Chapter 700 Who permitted you to sit?

Chapter 700 – Who permitted you to sit?

“The title of the number one primordial divine artifact really wasn’t just for show.” Qiu Hai leaned on a boulder in the outer regions of the Immortal Region. He had really lost his right arm.

“Senior, should we reconsider everything? Our enemy is far too strong, if we still choose to recklessly make a move…” Black Dragon finally realized how ridiculous his plans were after witnessing the white-robed man’s strength. The helplessness he felt earlier was still fresh in his mind, and his body trembled just thinking about it.

“We indeed need to reconsider everything more carefully,” Qiu Hai nodded. “But don’t worry too much. Since the Master of the Law has descended, that is definitely someone he cannot match. As the Xuan-Yuan Sword has finally appeared, I must return to the Demon Realm and report it to our masters. I’ll let you decide how everything will be handled here.”

Black Dragon looked towards the distance…

A series of explosions could be seen. It was clear that the white-robed man was locked in combat with the Master of the Law.

“Time is of the essence. I can’t stay here any longer. The God Realm might have already made a move. I have to hurry back. It will be terrible for us if Xuan-Yuan Sword falls into those hypocritical bastards from the God Realm,” with that, a spiritual formation appeared underneath Qiu Hai before he swiftly disappeared.

“What should we do?” Great Emperor Yonghe and co. couldn’t help but ask when Qiu Hai left. Their act has ended in the failure, now, the entirety of the Three Realms knows that they are traitors, so they could only become closer to Black Dragon’s side.

“We’ll take it a step at a time. You left the spy behind?” Black Dragon shook his head. Ever since he saw how strong the white-robed man was, his confidence in taking over the Three Realms had once more wavered.

“Yes, since nobody will notice that Zhao Zizhao’s on our side.”

“That’s good. Let’s go back,” Black Dragon shook his hand weakly, then looked towards Pool City again.

Master of the Law, you must win!

The sudden internal revolt had caught Ye Zichen and co. completely off guard. Fortunately, they didn’t suffer too many losses.

What’s more, the morale within the subdimension had become far greater after they found out about the return of the Yellow Emperor.

Within a hall in the subdimension...

The higher ups of the Immortal Region sat down, and Ye Zichen sat at the center most position.

He held Xuan-Yuan Sword in his hands as he looked expressionlessly around. The surrounding people all lowered their heads when they felt his gaze.

The truth was that Ye Zichen didn’t have too great of an impression of the Immortal Region to begin with.

In fact, his impression of the Immortal Region couldn’t get any more terrible after remembering the memories of the past.

“I wonder what did you come here for? My humble home isn’t enough to house such great people like you!” Ye Zichen laughed in a slightly mocking manner.

The expressions of the other people in the room immediately stiffened.

Fortunately, Suiren broke the awkwardness, “Brother Yellow Emperor, why do you say that? We naturally came here to congratulate you.”

“Don’t you Yellow Emperor me this, Yellow Emperor me that. I have my own name. It’s Ye Zichen,” Ye Zichen pursed his lips.

“Yellow Emperor, watch your tongue when you speak to Big Brother Suiren,” a man with a hook nose suddenly blurted out.

Ye Zichen squinted his eyes, “You, who could only stand on the side, has the right to sit now? Were you telling me what to do? Do you think that you have the right to be equal to me just because you were permitted to sit?”

A faint pressure was released from Ye Zichen’s body. The hook nose man wanted to endure it for a while, but in less than a second, he lowered his head and stood up from the chair.

“You, you, you and you… who gave you the right to sit!?”

As Ye Zichen pointed at the group, they all begun to stand up. They are the mightiest existences in the Immortal Region. However, they were merely children in face of the Yellow Emperor.

“This feels more like the past!” Ye Zichen nodded in satisfaction. “Why aren’t Fuxi and my juniors here?”

“Fuxi has not been in the sacred land recently, while Zhuanxu and the others are remaining on guard in the sacred land of the Immortal Region just in case demons attack,” Suiren replied.

“They are still so careful even after so long. It is just like back then,” Ye Zichen smiled mockingly.

Suiren’s expression drastically changed. He understood very well just what Ye Zichen was referring to.

He really remembers everything!

“Brother Yellow Emperor…”

“I will say it one final time. My name is Ye Zichen, and not the Yellow Emperor you keep calling me. Of course, I am not the sort of person to focus on old grudges. Let bygones be bygones. I don’t want to, and can’t be bothered, to deal with you all for that.”

“Brother Yellow Emperor is truly righteous,” Suiren smiled.

“Stop flattering me. Honestly, I have no good impression of the Immortal Region at all. Do you understand that?” Ye Zichen stood up from his chair with a shake of his head, then pointed outside the room. “I allowed you to sit here for a while because I’m giving face to Brother Flame Emperor. Now, you have seen all you need to, and congratulated the one you needed to. Leave!”

“About this…”

“So you want me to walk you out?”

Xuan-Yuan Sword vibrated intensely in its sheath. Seeing that, the surrounding people all shrunk their necks, cupped their hands towards Ye Zichen, then left.

“Although you have awakened as the reincarnation, you are still not the same person,” the white-robed Flame Emperor walked in front of Ye Zichen, and patted Ye Zichen on the shoulder. “I couldn’t stop Brother Yellow Emperor from going into the cycle of reincarnation back then, but during this life, even if I have to use my life, I will protect you. Little Friend Ye, please do not tarnish the name of the Yellow Emperor, and the might of Xuan-Yuan Sword.”

“Don’t worry. I will tell you on behalf of the Yellow Emperor. He has never once regretted becoming your sworn brother.”

Flame Emperor’s eyes teared up.

He nodded heavily, patted Ye Zichen on the shoulder, then left the subdimension without saying anything else.

“Yellow Emperor and Flame Emperor’s relationship was very good back then, but…” Xuan-Yuan Sword’s spirit, Xuan-Yuan Xiang came out of the sword. Ye Zichen glanced at her and felt a bit nostalgic. They haven’t seen each other in quite some time.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Xuan-Yuan Xiang subconsciously took a step back when she felt Ye Zichen’s gaze. “Oh yeah, you should have remembered everything by now, right? I mean, all of the memories of your past lives?”

Ye Zichen nodded.

He did remember. He was able to remember everything now.

Yet, for some reason, the memories only made him turn silent!

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