Chapter 70 Beg me

Chapter 70 – Beg me

No wonder Sun Yige would show that sort of expression, so it’s because the person singing with her couldn’t come.

“Then I’ll help you,” Ye Zichen smiled.

“Is that really okay?” Sun Yige’s eyes brightened. She had wanted to get Ye Zichen to help her, but she was rather thin-skinned, so she just couldn’t say it.

Ye Zichen shrugged without denying it, “Why not? Going on the stage with Class Rep Sun is my honor.”

“Then I’ll be troubling you.”

Ten-odd minutes later.

“School Beauty Sun, it’s your turn,” A student council member ran to the backstage

Sun Yige responded, then Ye Zichen also took off his earphones.

“How is it, did you manage to learn it?”

“More or less, I definitely won’t lose face for you on the stage.”

After that, the two of them walked onto the stage from the backstage. When Ye Zichen appeared on the stage once again, then entire venue heated up.

“Ye Zichen!’

“Riche Bro!

“Riche Bro, I love you!’

“Ye Zichen, I want to be your girlfriend…”


Ye Zichen couldn’t help but rub his nose when face with such a heated atmosphere. Why were they like that? He just sang a song!

Sun Yige, who was on the side, was also shocked by this atmosphere, causing her to stand stock-still in the same spot for a long time.

“Wow, you are so popular.”

“Hehe,” Ye Zichen scratched his head embarrassedly.


Fu Chengming, who was standing on the stage, nearly crushed his script into a ball of scrap paper.

He looked at the threads on the school net during the time where they switched hosts.

The school net had already started to crazily post threads. All of the threads were about Ye Zichen.

Originally, he had wanted to hire some people to slander Ye Zichen a little after the event was over. However, he never would have thought that Ye Zichen would go on the stage once again.

This was equivalent to giving him another chance at the spotlight. After all, there were people from the agencies on the second floor.

“Why did you come up here again?” Fu Chengming walked over with a frown.

Ye Zichen looked at him innocently and said, “What, can’t I come up here?”

“Didn’t your performance already end?”

“So what? I’m a singer and a helper. Can’t I be a helper singer guest?”

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes. This grandson was so retarded, wanting to cause trouble for me all the time.


“Stop you’ing me. Do your job as the host properly and stay on the side.”

Ye Zichen raised his hand and pushed Fu Chengming to the side, then smiled towards Sun Yige, “Let’s go.”

The song Sun Yige chose was Song Jihyo and Kenji Wu’s “You are so cute”.

The style of the song was rather sweet. When it came to Ye Zichen’s part, he started to hold Sun Yige’s hand…

They looked at each other.



Sun Yige felt that her heart was about to explode. Since Ye Zichen’s gaze was too much, she made several mistakes as she sang.

It was all thanks to Ye Zichen helping her cover them up.

When the song finally finished, Sun Yige immediately ran towards the backstage.

Ye Zichen stood on the stage in amazement. After he bowed towards the audience and got ready to return to the backstage, the students in the audience stopped him.

“Ye Zichen, another one.”



Fu Chengming’s face was already green with anger. He completely disregarded the passionate request of the students and snorted in font of Ye Zichen, “What are you blanking out for? Why aren’t you going back?”

“Why are you so aggressive? Are you on your period?” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes, then waved towards the students in the audience before walking towards the backstage.

At this moment, the sunglasses wearing man on the second floor took off his sunglasses. His dark eyes shimmered like he found a treasure, as he displayed a hint of excitement.

“Old Shi, tell that student to sing another song.”



Fu Chengming’s phone suddenly rang. When he took a look at the caller ID, he quickly spoke a few words to the other host before going behind the curtains.


“Go and get that student named Ye Zichen to come sing another song.”

“What?” Fu Chengming asked in shock. “Why?”

“Don’t ask me why, this is what the chancellor told me, do as you see fit.”

Then the dean immediately hung up.


Fu Chengming threw the expensive phone in his hand onto the ground, causing it to be smashed into smithereens.

Ye Zichen!

Ye Zichen!

Ye Zichen crossed his legs and sat on a chair as he unlocked his phone. Then, he saw the wolves, who were his roommates, continuously message him.

They all asked him whether they could tell his WeChat to a beauty.

Ye Zichen gave a standard reply to this. No!

At the very least, they should have sent him a red packet or something if they wanted to use his WeChat to pickup girls. These wolves wanted to sell him out without paying for anything.

How could he agree.

Ye Zichen looked over at Sun Yige, who sat on a chair and ignored everyone ever since she returned from the stage.

Ye Zichen walked over to her and squatted in front of her.

“Class Rep, were you nervous on stage? You make quite a few mistakes.”

“Ah!” Sun Yige exclaimed and stood up when she saw Ye Zichen squatting on the ground.

Just now, her head was continuously replaying the scene of Ye Zichen meeting her gaze. She didn’t know why, but her heart raced when she thought of him.

“What happened?”

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows without understanding. However, Sun Yige merely told him that she was feeling unwell before running away from the backstage.

“What happened? She was fine just now?”

Ye Zichen watched Sun Yige run away in confusion, then he shrugged and got ready to leave.

Since Sun Yige had already left, there wasn’t anyone else that he knew there.

“Ye Zichen.”

Fu Chengming appeared in the backstage. Ye Zichen revealed an expression of speechlessness when he turned his head back and shrugged, “Young Master Fu, don’t you think that you’re childish? What are you doing? Do you still want to cause trouble for me here?”

“The school’s management told you to go up and sing a song,” Fu Chengming clenched his teeth.

Ye Zichen smiled in surprise, “Oh? What? Did this young master’s song conquer them?”

“Stop bullshitting, hurry up and go on the stage. They’re all waiting for you,” Fu Chengming snorted coldly.

Yet, Ye Zichen didn’t go onto the stage. Instead, he sat down on a chair, “I’m not going.”

“Ye Zichen, don’t not accept a favor.”

Fu Chengming was instantly mad. Everything he had planned in detail was to promote himself by stepping on Ye Zichen.

However, it’s great now, he picked up a boulder to smash his own feet.

He became someone else’s stepping stone.

Coming here in person to invite Ye Zichen was already at the limit of what he could endure, but the other person did not appreciate it.

Not going.

“Hehe, I’ve always been like this. Is this supposed to be the first day that Young Master Fu got to know me?” Ye Zichen smiled playfully, then took out a nail clipper to clip his nails.

Since there were people outside waiting for Ye Zichen to go on stage, Fu Chengming did not have that much time to waste.

“What do you want?”


Ye Zichen blew on his nails, then looked up with a smile, “How about… begging me?”

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