Chapter 711 The Ley Line Surfaces?

Chapter 711 – The Ley Line Surfaces?

As sounds of rushing wind rang out from the sky, Black Dragon, Yonghe and many other powerful people appeared above the Valley of Death and looked down into the misty valley below.

According to the information they got from their spy, there were at least five people who have come with Ye Zichen, the reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor.

All of them were amongst the very strongest of the Immortal Region. Black Dragon had no wish for the ley line to slip away from his grasp due to any accidents.

Thus, he practically called out every single of his strongest fighting force.

He really couldn’t care less about what happened to the cities.

As long as the Demon Realm’s messenger arrives, not only the cities, but the entire Three Realms will belong to them.

“This is the Valley of Death, right?” Black Dragon frowned as he stood in the air. He found that he was actually unable to see what exactly was under the mist even with his strength.

“This is indeed the Valley of Death,” Great Emperor Yonghe nodded. The Valley of Death was one of the three death zones in the outer regions of the Immortal Region. Countless people have fallen into the valley and no matter how strong they are, they have never managed to escape.

It was impossible for him to wrongly identify such an infamous location.

However, the so called dangers were only for the majority of people. Those of the sacred land of the Immortal Region knew that there was a pattern to when the wind barrier above the Valley of Death closes.

So, it naturally was not that dangerous.

Yet, he never expected the Yellow Emperor to have actually hid the ley line there of all places. He always assumed the ley line would be hidden in some distant place where nobody has even heard of…

As expected, is the most dangerous location also the safest?

Yellow Emperor is truly crafty to be able to hide it for ten thousand years!

However, even though Great Emperor Yonghe knew about the Valley of Death, it didn’t mean that the demons knew about it as well. Thus, he could only explain the whole area to them, “The Valley of Death is one of the three death zones of the Immortal Region, the danger levels here is on the same level as the Howling Valley. However, the main danger here is merely the wind barrier above it. As long as one understands the opening and closing times of it, it is far less dangerous. There are a lot of spiritual herbs within the valley and most of them have a consciousness and will attack people by themselves.”

“So it’s here,” Black Dragon nodded. He heard Gu Li talk about this place before. Qiu Hai had come over to this place multiple time to capture a herbman, only to fail every single time.

I couldn’t tell what’s so special about this valley, but for it to contain a large amount of spiritual herbs!

This only helps to confirm that the ley line is right here!

“How do we get to the bottom of the valley?” Although Black Dragon has already stayed in the Immortal region for more than six months, he was naturally not as familiar as Great Emperor Yonghe when it came to his familiarity with the place.

“When there is a mist above the valley, it means that the wind barrier is active. Going down like this might cause our spiritual energy to become chaotic. What we have to do is wait until the mist disperses…”

“Wait?” Black Dragon frowned. He didn’t have the freedom to wait.

The Yellow Emperor and his friends have already gone to retrieve the ley line and yet we have to wait?

“Lord Black Dragon, don’t be hasty. The density of the mist shows that it should clear up in two hours or so. Although the Yellow Emperor has already made his way to retrieve the ley line, you should know that it isn’t so simple… Let us wait until the mist pasts and catch them off guard? That will also allow us to let them do our work,” the short and fat Great Emperor Yonghe laughed craftily. He did witness the scene of the Yellow Emperor practically dying when controlling the ley line.

The ley line is the spirit of the world, it belonged to no one…

It only obeys the Master of the Laws!

“Alright, then we shall wait for two hours,” Black Dragon took a deep breath and nodded after a long hesitation.

Back at the bottom of the valley.

Ye Zichen was leisurely peeling melon seeds, while Lorie sat beside him and popped “candies” into her mouth one by one.

The person most pitiful was Fatty Yin. He had been setting up the spiritual formation using the Eight Formation Origin Chart for the past two hours without any rest.

“Why are the demons still not coming down?” Ye Zichen, who was sitting on the boulder, jumped off it and looked up at the misty area above his head with squinted eyes.

“Fatty, you set up the formation, so can you see what’s going on outside?”

Fatty Yin wiped away the sweat from his forehead, then glanced up, “Yep, there’s plenty of people. But they’re waiting for something and haven’t started to descend.”

“Waiting?” Ye Zichen revealed a sinister smile. “They’re waiting for the ley line to come out, right? Then I’ll create a ley line for him.”

Indeed. Ye Zichen was not lying!

He said create!

The ley line was not there.

“Brother Yellow Emperor, the coordinates you gave is too confusing, I’ve searched all around this place, but I don’t see the ley line,” Flame Emperor, who was dressed in a white robe, frowned as he looked around. This was the same Flame Emperor who had journeyed out with Ye Zichen…

But he was now in search of the real ley line.

At that very moment, he saw a sliver of gold light flash across his eyes.

Flame Emperor stopped retorting and looked at the gold light with a heated gaze. Then, he couldn’t help but shake his head. “It’s been hiding in plain sight. Brother Yellow Emperor, you win.”

This was something Black Dragon could never imagine. The ley line was literally right outside Maple City’s city gate.

After confirming of the ley line’s position, Flame Emperor took out a delicate phone and sent a message in the group. “Begin.”

At the same time, all of the others who have been waiting outside the various cities in the outer regions of the Immortal Region received the message.

When they saw the message on their screen, their expressions turned sharp. They looked behind them and called out, “Attack!”

“That guy isn’t coming down until he sees the ley line, right?” Ye Zichen pursed his lips with a smile. It was at that moment that he saw the message Flame Emperor sent in the group chat. So he has already found the location of the real ley line, then I can’t drag this on any longer.

Since they have never seen the ley line, then…

Raging spiritual energy spread out with him as the center, and the mirage of a pale dragon coiled around him.

Then, when Ye Zichen injected more spiritual energy into it, the pale dragon let out a loud roar.

“My Lord.”

Black Dragon and the other people in the air heard the roar, while the demon sovereign beside him stepped forth.

“I heard it,” Black Dragon gritted his teeth. It must be the ley line…

The ley line has finally surfaced!

“Yonghe, just how long is it going to take for the mist to disperse?” Black Dragon’s breathing quickened. Then, a louder roar sounded out beside Yonghe could reply, and a spark of gold light flew up into the sky.

The ley line must have surfaced. I cannot allow it to escape from my hands.

“We’re not waiting anymore. Listen up. Descend into the valley and get the ley line!”

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