Chapter 701 Messenger of the God Realm

Chapter 701 – Messenger of the God Realm

Xuan-Yuan Xiang immediately walked closer when she saw Ye Zichen nod, then said with anticipation thick in her voice, “Since you have awakened, then who is the person that appeared most in your memories? Is it me? Back then, you took me along as we soared through the battlefields… Yes, it must definitely be so.”

Xuan-Yuan Xiang nodded firmly.

Ye Zichen glanced at her without speaking. He wasn’t sure whether he had actually awakened. All he knew was that the moment he drew out Xuan-Yuan Sword, he felt like a lot of memories appeared in his mind.

They were memories of different auras. Yet, they seemed ever so familiar, and seemed to tell various stories that were more or less the same.

What caught his attention the most was that there was always one person in all those memories. Or rather, those memories all surrounded the same person.

"They had never experienced a true romance like falling snow, but what they had was far greater."

Su Yan.

In every single life, Ye Zichen saw new women appear by his side, yet, Su Yan always silently stayed by him.

Even if she had to die for him!

Even if she went against the entire world for him!

Even if she knew that he had no interest in her during that life, even if she knows that he had no place for her in his heart during that life!

She still accompanied him and never once turned her back on him.

Yet, Ye Zichen’s heart never stayed with her.

Many people appeared in the memories, but Su Yan was the only one who was always there with him.

“I’ll take it as you agreeing since you aren’t saying anything,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang pursed her lips and danced around in the room, while occasionally posing like she was killing an enemy.

“Xiang-jie, stop messing around,” Ye Zichen called Xuan-Yuan Xiang’s name weakly.

Xuan-Yuan Xiang quickly ran over. Then, she couldn’t help but mutter when she saw his poor condition. “And I finally came out. Alright, fine. Suddenly awakening will mean you need to absorb a lot of memories. That is rather tiring after all. Hurry up and rest.”

“Alright,” Ye Zichen nodded, then returned to his room.

“Qiu Hai and Black Dragon were both here. Where’s that guy? What is he doing?” Ye Zichen couldn’t help but mutter to himself as he laid on the bed. However, he wasn’t too worried, since he had great confidence in the white-robed man’s strength.

Su Yan. Ye Zichen opened his chat with Su Yan on his phone. After absorbing the memories of his past lives, his feelings towards Su Yan had changed greatly.

It was very hard to describe, but if he really had to put it into words…

Perhaps it was more apologetic?

Ye Zichen couldn’t really explain it.

He wanted to take the chance to talk a little with Su Yan, but after typing out a long paragraph, he thought about it and deleted everything.

Then, he closed the chat and saw that the Red Packet Server had exploded with messages.

Immortality Peach Fairy: Did you guys hear? The God Realm sent a messenger over to the Heavenly Court.

Canopy Marshal: Seriously? Why didn’t I know about this?

God of Thunder: Yeah, I think so. The Jade Emperor went and welcomed the messenger in person.

Mother of Lightning: ^

Barefoot Immortal: This is weird. The God Realm hasn’t sent a messenger down for several tens of thousands of years. What did they suddenly send someone down for?

Wu Gang: Do you think that it might be related to that pillar of light?

Immortality Peach Fairy: That’s very possible!

Mother of Lightning: That pillar of light was too scary. I trembled even at a distance, and couldn’t help but want to submit to it.

Profound Lady of the Nine Heavens: The Queen Mother has decreed that you are not allowed to discuss about the messenger in private. Otherwise, you will be fined a thousand years worth of your salary.

Mother of Lightning: …

Canopy Marshal: …

Barefoot Immortal: …

Ye Zichen didn’t get the details from the messages in the group, but what they seemed to be talking about was that someone descended from the God Realm to the Heavenly Court.

They descended for a pillar of light?

I guess I can’t get any news from the Red Packet Server, but I might be able to in other groups.

I’ll ask in the battle group!

Ye Zichen: @everyone, does anyone know what’s going on with the God Realm’s messenger?

Canopy Marshal: Sky Sovereign, you don’t know? A messenger from the God Realm came to the Heavenly Court. The Jade Emperor went out to welcome the messenger just half an hour ago.

God of Thunder: And you just said you don’t know. Why does it sound like you know better than anything?

God of Fortune: Marshal has got it right. The God Realm’s messenger arrived an hour ago.

Old Lord Taishang: Since you can’t talk about it in that group, you came over to gossip in this one? Aren’t you afraid that I’ll screenshot this and report you guys?

Ye Zichen: Old Lord, stop messing around. As one of the Three Pure Ones, you should know some more secretive news, right?”

Old Lord Taishang: Hehe <insert a row of smirk emojis>

That crafty geezer

Ye Zichen directly sent Old Lord Taishang a red packet of a hundred thousand cultivation experience. Since the food and clothing industry in the Heavenly Court has been very well established, sending snacks was already pointless.


Old Lord Taishang received your red packet.

Old Lord Taishang: Youngster, you do know how to act. So I guess I’ll tell you in good will.

Ye Zichen: Stop it with the crap. Just say it.

Old Lord Taishang: I heard that the messenger came for a divine artifact, which is also related to the pillar of light that suddenly appeared in the Immortal Region more than an hour ago. I think everyone felt it already. The ruler-like aura from it means that it’s definitely a primordial divine artifact used by an emperor.

God of Fortune: I felt it miles away.

Third Prince Nezha: I felt it too, it was quite close to me.

Erlang Shen: I think we all felt it, but the pressure felt rather familiar.

Ye Zichen: You two can still play with your phones? It seems like you are having a great life as hostages of the demons?

Erlang Shen: I’ll show you. We’re in damn good shape. Nezha, let’s send them a selfie.

Third Prince Nezha: No problem.


Not long later, a photo of Yang Jian and Nezha appeared on the screen. The background seemed to be Maple City’s city lord manor. The two of them were laying down like lords with people serving them.

How the heck are they hostages!

They are VIPs!

Ye Zichen: You’ve been having a fun time, but don’t indulge yourselves too much. You two have a mission.

Erlang Shen: We know. I definitely won’t let anything get in our way.

Third Prince Nezha: Sky Sovereign, don’t worry. Nothing will get in the way with me here. I will watch over Yang Jian!

Erlang Shen: Why you little! It’s clearly me who will watch over you!

Third Prince Nezha: It’s me that will watch over you!

Seeing the two start to argue, Ye Zichen shook his head speechlessly, then sent a final message before closing the group chat.

Gold light.

Divine artifact.

When considering the time as well… The God Realm’s messenger should have come for my Xuan-Yuan Sword.

I can’t believe the God Realm acted so quickly and directly sent someone over the moment I drew my sword.

I guess the messenger will come soon!

Just like before…

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