Chapter 704 Six Months Later

Chapter 704 – Six Months Later

Six months later…

During the past six months, everything seemed to calm down. The demons remained in the various cities in the outer regions of the Immortal Region and did not attack any of the Three Realms.

Without the imminent danger of the demons, the Heavenly Court and the Underworld returned to how they were before.

Under Great Emperor Qingming’s aid, the life of the civilians also gradually returned to normal as they remained in the subdimension Gu Zichen left behind.

The civilians seemed to have grown used to the subdimension and started to treat it as their home.

As for Ye Zichen…

Ye Zichen was covered in a faint golden light as he saw on top of a steep mountain with a ball of cold fire spiraling around him.

The fire was a beast flame.

It was something that fell off Lil’ Lan the winged dragon a while ago.

At that very moment, the spiritual pressure around Ye Zichen seemed to increase massively. Xuan-Yuan Xiang, who was standing guard beside him, floated over. “You broke through?”

Ye Zichen opened his eyes.

Spiritual energy materialized and rocketed outwards, cutting a nearby peak in half.

Ye Zichen let out a soft sigh, then stood up with a nod, “Yeah.”

“Only six months from a mid-stage Sky Immortal to being half a step into the Immortal King level. That cultivation speed is truly shocking,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang couldn’t help but smile. She was happy to see Ye Zichen grow stronger and stronger. After all, the stronger he was, the stronger Xuan-Yuan Sword was.

“It’s just because I am a reincarnation,” Ye Zichen shook his head with a smile. He didn’t really think much about his strength.

Even Gu Zichen couldn’t do anything about the future threat of the demons, so what can I do with my level of strength?

During so, he had asked others about the levels above an Immortal King.

Earth Supreme, Sky Supreme, Diviner, Ruler, Exceed.

Each of those levels were supposed to be split into nine ranks, with every rank being a true difference in strength. Originally, he had wanted to ask the Wish God just how strong were the “Gods”.

But no matter how he talked to the seven stones, the wish god didn’t come out.

What’s more, ignoring someone like the Wish God, Ye Zichen found out that Gu Zichen was already a peak existence in the God Realm.

Xuan-Yuan Xiang glanced at Ye Zichen and knew that he was deep in thought.

She patted Ye Zichen’s shoulder with a smile, “Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. He definitely told you a lot before he left, but we should still have enough time.”

“Probably,” with that, Ye Zichen subconsciously took out his phone once again.

During the past six months, aside from cultivation, the thing he did the most was gathering information from the various chat groups.

To no surprise, the Red Packet Server was always lively.

There were always 99+ unread messages whenever he opened the app.

For the past six months, the only news he got from the server was either a deity finally finding another half, or someone asking for help since their kid ran away from home. Although the group was lively, there haven’t actually been too much useful information.

Hopefully there’ll be something useful this time. Ye Zichen thought silently, then read what was going on. His expression stiffened a split second after reading what was going on.

Immortality Peach Fairy: New news on the God Realm’s messenger!

God of Thunder: What is it?

Canopy Marshal: The God Realm’s messenger has only been eating and drinking in the Heavenly Court, and it’s all been rare stuff. I’m so jealous!

Mother of Lightning: ^ Don’t change the topic. What is the new information on the God Realm’s messenger?

Immortality Peach Fairy: I heard it straight from the Queen Mother. She said that the God Realm’s messenger is descending from the Heavenly Court to search for the divine artifact.

Barefoot Immortal: Are you for real?

Yue Lao: The messenger really is going to search for the divine artifact?

All-Hearing Ear: I can confirm all Immortality Peach Fairy said to be true!

Canopy Marshal: Since All-Hearing Ear said that, then it most likely is the case.

God of Thunder: Is the divine artifact really going to be seen? But aren’t demons over at the Immortal Region? How is the God Realm’s messenger going to take the divine artifact?

Wu Gang: Will the God Realm’s messenger actually care about the demons? Maybe the messenger might be in a good mood after getting the divine artifact and just kill them all.

Erlang Shen: Then hurry it up. I’m really sick of being a spy here.

Third Prince Nezha: Yeah.

Announcement: As the Immortality Peach Fairy recklessly spread secrets of the Heavenly Court, she has been punished to face the walls for a hundred years, effective immediately. If anyone else spreads news about the messenger, then they will be stripped of their celestial position and exiled from the Heavenly Court.

Profound Lady of the Nine Heavens: You see the announcement? Do as you see fit.

The group instantly went silent for five minutes.

God of Thunder: That was horrible!

Barefoot Immortal: Yeah. She’s just a cute little girl.

Third Prince Nezha; Immortality Peach Fairy-jiejie, wait for me. I will definitely rescue you when I return to the Heavenly Court.

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li: Let’s all stay put and don’t mention the messenger anymore. Let’s end this right here.

After a few retorts, the topic did successfully changed. Ye Zichen squinted his eyes, then opened his chat with Immortality Peach fairy.

“When did the God Realm’s messenger descend?”

“Big Brother Sky Sovereign! You have to give justice to little sister!” Immortality Peach fairy sobbed.

‘I definitely will. But tell me, when did the messenger descend?”

“About an hour ago.”

“Alright, I got it.”

Announcement: Immortality Peach Fairy has been pardoned. I’ll kick you all if you dare to act out of line on my turf!

The group members took several seconds to read the new announcement in surprise. Then, they immediately realized it was from Ye Zichen.

People in the group immediately begun to flatter Ye Zichen for exerting his dominance, while some other people started to feel envious of the immortality Peach Fairy for having a nice older brother.

However, Ye Zichen was in no mood to read all that. All he was thinking about was what the God Realm’s messenger was doing.

Descended an hour ago. Doesn’t that mean that he will be here soon?

Ye Zichen gripped Xuan-Yuan Sword tighter.

Is this going to be like last time as well?


At that moment, Lil’ Tiantian came over on top of Lil’ Lan, the winged dragon, while Tenner, the Soul Pearl Yiyuan followed beside her.

Lil’ Lan and Tenner were supposed to be his mount and protective treasure, but they were far closer to Lil’ Tiantian.

In fact, they were always with Tiantian, and had pretty much forgotten about him.

But I guess that’s good, at least they can help me take care and protect Tiantian.

Ye Zichen picked Tiantian up with a smile. She seemed to have grown up a lot more during the past six months. Although she was still a little loli, she begun to seem more like a young girl.

“Why did you come over here?’ Ye Zichen still spoiled his daughter a lot.

“Big Sister Zuo Mo told me to come and find you. She said there is a guest looking for you,” Tiantian giggled.

Ye Zichen trembled. So he’s here!

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