Chapter 703 Parallel Dimension

Chapter 703 – Parallel Dimension

Are you done being insane!?

The familiar scolding and tone caused the white-robed man at the center of the formation to tremble slightly.

“You’re here,” the white-robed man’s voice was a bit hoarse. The newly arrived women bit her lips, glared fiercely at him, then put her hand on his back.

A gust of pure lifeforce flowed from her palm into the white-robed man’s body. The white-robed man, who nearly turned into a dried up corpse, returned to how he originally look with the lifeforce.

“Thank god you came in time. Otherwise, it’d be very troublesome,” the white-robed man scratched his head.

Clear rage could be seen in the woman’s eyes, “Troublesome? If I didn’t come, then you would have still set up the Heaven-Shrouding Formation even if it cost you your life, right?

The white-robed man only smiled without any other response.

“Gu Zichen, I finally see through you now. You traversed to parallel dimensions and planned with so much effort is so that the you in one dimension can turn the tables, right? But even if he succeeds, do you think that they can return?” the woman frowned. “This is not the first dimension you have come to, you did your best to help him in the previous dimensions as well, yet what happened? The same events unfolded. I told you already, that is fate. Why must you go against it?”

“I have to try as long as there is a chance, right? If I don’t, then who knows how this future will end up? Lil’ Mo, what if I tell you that the chances to turn the tables is pretty huge in this one?” the white-robed man pursed his lips with a smile, and walked out of the formation.

Ye Zichen was already shocked as he saw what happened in front of him. The main reason was the woman beside the man.

Zuo Mo?

“What are you looking at me for?” she glared at Ye Zichen with a snort. “What is your relationship with Zuo Mo?”

“We’re friends,” Ye Zichen answered subconsciously.

“Like I thought, friends, again,” Zuo Mo snorted with a frown again, then gazed towards Gu Zichen.

Sensing that, Gu Zichen walked in front of Ye Zichen with a wry smile.

“What’s going on?” Ye Zichen was very confused.

“You still remember when I told you to try going out with Zuo Mo, but you refused, right?”

Ye Zichen nodded.

“You heard her call me Gu Zichen already, so I’ll tell you a bit about my background,” Gu Zichen took a deep breath. “You probably suspected me of coming from the future, but that’s not the actual truth. I am you from a parallel dimension.”

“Parallel? You mean more like the six dimensions theory?”

“Something like that,” Gu Zichen nodded. “I worked so hard to help you pave your path and help you deal with all kinds of trouble is actually just for the final result.”

“What result?”

“A new world,” Gu Zichen said seriously. “Right now, all of the parallel dimensions have gone onto the same path where the demons rule over the six realms. Some dimensions might not have succumbed yet, but it is more or less the same. It was the same for my dimension.”

“I don’t quite understand it,” Ye Zichen replied.

“It’s hard for you to understand since I said everything so suddenly, but even if you don’t understand, make sure you remember what I’m going to say next.”

With that, Gu Zichen shrouded where he and Ye Zichen was.

Zuo Mo, who stood outside, pouted and looked begrudgingly at Gu Zichen.

“In the dimensions I know about, yours is the only one that has not yet been ruled over by the demons. Theoretically speaking, as long as you can overthrow the demons’ rule, then the history of the other dimensions will be changed. Of course, the chances of you to succeed is slim as all the other dimensions have been conquered,” Gu Zichen grabbed Ye Zichen by the shoulder. “But don’t lose hope. At least this dimension has not gone down that path yet.”

You’re kidding me.

The pressure suddenly increased massively!

That was what Ye Zichen felt.

What the hell? The demons will rule the six realms in the future? I thought the Upper Three Realms was the strongest?

What parallel dimension? The heck was that!?

But he doesn’t seem like he is messing with me. He has no need to either…

“Then what do you need me to do?” Ye Zichen asked.


An hour later, the white-robed man finally removed all of the seals around them.

Ye Zichen was in a very bad mood. He was pursing his lips as his eyebrows knitted tightly together.

“Don’t be too pessimistic. Stay optimistic. I believe that you have the ability to change history,” the white-robed man patted Ye Zichen’s shoulder. Yet, despite saying that, he wasn’t so confident either.

He was so hopeful when he went to all the parallel dimensions before, but the results never went his way.

“Can I ask you a final question?” Ye Zichen suddenly looked up.

The white-robed man nodded, “Ask away.”

“Did they all die?”

The white-robed man turned silent. After a long while, he nodded slightly, “Don’t think about doing everything all at once. Don’t be impulsive. Take everything a step at a time. Make sure you grab onto any opportunity you get, okay?”

“I know,” Ye Zichen clenched his fists tightly, then walked to the side.

The white-robed man stretched lazily.

Zuo Mo quickly walked up to him.

“I’ve troubled you.”

“Stop being so emotional. If you truly feel like that, then marry me,” Zuo Mo glared at the white-robed man. After a while, she twitched her mouth. “Never mind, it’s pointless.”

“I’m so sorry,” the white-robed man smiled wryly.

Zuo Mo had accompanied him for several tens of thousands of years. The two of them only had each other as they struggled to survive the desperate situations.

If it was any other people, then they definitely might have fallen in love, but…

He was unable to hold anyone in his heart after witnessing ‘her’ die right in front of his eyes.

“There’s no need to apologize when it’s with me,” Zuo Mo punched the white-robed man lightly. “Did you decide it already? You really are going to make that move? You didn’t choose to do that in the previous dimensions. Didn’t you say that the chances of success is way too low?”

“I have no other choices anymore. I have to bet everything on this!” Gu Zichen clenched his fist.

“Then I’ll go with you,” Zuo Mo smiled.

“Actually you…” Gu Zichen looked at her in surprise. The thing he was going to do was fraught with danger…

“An extra person gives you more chances of victory. What’s more, if we lose when both of us goes, I guess I win if we end up dying together,” Zuo Mo pursed her lips with a smile. Then she glanced at Ye Zichen. “Be nice to Zuo Mo, got it?”

With that, Zuo Mo and Gu Zichen disappeared.

Approximately after five minutes of staring at where they disappeared from, Ye Zichen took a deep breath, then turned to Xuan-Yuan Xiang, “Let’s go back.”

Please come back alive!

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