Chapter 707 Liu Qing’s news

Chapter 707 – Liu Qing’s news

As Ye Zichen dragged Liu Qing away and walked through the courtyard, a lot of people stopped to greet him.

However, they all had begun to ponder when they saw him grab the messenger’s hand.

Just who is our commander to know even the God Realm’s messenger?

“That hurts!” When they finally stopped behind a fake hill in the courtyard, Liu Qing pouted and shrugged off Ye Zichen’s hand and rubbed her tender arm. “Ye Zichen, don’t act so outrageously. I am the God Realm’s messenger. We might have had a good relationship in the Modern Realm, but that is no excuse for you to act out of line.”

“Stop pretending. That majesty of yours can’t see us here,” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes speechlessly.

Liu Qing frowned, “What are you talking about? What pretending?”

“The Lower Three Realms is now sealed by the Heaven-Shrouding Formation. The Upper Three Realms cannot see what is going on here.”

“Really?” Liu Qing blinked, then closed her eyes and muttered a few words. “It’s true! This is so amazing!”

With that, she leaped into Ye Zichen’s embrace and leaned lovingly against his chest, “I missed you so much!”

Ye Zichen instinctively wrapped one hand around her waist and patted her on the back when he felt the delicate girl in his arm trembling, “Yeah.”

For the next thirty minutes, Liu Qing and Ye Zichen remained in that position silently.

The shirt and his chest were already drenched with Liu Qing’s tears. Ye Zichen didn’t know what she experienced after she was kidnapped away from the Modern Realm. All he could do was let Liu Qing vent everything out.

“Let go of me,” Liu Qing murmured.

Ye Zichen let go of her with looked at Ye Zichen.

Liu Qing’s face flushed when she saw Ye Zichen’s wet chest, “Ye Zichen, how dare you make the God Realm’s messenger cry. I will definitely inform His Majesty of this and get him to punish you by sending you to the mines for a thousand years.”

“Uwahh, this puny one is terrified. Lady Messenger, please be merciful,” Ye Zichen pretended to be frightened as he bent down and asked for mercy.

Liu Qing couldn’t help but giggle, “This this lady shall reluctantly let you off.”

“Thank you, my lady.”

With that, Ye Zichen and Liu Qing burst out laughing.

After knowing that the Heaven-Shrouding Formation has already covered the Lower Three Realms, Liu Qing finally discarded all her pretense.

It was as if everything had returned to what they were like in the Modern Realm. She snatched Ye Zichen over to read the doujinshi she didn’t finish back then.

“I don’t see too many updates?” Liu Qing put her head on her left hand as she scrolled down the screen, while lying on the grass.

“Ahh, damn it! They’ve all stopped updating!”

With that, Liu Qing sat back up from the grass and threw the phone back to Ye Zichen.

“Not reading anymore?” asked Ye Zichen.

“There’s nothing to read,” Liu Qing pouted. “I thought there would be a lot of updates after so long.”

“Is that so?” Ye Zichen nodded with a smile.

The Modern Realm has already been frozen, so the updates had naturally stopped. Thinking that, Ye Zichen’s mood worsened. I wonder when we can return there.

The truth was that Ye Zichen would much rather prefer to live in the Modern Realm than there he was now.

Even if he did detest his life in the Modern Realm initially.

“What is it? Why don’t you look happy?” Liu Qing tilted her head with a questioning look.

“Nothing,” Ye Zichen shook his head with a chuckle. “Oh yeah, what did you descend for this time?”

“Of course, it was for you,” Liu Qing’s expression turned dark. “Around six months ago, the God Realm suddenly felt a strange pressure, so His Majesty immediately all of us “Hignesses” and officials over.”

“One of the officials suspected it to be the primordial divine artifact Xuan-Yuan Sword. When I heard that, I immediately knew that it must be related to you, so I asked His Majesty to send me down here. His Majesty didn’t agree immediately, so I had to beg him so hard!” Liu Qing pouted her mouth proudly with a click of her tongue. “I’m telling you, you should be thankful that it was me. If it was any of the other Highnesses, then you might already be imprisoned in the God Realm.”

“But even if you do get imprisoned, I will save you,” she muttered softly under her breath.

However, Ye Zichen could naturally hear the muttering at his strength level.

He felt his heart warm up, then reached out to pat her head, “Then I really have to thank you.”

“Tch,” Liu Qing rolled her eyes. “Don’t get too happy just yet, the Four Direction Palace is not the only faction in the Upper Three Realms. Xuan-Yuan Sword, which sits at the top of the divine artifact ranking is a treasure that everyone is interested in.”

“I know that,” Ye Zichen nodded. “Oh yeah, you have already descended for six months now, why did you choose to see me right now?”

“I only descended so that others won’t. It’s not like I even thought about taking the Xuan-Yuan Sword,” Liu Qing shrugged. “What’s more, do you not sense it? It’s like your realm lacks its Law. That caught my attention, so I’ve been investigating that.”


“Mhm, I guess it’s too advanced for you right now. You still won’t come into contact with the Law at your strength level.”

“Hey! You’re looking down on me too much!” Ye Zichen opened his mouth wide. This little girl definitely did not dare to act so cockily in the Modern Realm.

“I’m just telling the truth,” Liu Qing shrugged. “You won’t come into contact with the Law at your level. Even the Jade Emperor and Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens are only barely able to get involved with the Law.”

“Alright, I won’t ask about such deep topics, okay? You still didn’t say why…”

“I originally planned to stay a year in the Heavenly Court then return. The worst case scenario would have been it treated as me failing the mission and getting a small bit of punishment. After a year, even if His Majesty sends someone down to find the Xuan-Yuan Sword, they wouldn’t be able to find the exact location,” Liu Qing smiled as if she was just making casual chitchat.

Yet, Ye Zichen was deeply moved. He had already heard from Cui Twelve just how severe the punishment from that majesty in the Four Direction Palace is.

However, before Ye Zichen could express anything, Liu Qing subsequent words caused him to feel chills down his spine.

“I just heard from Brother Twelve that the Demon Realm’s Qiu Hai had brought news back to them, and the Demon Realm has already sent someone down to fight for the Xuan-Yuan Sword!”


“That wouldn’t have been a huge problem,” Liu Qing smiled. “Normal messengers are just at the Sky Supreme level, I can handle them just fine. But from what Brother Twelve told me, the messenger from the Demon Realm is… half a step into the Diviner level!”

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