Chapter 71 A person with a story

Chapter 71 – A person with a story

Everyone in the backstage resting room was shocked.

They never would have imagined that Ye Zichen had a grudge with this tyrant in school, but they quickly understood.

Recently, Ye Zichen had been a heated topic in school between the Porsche 918 and appearing alongside the school beauty. Most importantly, school beauty Sun, who Fu Chengming had always been pursuing, seems to have an ambiguous relationship with him as well.

It would be weird if they didn’t have a grudge with Fu Chengming’s vengeful personality.

“You’re telling me to beg you, Ye Zichen…”

Fu Chengming grabbed Ye Zichen from the chair. When the other people in the backstage saw this, they all wanted to go and stop him, but stopped due to Fu Chengming’s glare.

“It’s none of your business, don’t be a busybody.”

The surrounding students licked their lips and stopped. There were merely a bunch of normal students in school, the reason they entered the student council was so that they would have a better career when they entered society.

They couldn’t afford to piss off someone like Young Master Fu!

Fu Chengming smiled after stopping everyone. Then, he pushed Ye Zichen against the wall with a dark look, “Don’t challenge my patience. I’m the boss in the school.”


Ye Zichen laughed continuously. He really didn’t care about this sort of harmless threat.

At this moment, the curtains to the backstage were brushed aside, and the dean walked in.

“What are you all doing!”

All the surrounding students lowered their head. Meanwhile, the dean also walked in front of Fu Chengming and Ye Zichen, then snorted, “Release each other.”

“Dean, your “each other” isn’t quite right. I didn’t do anything, it was all Young Master Fu.”

Ye Zichen shrugged. The dean also scolded Fu Chengming with a dark look, “Fu Chengming, I told you to come to the resting room to tell Ye Zichen to go on stage. What are you doing? It seems to me that you don’t want to be the vice president of the student council anymore.”

“Heh,” Fu Chengming forcefully pushed Ye Zichen towards the wall angrily with a murderous gaze in his eyes.

“Ye Zichen, go onto the stage,” the dean said after glaring at Ye Zichen and Fu Chengming.

Ye Zichen twitched his mouth, then directly sat onto the chair with a shrug, “I’m not going. I’m scared of death.”

“What are you saying, telling you to go on stage is a good thing,” the dean frowned.

“Young Master Fu came to the backstage just now and told me that if I go on stage, then he will crush me. He also told me to not to doubt him, he has ten thousand ways to destroy my name and kick me out of Polytechnic University.”

Ye Zichen used the technique of slandering perfectly. Since the resting room had no security camera, he could say whatever he wanted.

What’s more, he spoke according to Fu Chengming’s personality. It wasn’t a surprise for that grandson to say something like that.

“Ye Zichen…” Hearing that, Fu Chengming instantly reached out his hand.

Ye Zichen quickly took a few steps back and said, “Dean, look.”

The dean was also enraged, he knew what Fu Chengming was like, so he shouted out, “Fu Chengming, this is Polytechnic University, it’s not your family’s company. If you’re going to behave like that, then go back to your family’s company. This isn’t a place for you to cause trouble.”

“Ye Zichen, just wait,” Fu Chengming threw the script onto the ground, then said something fierce before leaving the resting room in rage.

At start to finish, Ye Zichen maintained his innocent look. Even after Fu Chengming left, he continued to look nervous.

“Dean, look…”

“Enough, stop acting here,” the dean rolled his eyes towards Ye Zichen and said. “Hurry up on stage, everyone’s waiting.”


Ye Zichen did not expect himself to be seen through by the dean. Thus, he could only scratch his head with a chuckle, receive a mic from a nearby student, then saluted the dean, “I’ll be going now.”


The lights shone onto Ye Zichen once again. The moment he got onto the stage, countless screams sounded out from the audience.

The scene was like someone from an idol’s concert, it was truly amazing.

However, Ye Zichen instantly destroyed the image in less than half a minute.

“Uhm, the school management told me to come up and sing a song,” Ye Zichen smiled slightly awkwardly as scratched his head with one hand, while holding the mic with another.

“This brat…”

The man sitting on the second floor shook his head with a smile.

At this moment, Ye Zichen, who was on the stage, also spoke, “Actually, I’m not sure of what to sing either. How about singing “Half” for you guys.”

The instrumental for the song instantly sounded out, while the entire venue fell into silence.

Ye Zichen took a deep breath and closed his eyes and sang this song that was pretty much made for him.

“For our breakup, you don’t need to take blame. It was I who only poured half in, causing qualm. Better several fights in the future; the cheap ring I picked out for you, is lost like gifts that were given out…”

After the song ended, Ye Zichen gave a warm smile to the audience and bowed, but nobody was able to see the faint traces of tears at the corner of his eyes.

“Gah, I thought about the past that I don’t want to think about again.”

Ye Zichen leaned on the wall outside the resting room and lit a cigarette for himself.

Liu Qing came out from the Dragon Eye, and raised her eyebrows beside him, “Hey, it was difficult to tell that you’re a person with a story.”

Ye Zichen smiled without denying. However, he could only laugh wryly in his heart.

“Who wouldn’t have a story while they live in the world. But mine doesn’t count as a story, it’s an accident at most.”


His phone suddenly rang. Ye Zichen took out his phone, then instantly revealed a troubled expression after looking at the caller ID.


“You still know that I’m your mom. Hurry up and get yourself back to the hospital.”


Ye Zichen scratched his head and put out the cigarette after he got hung up.

It seems like the trouble is very severe.

There was no lack of amazing performances in the gala when it ended, but Ye Zichen’s song was what all the students talked about after it finished.

Some students recorded down Ye Zichen’s singing and uploaded it onto the internet. In less than ten-odd minutes, it instantly had more than a hundred thousand clicks, and the numbers just kept on rising exponentially.

“Old Shi, I’ve chosen. It’s the one called Ye Zichen.”

The man, who sat on the second floor from the start, put on his sunglasses once again, while his phone continued to play the scene of Ye Zichen singing.

Although his style was a bit simple, his singing skills were top-notch.

In particular, the portamento [1] was as smooth as flowing water.

As long as he packaged Ye Zichen a little, such a good seed was definitely going to become another superstar.

At the same time, within a deluxe suite in a business hotel.

A girl in pajamas sat on the sofa and habitually went to see the comments by the fans on Weibo.

However, a headline caught her sight.




Her phone slipped down from her hands. The girl quickly picked up the phone, and coincidentally saw that the video reached the song’s climax.

“For our breakup, you don’t need to take blame. It was I who only poured half in, causing qualm. Better several fights in the future…”


Her small fists clenched.


Her phone was smashed into pieces.

“Ye Zichen, you’re a bastard.”

  1. Vocal slide

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