Chapter 705 Guest from the Beast Region

Chapter 705 – Guest from the Beast Region

Tiantian blinked in confusion as she felt Ye Zichen stiffen, “Daddy, what is it?”

“Mm, it’s nothing. Tiantian, go back to your Big Sister Zuo Mo. Daddy will come over soon, tell that guest to wait a bit,” he put Tiantian back onto Lil’ Lan, then rubbed her head.

Tiantian blinked, then nodded as she left with a giggle.

“Did the messenger finally come?” Xuan-Yuan Xiang knew about the news of the God Realm’s messenger, and she also knew what the messenger descended for.

“It’s very likely,” Ye Zichen nodded, then reorganized his thoughts as he recalled the news he had read in the group. “The Heavenly Court group said that the God Realm’s messenger descended an hour ago. That’s pretty much enough time for them to reach the outer regions of the Immortal Region. What I don’t understand is how he found this subdimension.”

“The people of the God Realm must have their ways,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang was in a slightly bad mood as well. She could still clearly remember how helpless the Yellow Emperor had been in the past when faced with the God Realm’s threats.

If the person from the God Realm is going to do the same thing as back then, then…

“Let’s go and take a look,” Ye Zichen was in a better state of mind compared to Xuan-Yuan Xiang.

Since the messenger has come, no matter what, he had to go over to meet him.

They walked over to the central courtyard. It was the place where the ones in charge would often gather to discuss about matters. The only ones allowed in were only the people who were originally the outer region’s city lords and generals, or the sect master or elders of larger sects.

Of course, there were some hidden experts who only revealed their strength after the demons attacked and did not take upon any position in the outer regions of the Immortal Region prior to that.

During the past six months, practically everyone had found out about Ye Zichen’s existence.

The supreme leader of the great alliance, the powerful master of Leisure House, and the reincarnation of the sacred land’s Yellow Emperor.

All of these titles caused them to pay more attention to Ye Zichen, but at the same time, they also contributed to the burden carried on his shoulders.

“Brother Ye,” the moment Ye Zichen arrived, Xue Qi welcomed him. He was someone who cared a lot about courtesy, and did feel troubled for a very long time after finding out Ye Zichen’s identity.

Fortunately, the stubborn Stone was able to talk him out of his troubled mood.

“Tiantian just told me that there are guests who said specifically that they would like to meet me?”

“Mhmm,” Xue Qi nodded. “They did indeed ask to see you, specifically. They are especially strong. At the very least, they’re all above the strength of Stone and I. Qiu Yuan and Zuo Mo are in the meeting halls right now. I asked Qiu Yuan about their strength, and he said that even he felt a little bit of pressure when facing them.”

“How many of them are there?” Ye Zichen asked with a frown.

“Quite a few. Five women and seven men, but some of them look a bit familiar. I think I’ve seen them before,” Xue Qi frowned.

Ye Zichen was rather surprised.


Is it not the God Realm’s messenger after all?

Ye Zichen nodded towards Xue Qi, then went over to the meeting hall. When he saw who the guests were, he immediately stopped worrying.

“Boss,” the first to leap towards him was Lil’ White, the Sky Swallowing Dog.

Ye Zichen rubbed his hair and looked at the other people in the meeting hall.

There was the Great Sage, Yuan Hong, Zhuge Kongming, Jail King, Fatty Yin and a dragon senior.

As well as Su Yan, Xia Keke, Lu Lu, Su Zhu, and big sister Su Liu’er who had her ice-cold expression on.

“Why did you guys come?” Ye Zichen was beyond joyful to see them.

“What? You didn’t want I, Old Sun, to come?” the Great Sage hooked his arm around Ye Zichen’s shoulder like a rascal. “I, Old Sun, heard that mah bro had also become a king himself, so I brought my guys from the Beast Region over to congratulate you.”

“Great Sage, who did you hear it from? How am I a king?” Ye Zichen shrugged with a wry smile. “I see that you guys have fully recovered?”

“That was nothing! I, Old Sun, have the seventy-two transformations, so that’s seventy-two lives,” Great Sage Sun twitched his mouth uncaringly.

However, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but recall what it was like back then…

Sun Wukong’s life was truly on the line.

Also, who was the ‘her’ the Great Sage was talking about before?

Ye Zichen scratched his head and looked meaningfully at Yuan Hong, before repeatedly winking at him.

“You got sand in your eyes?” Yuan Hong raised his eyebrows in confusion. Ye Zichen rolled his eyes, then indicated towards Su Liu’er with his eyes.

“What is it?” Yuan Hong was like a log, and didn’t understand what Ye Zichen meant at all.

Su Zhu shrugged, “He wants to ask how is it going between you and my sister.”

“Ahh, my Zhu-jie knows me much better,” Ye Zichen chuckled. “Liu’er-jie promised to be with you back then, have the two of you…”

“Let’s not talk about it,” Yuan Hong put on a troubled look and started to complain. “Liu’er did promise to be with you, but there was a condition.”

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and thought about it for a moment. “It can’t be asking you to defeat her, right?

“Brother Ye, you’re right. Man, don’t you think that’s just a trap? Who the heck could beat her in the Endless Beast Region?”

“I, Old Sun, could,” Great Sage Sun suddenly interrupted.

“Big Bro, can you stop making things difficult for me?” Yuan Hong rolled his eyes, then sobbed. “Brother Ye, don’t you think that you just screwing me over?”

“Of course my man has to be stronger than me. What’s the point of him if he can’t even beat me?” Su Liu’er said indifferently.

Yuan Hong twitched his mouth and walked off like a little grudging wife.

“Don’t look at me, I’m doing really well with Lil’ Zhu,” Fatty Yin quickly said as he grabbed Su Zhu’s waist after sensing Ye Zichen’s gaze on him.

Although Su Zhu did struggle a bit, it was more in embarrassment than anything. Ye Zichen looked at Fatty Yin’s proud look. Wow, they really are doing well.

At that moment, he felt a gaze looking at him.

Rather, it was a gaze that never once shifted from him ever since he entered the meeting halls.

Su Yan.

Ye Zichen felt a mixed bag of feelings for her, and that was even more so after absorbing all of his memories of his past lives.

Unsure of what to do, he could only pretend to not notice her gaze and smile towards the Great Sage, “There must be important matters for the Great Sage to visit. Don’t tell me there isn’t, in this sort of situation…”

“Mhmm, I, Old Sun, did come here for something important,” the Great Sage squinted his eyes with a smile. “The demons in the Endless Beast Region have been swept clean. It’s time to cleanse the Immortal Region of their filth!”


“Sire!” a messenger appeared in the meeting halls before Ye Zichen could finish talking. “The God Realm’s messenger has arrived.”

“…” Ye Zichen’s expression turned stark white.

I guess I can’t avoid this.

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