Chapter 714 Regaining the Cities

Chapter 714 – Regaining the Cities

Yang Jian, who had donned a silver armor, thrust his lance into a demon cavalryman.

Meanwhile, Nezha was holding his Heaven and Earth Rings, while his long red ribbon spiraled around him, as many demon corpses laid underneath his feet.

Maple City’s defense was as thin as paper without Black Dragon there.

Under Yang Jian and Nezha’s lead, the heavenly soldiers attacked from both inside and outside, and managed to take over Maple City without a single lost soldier.

The flags of both of them fluttered in the air on top of the city, while all the demons scurried away frantically.

“Weaklings,” Yang Jian twitched his mouth in disdain.

At that moment, Gou Yuzhan, who was holding a staff, walked over. He glanced up at the flags above the city and raised his eyebrows, “Why isn’t my flag here?”

“You?” Yang Jian twitched his mouth and checked Gou Yuzhan out. After staying in Maple City for so long, he naturally knew about Gou Yuzhan. “What did you do? Why should your flag be up there?”

“Then what did you do? Why is your flag up there?” Gou Yuzhan tilted his head, while the hair sticking up on his head wobbled.


“Ahh, I’m so hungry after all the fighting. Do you have any food?”

Gou Yuzhan suddenly rubbed his stomach, then ran off to find food. Yang Jian rolled his eyes speechlessly, then sent a message in the group.

“This great lord has already dealt with Maple City. Do any of you need my help?”

Yang Jian felt like they ended the battle rather quickly, so he wanted to show off in the group, but what he didn’t expect was…

There were already a lot of messages above his when he sent the message.

“Hundred Flower City has been reclaimed.”

“Frost City has been reclaimed.”

“Treasure City has been reclaimed.”

Fine. I thought I finished the quickest, but I guess I was the slowest.

Yang Jian deleted the message without thinking. He had no interest in letting the people in the group see such an embarrassing act.

“Why did Yang Jian delete a message? We’re all done here, do you need help?” The first to react was God of Thunder.

Yang Jian twitched his mouth. “No need, do you think your help is needed by this great lord? I already reclaimed Maple City a hour ago.”

They didn’t see the message just now, definitely not.

Yang Jian repeated in his mind as he stared intently at the screen.

“You are sure quick. As expected of the Heavenly Court’s number one war god. Damn!” A series of thumbs-up followed the message.

“Puny demons are nothing.”

I guess they didn’t notice the message. Yang Jian’s vanity was satisfied greatly as he watched his screen fill up with flattery.

As he chatted away in the group, it really was like he dealt with everything an hour ago.

But at that moment…


A screenshot suddenly appeared in the group. Yang jina’s entire face turned green when seeing the image.

“This great lord has already dealt with Maple City. Do any one of you need my help?”

Those cocky words combined with the profile picture…

Wasn’t that the message I sent then deleted!?

Everyone else took a look at who sent the screenshot…

Monkey King.

The atmosphere suddenly became very awkward. Yang Jian’s expression changed drastically as countless explanations flowed through his mind, but what he entered writing was…

“Damn monkey, do you want to die?”

“Hey, my son. I, Old Sun, hadn’t taught you a lesson for a few days and so you know how to lie now? I guess I, Old Sun, will have to find some to teach you another lesson.”

Yang Jian’s eyes filled up with blood when words with a familiar tone appeared in the group chat.

“Grandson, I thought you were dead since you didn’t appear in the group for nearly a year. Stop bullshitting here. Fight meh.”

“Zezeze, you’re so cocky now? I guess your skin is really itching. Let’s decide on a place. I, Old Sun, will never disappoint someone who wants a beating.”

“I’m waiting for you at Maple City!”

The two of them stayed true to their characters, always fighting whenever they talked. Those of the Heavenly Court were already used to it. However, those of the Underworld and the Immortal Region were not, and all turned silent in shock when they noticed the change in the atmosphere.

Fortunately, God of Thunder spoke up to calm them down, “We haven’t dealt with all the external threat yet, so let’s not fight amongst ourselves. I promise I won’t stop you guys fighting after we kick the demons out of the Three Realms.”

“Tch, you got lucky,” Yang Jian immediately took the chance to step down. Of course, everybody knew that the “you” he was talking about was the Great Sage.

“Zezeze, look at how nervous you are. Don’t worry, you’ll have the chance to be beaten up in the future. We shall see.”

The moment the Monkey King sent his reply, everyone else in the group began to change the topic.

Meanwhile, Great Emperor Qingming also sent a message in the group, “Brothers and sisters of the Underworld, Heavenly Court and the Beast Region, thank you for reclaiming the cities. I would like to ask you all to guard the cities further. Our people from the Immortal Region are going to leave the cities.”

“Where to?” all of the people in the group were confused.

“To get the ley line!”

“My Lord, what should we do? The people of the Three Realms are still chasing and killing our people,” the demon sovereign was rather nervous. This was definitely terrible news for the demons.

What’s more, Black Dragon was already in a terrible mood due to the mirage formation.

If he hears the news, then takes his anger out of me…

“Just let them,” Black Dragon snorted indifferently. However, he couldn’t help but think to himself. Could this be what he was after?

If Ye Zichen is working so hard to maintain the mirage formation to trap the more powerful ones of us here after using the ley line as bait just to take back the cities, then it really was a terrible decision.

The demons might be at a disadvantage currently, and those from the Three Realms might kill some of them.

But that wasn’t going to change anything.

The victors of the battle were no longer going to be determined by pure numbers. It was merely a combat of the top combat powers.

When the messenger arrives, so what if the Three Realms have plenty of people?

Numbers were not going to make a different in face of absolute strength.

Black Dragon already expected the worst before he decided to come over. Everything he was going was just for the ley line.

As long as he gets the ley line, then everything will be worth it.

All he needed to do now was to calm himself down and wait for the moment the mirage formation fades.

Yet, at that very moment…

A ray of gold light shot up into the sky. Even those in the mirage formation could see what the gold light really was.

It was a golden dragon.

“The ley line!” the stout Great Emperor Yonghe’s expression frozen.

Black Dragon’s expression also drastically changed after the exclamation.

“Ye Zichen! You dared to fool me!?”

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