Chapter 710 The Demons’ Actions

Chapter 710 – The Demons’ Actions

At Maple City.

The universe was always fair. It gave the demons their powerful bodies, so it would naturally take something away.

The demons had a huge problem when it came to the design and building of cities.

Thus, even after six months, Maple City was still exactly like how it had been six months prior.

There were heavy guards around the entire city. Black Dragon understood very clearly that even though the past six months had been a ceasefire period, he could not relax at all.

He was certain that the people of the Three Realms still saw them as a threat to be removed and that those people might send him a large ‘gift’ any moment.

And the reason why he didn’t actually send out his army during the last six months was because he was waiting for Qiu Hai to bring the Demon Realm’s messenger. The day the messenger arrived will be the day the Three Realms is destroyed.

“My Lord,” s demon scout disguised as a human appeared in the courtyard.

Black Dragon turned around and saw the scout take out a jade tablet and handed it over.

Black Dragon transferred some spiritual energy into the jade tablet, and saw the scout’s findings as a projection.

“Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation and Flame Emperor. What did they come out for?” Black Dragon locked his eyebrows when he saw the information. Then, he turned towards the scout. “Do you have any more news?”

“I have not been able to find anything else out,” the scout lowered his head and replied. “They immediately went towards the Valley of Death very urgently. This subordinate does not know what they went over to do.”

“Valley of Death, what are they going there for? Could it be…” Black Dragon’s heart suddenly raced. At the same time, Great Emperor Yonghe also hurried over.

When Yonghe saw the scout, he raised his eyebrows and asked, “You know?”

“What are you talking about?” Black Dragon was starting to have his suspicions, so he was speaking rather absentmindedly. “If there isn’t anything important, then don’t say it. I’m thinking about something.”

“I have information to tell you.”


Black Dragon didn’t really care. A single thought filled his mind. If it really is like what I think, then I shouldn’t be sitting here right now.

“Zhao Zizhao sent news over. They are planning to chase the demons out of the Three Realms?”

“Just them?” Black Dragon smiled in disdain. “I have a million powerful soldiers here who are guarding all of the cities in the outer regions of the Immortal Region. It’s impossible for them to forcefully do anything.”

Black Dragon was not being arrogant. He merely knew for sure how strong the demon soldiers under his command were.

The demons were physically stronger than the people of the Three Realms. Only the strongest of the people of the Three Realms could fight eventually with the demons, but when it came to the fight between those of the Earth Immortal or Human Immortal levels, the demons were far stronger than them.

What’s more, he knew that the Three Realms didn’t really get along.

Black Dragon was actually more afraid of the Three Realms not starting the fight again as opposed to the Three Realms bringing the fight to them.

Demons were not proficient in farming and there was a limited storage in every single city. Their food supply was going down daily.

Black Dragon would really be a bit worried if the Three Realms wanted to play everything out as a war of attrition.

“Of course,” Yonghe nodded. After living with the demons for the past six months, he was beginning to feel stronger and stronger about how it was not just a foolish dream for demons to take over the Three Realms.

Yonghe was amongst the strongest in terms of cultivation level in the Immortal Region, but when it came to his physical constitution…

He couldn’t even match up to Human Immortal level demon soldiers.

What’s more, the Three Realms have a very tense relationship in private. Ignoring the stubborn old fools of the Immortal Region, both the Jade Emperor of the Heavenly Court and the Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens were very ambitious people.

Who knows what they would do for their own benefit during war time.

That Jade Emperor might even stab his allies in the back during the war.

“But the main reason I came over wasn’t for that. It’s for the next piece of information,” Great Emperor Yonghe squinted his eyes. “Apparently, the Yellow Emperor decided to bring out the ley line.”

Black Dragon was dumbstruck.

Then… joy and excitement overcame him…

Until he finally calmed down.

“Ley line? Did the Yellow Emperor go to search for the ley line?”

“Yes,” Great Emperor Yonghe smiled with a nod. “I don’t know what news he received recently, but Zhao Zizhao said that the Yellow Emperor has been under a lot of pressure, so he wants to take a gamble and find the ley line.”

“I heard the God Realm’s messenger descended for Xuan-Yuan Sword. Of course he’s under pressure,” although Black Dragon remained in the city lord manor of Maple City for the past six months, he knew what was going on the Three Realms very well.

He began to ponder in his chair.

This is my chance.

Such a thought surfaced in his mind as he took a sip of tea.

His life as the marshal of the demons in the Lower Three Realms has been very good, but he was reluctant to stay here forever. He was like the Jade Emperor…

They have stayed in the Lower Three Realms for far too long.

They wanted to know what it was like up there.

The ley line being hidden has my stagnated cultivation level, but now that the Yellow Emperor wanted to find the ley line, I shouldn’t hesitate.

I must take this chance and snatch the ley line for myself!

Otherwise, this will be impossible once the Jade Emperor and the Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens act.

At that moment, a jade tablet in his pocket beeped. He took it out and smirked.

“Perfect timing.”

That was a jade tablet Qiu Hai left behind, and the beeping indicated that…

The Demon Realm’s messenger was about to arrive.

Black Dragon clenched his fists tightly as his eyes shown with a bright line, “Go, call all the Demon Sovereigns over. Tell them I have something to tell them.”

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen, who was dressed in a black robe, sat on a boulder in the bottom of the valley. The situation in the surroundings was very strange. The wind barrier had already disappeared at the top of the cliff.

At that moment, only Fatty Yin remained out of the people who had left with him.

“This place is really nice,” Fatty Yin nodded with a smile.

Recently, Ye Zichen has always had a strange look on his face when he looked towards Fatty Yin. I don’t think I’ve seen his true form. He has always been appearing in front of me as Fatty Yin.

I guess it’s a good thing. I might not get used to it if he changed.

“Then just live here forever,” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes.

At that moment, Lorie skipped over and hugged Ye Zichen’s arm intimately.

“Did you tell your friends yet?”

“I told them all to hide. What else do you need me to do now?” Lorie was still as innocent as a plain white sheet of paper.

Ye Zichen ruffled her hair, then shook his head with a smile, “Nothing else. Just stay here and beat the bad guys later. Don’t beat them too hard. Make sure you let him run, okay?”

“Okay,” Lorie giggled.

Ye Zichen nodded towards Fatty Yin. “Set the formations.”

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