Chapter 706 Liu Qing the Messenger

Chapter 706 – Liu Qing the Messenger

“God Realm’s Messenger?” the Great Sage stood up from his chair then tilted his head as he looked towards Ye Zichen. “Is that the God Realm’s messenger everyone’s been talking about in the group?”

“It should be him,” Ye Zichen nodded as his mood grew even worse.

“This is strange. I heard Bajie say that the God Realm’s messenger came for a treasure. Why is he over here?” The Great Sage scratched his head in confusion. Not long later, he noticed the wry smiled on Ye Zichen’s face, and couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows. “That treasure can’t be…”

Ye Zichen nodded with a wry smile, then let out a sigh before turning towards the messenger, “How many people are there?”

“Only one. It’s a lady. She looks very young. She proclaimed herself as the messenger of the God Realm, and told this one to inform you,” the messenger replied.

Ye Zichen nodded and signaled the messenger to leave, then sat back down on his chair and lit a cigarette for himself.

As the dense smoke puffed out of his mouth, everyone in the meeting hall could feel how troubled Ye Zichen’s mood was.

“Don’t worry. I, Old Sun, and so many other brothers are here. What do we have to fear from the God Realm’s messenger?” the Great Sage’s eyes shimmered with a bright light. After all, he was the one who was given the title of Victorious Fighting Buddha In the Buddhist Realm.

He cared not about whether the person was the God Realm’s messenger or anything else. If that person dares to cause trouble, then he’ll just smack the person with his staff. He cared not if he would be able to defeat that fellow, he’ll beat the person up first.

The rest of the people also agreed. However, Fatty Yin, who was the strongest amongst the group, revealed a troubled expression.

As someone from the God Realm, he understood very well just how strong a messenger who was allowed to descend from the God Realm was.

The person would be at least a Sky Supreme!

The Great Sage and Su Liu’er might be amongst the strongest in the Lower Three Realms, but they were nothing in face of Sky Supreme experts.

As time ticked by, it had already been fifteen minutes since the God Realm’s messenger arrived.

I’ll have to face it sooner or later. Ye Zichen thought to himself. He had already finished smoking his cigarette.

He stood up from the chair with squinted eyes, but before he could walk out of the meeting hall, he heard a ruckus outside.

“You can’t enter.”

“Why can’t I enter? I have already waited here for nearly half an hour,” a displeased tone sounded out from the outside. When the owner of the voice heard whoever she was talking to continue to stop her, she spoke up once more. “I am the messenger of the God Realm, and you dare to be so arrogant? Do you have no respect for the Four Direction Palace of the God Realm!?”

“You can’t…”

“Let her come in,” Ye Zichen chose not to go out to welcome the messenger. Instead, he sat back down and put on a strong air as he looked forward with a dark expression.

The rest of the people in the room also separated into two rows. Fatty Yin, Qiu Yuan, Sun Wukong and Su Liu’er all sat down closer to Ye Zichen in recognition to their strengths.

Meanwhile, the others also continued to sit down on both sides depending on how strong they were, while Xuan-Yuan Xiang stood beside Ye Zichen and gazed towards the entrance to the meeting hall as if she were expecting an enemy.

The attendant outside the hall also moved aside upon hearing Ye Zichen’s words.

Soon after, a teenage girl in a light blue dress walked in.

“Liu Qing?” The first to speak was not Ye Zichen, but Xia Keke, who sat closest to the entrance.

She leaped up in surprise, then walked over to Liu Qing and jumped up and down in excitement as she held Liu Qing’s hands.

“It really is you!”

Xia Keke and Liu Qing were already good friends back in the Modern Realm, and she had even begged Ye Zichen to find a way to revive Liu Qing.

Excitement also flashed across Liu Qing’s eyes when she saw Xia Keke.

However, she quickly suppressed the joy and frowned, then pushed away Xia Keke with a look of disgust.

“Xia Keke? I didn’t expect to see you here!”

“Liu Qing, what are you doing?” Keke showed a troubled expression. She didn’t understand why her old friend was treating her so.

“Heh, I am the Seventeenth Highness of the Four Direction Palace, and is in service of His Majesty. I have descended to visit as a messenger. You were indeed my good friend in the Modern Realm, but that is already history. The difference in our identities is too huge, it would be better to respect each other, so it won’t be difficult for you,” Liu Qing’s tone was beyond merciless, causing everyone in the meeting hall to frown.

The Great Sage shot up from his chair and scolded, “Lil’ child, you really do have a temper, don’t you?”

“Great Sage Sun?” Liu Qing raised her eyebrows. “It’s none of your business. I suggest you to mind your own business. I came here for Ye Zichen, please move aside.”

“You’re going to have to pass through me.”

“Don’t…” Others might not know why Liu Qing was acting that way, but Ye Zichen understood.

He called out to stop Sun Wukong, but it was already too late.

Great Sage Sun smashed his Jingu Bang down onto Liu Qing.

“Tch,” Liu Qing merely clicked her tongue and grabbed Su Wukong’s staff with an indifferent look on her face.

“Big Bro!” Yuan Hong exclaimed, and prepared to attack. Su Liu’er also did the same as snowflakes begun to float around in the room.

“Do you think you can match me?” Liu Qing couldn’t help but laugh.

Yet, all three of them were people were terrible temper. They were unable to endure being mocked by a little girl.



Ye Zichen instantly moved between them and separated them when he saw that they were about to get serious.

He grabbed Liu Qing’s arm with a frown, “Come with me.”

Then, the two disappeared from the room.

The remaining people looked at each other. The Great Sage asked in confusion, “What was that?”

The others shook their heads in confusion. Yuan Hong snorted, “She was damn cocky. I really want to beat the crap out of her.”

“You?” Su Liu’er was more rational. “That girl is stronger than you and I. I believe Great Sage Sun has an even better understanding of that, right?”

“Indeed,” Great Sage Sun nodded. He was a proud one, but he was not arrogant.

He could already tell how strong the girl was when she blocked his attack with one hand.

Great Sage Sun still couldn’t help but get angry when he recalled her indifferent look.

“As expected of the God Realm’s messenger. But when I, Old Sun, breaks through…” it was clear that Sun Wukong was very annoyed about being taught a lesson by a little girl.

Fatty Yin let out a long sigh and silently wiped away the sweat from his forehead.

Thank God they didn’t end up fighting. If they really did so….

All of us together wouldn’t be a match for the girl!

Do you really think that being a Sky Supreme is that simple?

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