spiritual energy would run dry sooner or later.

Just as Fatty Yin blurted that out, he stopped supplying the Eight Formation Origin Chart with spiritual energy and without any spiritual energy supply, the formation naturally stopped functioning.

“Fatty, you can’t screw me over like this!” Ye Zichen’s eyes twitched.

The mists in the formation begun to disperse, while Black Dragon and co. also gradually regained the actual distance they could detect with their spiritual consciousness.

At that moment, Black Dragon wanted to laugh out loud.

Yes, this is it.

This was what I was waiting for!

“It has finally arrived,” Black Dragon, who slowly walked out of the mist, had a terrifying expression on his face. He looked forwards and found his gaze landing on Ye Zichen, who was racing towards the interior of the valley. “Running away? It’s too late!”


Black Dragon’s right foot released a faint bit of spiritual energy as he kicked off the ground, leaving a huge hole behind. Then, he shot out in a flash of light towards Ye Zichen.

All he wanted to do was to unleash his fury and Ye Zichen was his sole target.

“Running towards the interior of the valley? Are you lost?” Black Dragon couldn’t help but mock as he quickly closed the distance between him and his prey. In less than a few breaths’ worth of time, the distance between them had decreased to around a dozen meters or so.

Yet, Ye Zichen suddenly stopped, causing Black Dragon to abruptly come to a halt.

He’s seriously crafty. There’s definitely something wrong for him to stop here.

“Why did you stop as well? Didn’t you want to kill me just now? I’m standing here now, why aren’t you coming over?”

There’s definitely something wrong...

Black Dragon was even more certain of there being something amiss when he saw the fearless smile on Ye Zichen’s face.

But where?

Black Dragon looked around vigilantly and scanned everything in his surroundings.


All of a sudden, he remembered that someone had gone to retrieve the ley line. Ye Zichen’s definitely buying time so that his people can take the ley line away.

I won’t allow that to happen.

Black Dragon turned around and ran without any hesitation.

What? How did he notice?

Ye Zichen scratched his head in confusion when Black Dragon turned around. He shouldn’t have been able to notice!

“Lorie, do it.”

“Got it,” a childish voice rang out from near the wall of the valley. Then, a pretty figure came out of a crack in the valley and punched.

Black Dragon instinctively raised his right arm and blocked Lorie’s attack.

Even with Black Dragon’s strength and his constitution as a demon, he still couldn’t help but exclaim when he took the punch.

This little girl’s strength…

Is extraordinarily strong.

This will be troublesome. Black Dragon looked intently at the two people in front of him. He didn’t choose to break through immediately.

So time began to tick away…

This is strange, why aren’t the others here yet?

Although he didn’t wait for his subordinates earlier, they should have already caught up in his opinion.

Ye Zichen could guess what Black Dragon was waiting for as he saw the latter’s shifting gaze. He couldn’t help but twitch his mouth, “You waiting for your guys to come over? They probably can’t.”

“Huh?” Black Dragon raised his eyebrows.


The only one left over there just now was a fatty without any spiritual energy. Did he have other helpers just now?

The demon sovereigns are at the peak of the Demon Realm. The Three Realms will need plenty of elites to block them all.

But, if they were to send elites to attack us, then the cities couldn’t have fallen that easily…

What did I miss?

Was that fatty pretending to be out of spiritual energy? No, that’s impossible, a spiritual energy exhaustion is not something that you can just act out.

Black Dragon didn’t understand.

“I didn’t expect you to bring so many people as well.”

That’s the only explanation. Black Dragon snorted with a dark look.

Ye Zichen merely shrugged, “You blind? There’s only the three of us on my side. Can you not count?”

“You can’t be trying to tell me that the fatty made all my demon elites stay behind?” asked Black Dragon.

Ye Zichen nodded.

“Heh,” Black Dragon naturally did not believe Ye Zichen. However, he was in no mood to argue, he merely glanced at Ye Zichen and Lorie plainly. “So, the two of you are going to hold me back?”

Black Dragon was willing to admit that Lorie was a bit of a threat, but only a little bit.

Ye Zichen shrugged. “Mhmm, prepare yourself for a beatdown.”

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