Chapter 699 Publicizing His Identity

Chapter 699 – Publicizing His Identity

“Foolishness, this is just foolishness!” Great Emperor Yonghe scolded, and cracked the jade tablet he was holding with the hand behind his back.

The situation was already out of his control. He needed backup.

Not long after that, the rest of the traitors all hurried over. When they saw the Fire Cloud Sect Master, who had been hacked in half, they felt their eyes twitch.

“The fire geezer’s dead.”

At the same time, the people they were fighting also hurried over.

Since the traitors had acted way too suddenly, many of the heavyweights of the Immortal Region were severely injured. Despite that, they still held on and continued to fight the traitors.

“You traitors!” the one who felt hurt the most was Lin Xiyi, the City Lord of the Hundred Flowers City. She clenched her fists tightly as she glared at the Xiao Yao, who stood calmly beside Yonghe, with bloodshot eyes.

“Think about how Zizhao and I treated you, as well as your family… You actually treated him so!?”

Tears flowed down from her eyes. Ye Zichen glanced over and saw that Zhao Zizhao had several rather apparent wounds on him. His face was also stark white, and was only standing through Lin Xiyi’s support.

The rest were in a similar state as they glared at the traitors in front of them.

Some of the traitors were even the ones that were closest to them.

“Wow, there’s plenty of you here. I can see that it was an organized crime,” Ye Zichen smiled, then looked towards Great Emperor Yonghe. “Are you trying to go for a last ditch fight by calling them all over?”

“No,” Great Emperor Yonghe shook his head, then looked up and called loudly. “Everyone’s here. Take us away.”

Someone’s there! Ye Zichen was shocked. He looked up and saw that someone had suddenly ripped through the subdimension. A huge mirage of a gigantic demon appeared and wrapped itself around Yonghe and the other traitors.

“Trying to leave? Don’t even think about it! Freeze!”

Ye Zichen used the Body-Freezing Technique.

The demonic figure suddenly stopped. Qiu Hai, who had come to rescue Yonghe and the rest was confused.

Why did it stop moving?

Since everything happened far too suddenly, he did not immediately use his divine energy to shatter the strange technique.

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen immediately hacked at the giant demon’s arm without any hesitation.

The sword sliced the demon’s arm off very cleanly. It howled loudly, but when Ye Zichen tried to slice it a second time…

It disappeared.

The gigantic demon disappeared. Great Emperor Yonghe and the other traitors also disappeared.

They ran away. Ye Zichen glanced at the crack in space. They should have left from here.

I didn’t expect the Body-Freezing Technique to hold them for long, but that was the complete and proper version of the technique.

I could actually freeze Luo Wei for more than a second. I didn’t expect it to be instantly dispelled when I used it on Qiu Hai’s avatar.

So it really was because of our difference in strength?

Ye Zichen looked down. The giant demon arm he chopped off was still there. He flew over, but when he touched the arm…

The humongous arm turned into the size of a normal person’s.

Qiu Hai’s?


At that moment, there was another fluctuation in the area.

Ye Zichen subconsciously gripped Xuan-Yuan Sword tightly, and spread out his spiritual consciousness. “Who is it!?”

“Little friend Ye, how have you been?” a loud chuckle sounded out in the air. Not long later, a middle-aged man wearing a white robe appeared.

His appearance caused many of the onlookers to mutter amongst themselves…

“Don’t you feel like he looks awfully familiar?”

“Yeah, he really does.”

“Wait, isn’t he the sacred land’s Flame Emperor?”

“Stop joking around, how could the Flame Emperor…” someone wanted to mock, but immediately stuttered. “He really does l-look like the F-Fl-Flame Emperor!”

“Flame Emperor? It really is the Flame Emperor!”

Just as the civilians were being surprised by the Flame Emperor’s appearance, an elder wearing clothes made out of animal skin.

“Congratulations for successfully reincarnating,” the elder couldn’t help but cup his hands as he walked in front of Ye Zichen.

“Suiren! That is Suiren!”


As more and more people appeared in the subdimension, they all walked in front of Ye Zichen, causing the onlookers to be completely confused.

These people were the ones who stood at the top of the sacred land of the Immortal Region. Civilians from the outer region would may only see them in several thousand or ten thousand years.

But… so many of them came.

“Why does Brother Ye know so many of them…” Ruan Qingtian was shocked. He never underestimated Ye Zichen, but he never expected Ye Zichen to know so many heavyweights.

“Brother Yellow Emperor, congratulations on your successful reincarnation,” Flame Emperor said sincerely.

“Ahh, I forgot there are others here,” Flame Emperor raised his hand to put up a sound barrier, but it was already too late.

The people around were no normal people, so they naturally heard Flame Emperor’s words.

Yellow Emperor.

Ye Zichen is the Yellow Emperor!

The onlookers couldn’t stay calm anymore, and those who have a good relationship with Ye Zichen like Zuo Mo, Ruan Qingtian and Xue Qi were completely dumbfounded.

“Kid Ye is a-actually…” Stone stuttered as he looked at Ye Zichen, who was surrounded by the higher ups of the Immortal Region. He reached out and yanked Xue Qi. “Did I hear it wrongly? Ye…”

“How would I know?” Xue Qi was confused as well. He could not imagine that he was actually acting like a brother to the Yellow Emperor.

The onlookers all gazed towards Ye Zichen with intent looks!

Yellow Emperor!

That was a person like a legend to them. Everybody in the Immortal Region grew up listening to stories of the Yellow Emperor.

“Alright, stop standing here like idiots,” at that moment, Great Emperor Qingming stood forth. “We were heavily injured by the traitors. This is just the beginning of our war with the demons, more severe problems lay ahead. You guys are all hurt, so hurry up and get yourselves treated.”

“Great Emperor,” someone in the crowds stood forth. Great Emperor Qingming looked towards the person before the person continued. “You are one of the greatest people in the Immortal Region. You should know a bit more. Is Master Ye… truly the Yellow Emperor?”

The other onlookers all looked over intently. Great Emperor Qingming gazed towards Ye Zichen, then nodded with a smile, “Yes.”

There was no point of hiding it any more. Instead of hiding it, it was better to just tell everyone and help improve their morale.

“He really is the Yellow Emperor!”

A lot of the people smiled when they heard the confirmation, and some even started to dance.

“He is the Yellow Emperor. Alright, you guys heard you want to. Now go and get yourselves treated. With the Yellow Emperor here, we will definitely achieve victory in our coming battle with the demons!”


The crowds cheered.

The Yellow Emperor!

That was who they believed in!

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