Chapter 713 The Eight Formation Origin Chart’s Critical Weakness

Chapter 713 – The Eight Formation Origin Chart’s Critical Weakness

Everyone in the surrounding area were shocked.

“Your world?” Black Dragon asked with a frown.

“Yeah, my world. The light within the darkness. It was you who grant me infinite strength…[1. 我的世界 by 杨啟:]  Sorry, I couldn’t help but start singing…” Ye Zichen smiled apologetically, but everyone could tell that it was just mockery. “Just calm down and stay in here. Don’t think about leaving. You shouldn’t be able to break through this mirage formation with your strength.”

That was no lie, since Fatty Yin is from the God Realm himself.

What’s more the Eight Formations Origin Chart is the divine artifact ranked twenty-third on the divine artifact rankings. Even Sky Supremes will take a long time to get out of the formation set by the chart, so it was even more true for the demons.

A mirage formation?

For some reason, Black Dragon calmed down a little after hearing that. Normally speaking, mirage formations couldn’t actually attack, and the person who set up the formation has to use his own spiritual energy to maintain it.

As long as the mirage formation was still around, then the person who set up the formation as still around.

“Heh, why do we need to break out? We cannot leave, but can you?”

“Who said I’m leaving? Ye Zichen understood what Black Dragon was referring to. He turned towards Lorie, who was getting ready. “Lil’ Lorie, teach them a lesson. Don’t hit them too hard, we’re going to have a long play session.”

“Okay, okay,” Lorie nodded with a giggle. She raised her first at one of the people in the mirage formation. “Ahh, why are you so ugly!?”


“Ahh, why are you bald? I don’t like that.”


“Hmm, you seem nervous. Hehe, I’m behind you. Oh wow, why are you so dumb, I told you behind you. Behind you!”


Lorie punched a demon sovereign in the nose.

“Hehe, you… Yes, I’m calling you, the guy with the braids…”

Lorie was having the time of her life in the mirage formation. Her personality is like that of a child’s and the demons in the formation has now turned into her favorite toys as she giggled and messed around.

The one who was focused most was naturally the stout Great Emperor Yonghe. Ye Zichen detested him, who had betrayed the Three Realms even though he was an important figure in the Immortal Region.

That’s why he told Lorie to ‘take good care of him’.

One should never underestimate Lorie’s little fists. Regardless, she was at the peak of the Immortal King level.

The demon sovereigns within the mirage formation were truly troubled. Even Black Dragon was in a terrible state with his face swollen on the right side.

The only one who was fine was Li Min’e. No matter what, that was someone Ye Zichen did consider an acquaintance.

“Just wait,” Black Dragon gritted his teeth and endured the beating. It would take a large amount of spiritual energy to maintain this sort of mirage formation.

When the person who set the formation is dried up of spiritual energy, then…

“Why do you have such a menacing look? Bad boy, I’ll punish you!” Just as Black Dragon grit his teeth a clear giggle sounded out beside her ear. Before he could even determine where his enemy will attack from, he was punched on his left cheek.

“Hehe, this is so fun,” a singsong-like giggle sounded out from the surroundings.

Black Dragon had enough, “You are seeking death!”

This angry roar scared Lorie. She pouted like a bullied little bunny.

Ye Zichen was instantly annoyed. He reached out and caressed Lorie’s hair, then started to smack Black Dragon’s head.

“Shout, shout, shout, shout some more. Look at what you did to our little Lorie!?”

“Keep shouting!”

“Keep shouting!”

Raging spiritual energy surged forth from Black Dragon. Although the mirage formation was very powerful and the demons were unable to leave, they were still able to see half a meter around them.

So, when he saw Ye Zichen stand beside him and smack his head, Black Dragon reached out.

Ye Zichen jumped back more than half a meter as if he predicted Black Dragon’s action. Then, he patted his chest, “Oh wow. Boy, you still want to fight back? You’re pretty tough.”


He’s pissing me off!

Black Dragon wanted to curse loudly, while the spiritual energy within his body continued to rampage. He really wanted to ignore the mirage formation and just attack the entire area.

Just as he was unable to endure it anymore…

“Don’t,” Yonghe suddenly pressed down on Black Dragon’s shoulder. “Don’t fall into his trap.”

Black Dragon couldn’t help but tremble in anger due to his rage.

Great Emperor Yonghe finally used his spiritual energy to apply a calming technique on Black Dragon. Then, when Black Dragon finally calmed down a little, he squinted his eyes, “Don’t you find it weird? Ye Zichen trapped us here, but didn’t kill us. What’s more, although the person who set up the formation cannot leave, the ley line is of utmost importance, he can just discard the person who set up the formation and leave with the ley line. Why is he wasting time with us?”

Black Dragon noticed that before, but he really wouldn’t explain it. He was in no mood to consider all that. He was very very angry after getting slapped in the face.

“Why do you think that is?”

This Yonghe really is trouble. Ye Zichen’s expression darkened when he saw Yonghe calm Black Dragon down. He clenched his fists tightly and glared at Yonghe, wishing to tear Yonghe to shreds.

But… he couldn’t.

The Eight Formation Origin Chart was an excellent divine artifact for setting up formations, so much so that even Fatty Yin, who knew nothing of spiritual formations, could set up frightening formations.

If that was all the divine artifact did, it made no sense for it to only be twenty-third on the divine artifact ranking.

However, that was no mistake.

So why was this shocking divine artifact ranked so low?

Because it had a critical weakness!

The people in the formation cannot be killed!

Indeed, it’s critical weakness was that it was unable to help one kill his enemies, regardless of the formation it was used to set up.

Even the attacking Heaven Incinerating Formation could only wound, but not kill.

That was why it was ranked so low, and that was why Ye Zichen and Lorie didn’t kill all the demons.

Otherwise, Ye Zichen would have already killed Black Dragon ten times over.

“He must be trapping us to wait for something?”

Just as Great Emperor Yonghe finished, a commotion rang out amongst the demon sovereigns. Not long later, one of them walked over with a jade tablet. “My Lord, Maple City, Hundred Flowers City and the rest of the ten cities we were guarding have fallen.”

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