Chapter 708 Comforting

Chapter 708 – Comforting

“Big Brother Zichen, are you asleep?” a knocking was heard on the door to Ye Zichen’s room. Xia Keke, who was wearing a purple dress, stood on her tiptoes and tried to peek into the room.


The wooden door was slowly pushed opened, and Ye Zichen welcomed Xia Keke with a smile, “It’s already late, why aren’t you resting?”

“I knew you wouldn’t be sleeping yet,” Xia Keke walked around the room like a fairy, then finally sat down on Ye Zichen’s wooden bed with a frown. “Your bed is so hard.”

With that, she fumbled the mattress on his bed with displeasure.

“Do you think that this is the Modern Realm? How could there be such good conditions here?” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes, then sat down by a chair near the window. He glanced over at Xia Keke, who was pouting, then suddenly recalled what the old dragon god asked him.

“This is for you,” Ye Zichen took of the bone ring from his finger. As he did, he was rather surprised that it came off without any resistance. Previously, it was as if the ring was a part of his finger, but now it seems like the old dragon god doesn’t want to stay by him anymore.

“What’s that?” Xia Keke looked up and saw the bone ring being placed in her hands. She looked at the ring on her hand, then opened her eyes in surprise as she looked back towards Ye Zichen. “The Dragon God Ring?”

“Mhmm,” Ye Zichen nodded with a smile, then glanced at the ring with a nostalgic look.

The old dragon god had helped him plenty on his path of cultivation through the body cultivation manual of the dragons and the space with a strange flow of time.

He was someone who only started cultivating randomly, and wasn’t someone with amazing talent.

The only reason he was able to chase after and even surpass the prodigies of the Immortal Region’s younger generation is mostly due to the old dragon god.

“The old dragon god said that he wants to return to the dragon clan. Put the ring in your ancestral hall or hand it to your clan head when you return to the Beast Region.”

“Okay,” Xia Keke might have refused if it was any other treasure, but this is the Dragon God Ring.

The one residing it was no other than one of their prime ancestors. She definitely did not dare to refuse as if it was just another random item.

Xia Keke carefully put the ring on her finger, then pursed her lips.

“Big Brother Zichen, you’ve become really weird.”

“Why do you say that?” Ye Zichen shrugged.

Xia Keke rolled her eyes, then put her a finger on her lip, “The Big Brother Zichen I know was always smiling. No matter what happens, he always helped to make people relax. But when we came over this time, I noticed that you are in a very bad mood.”

“Is that so?” Ye Zichen shrugged with a forced carefree smile. “I’m smiling. How am I down?”

“You are, I can feel it,” Xia Keke bit her lips, then stood up from the bed, walked over, and placed her finger between Ye Zichen’s eyebrows. “Ever since I came over, you’ve been frowning and frowning and frowning right here. Also, the atmosphere when I came over was really suppressing. Susu and I are both very worried about you. We were going to come over together tonight, but she decided not to come because she didn’t want to disturb you.”

Ye Zichen then put on an apologetic and wry smile.

He reached out and held Xia Keke’s hand and brushed her hair back, “Sorry, I made you guys worried.”

“Don’t always apologize, alright? You are the leader of this huge alliance right now, every single word you say, every single action you take, will determine the future of this alliance. I’ll put this more selfishly, you have no need to burden yourself with everything. You were just a normal civilian in the Modern Realm who wasn’t even that smart. Since when did you start treating yourself as the messiah?

“Don’t be so selfless, or so self-righteous. Live properly for yourself. Handle the stuff that you can, leave the stuff you can’t. If anything happens, someone will take care of it. There are so many great people in the Three Realms, why should you, someone who has lived even less than tiny fraction of their lives, deal with everything?

“You should learn from Cao Cao of the old instead. Being ambitious is fine, but don’t be too selfless. If you live for yourself, then you will be able to relax.”

Ye Zichen felt his heart warm up. When he saw Xia Keke act like a mature person and tell him what to think and do, he suddenly felt like…

This is weird.

“Who taught you all that?”

“Bah, I told her you would find out,” Xia Keke stuck out her tongue and scratched her head. “Susu taught me.”

“Su Yan?”

“She didn’t want to disturb you, but she was worried that you would put too much pressure on yourself. That’s why she told me that I should tell you all that if I was going to come over. Uwah, you made me repeat it all more than a dozen times in front of her, and only let me come over when she made sure that I wouldn’t make a single mistake!!” Xia Keke frowned pitifully as she complained. “I have never worked so hard, even in Chinese lessons during primary school. Susu was so mean!”

Even though Ye Zichen felt pressured by a lot, he still couldn’t help but laugh when he saw how pitiful Xia Keke acted.

“Hehe, you’re finally smiling. That’s more like it. You have to smile more. If you always keep a stern face, then you’ll end up like an old man. That’s terrible!” Xia Keke wrinkled her nose. “Alright, my mission is completed, so I’ll go back now. Or… would you prefer I stay with you tonight?”

Xia Keke fiddled with the hem of her dress as she spoke.

Ye Zichen reached out and smacked her head lightly, “You’re just a little kid, what are you even thinking? Hurry up and go back to sleep.”

“Who’s little! Mine is bigger than Lu Lu’s!” with that, she puffed up her voluptuous chest.

When she saw that Ye Zichen was definitely not going to tell her to stay, she didn’t insist. She was a lady, so there was no way that she would shamelessly ask to stay.

After Xia Keke left the room with a pout, Ye Zichen let out a long sigh, “Xiang-jie, I made them worry…”

“Zezeze, you really are lucky,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang, who took physical shape, raised her eyebrows as she ate some melon seeds. “Honestly, it would have been a pretty good idea to get the girl to relieve you in your state. Why did you call me out? Did that girl get you in the mood when she offered and you want me to accompany you tonight? Stop dreaming, I’ve always kept myself pure… I…”

“Stop being delusional, alright?” ye Zichen rolled his eyes. “I called you out because I want to discuss some stuff with you!”

Xuan-Yuan Xiang put the melon seeds back onto the table and said seriously, “You’ve decided?”

“Yes!” Ye Zichen nodded sternly. Since it has come to this, I must take risks!

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