Chapter 698 The Law Appears

Chapter 698 – The Law Appears

As a powerful pressure appeared in the surroundings, the white-robed man, who was about to finish off Qiu Hai put his hand down, and smirked as he gazed into the sky.


With that, the space in the surroundings became even more twisted.

A pair of white hands appeared and tore a crack open in the space.

A swing appeared through the crack, and a young girl who looked to be in her early teens sat on top of the swing.

She had snow white hair and snow-like eyebrows. She was sitting expressionlessly on the swing, while swinging her white legs back and forth.

“I didn’t expect the Master of the Law of these Three Realms to be a loli,” the white-robed man couldn’t help but laugh.

The young girl raised her eyebrows and glanced indifferently at him with her pitch dark eyes, “I am the Law of the Three Realms, a formless existence. This body was only conjured up to see thee.”

“Then you really are a pervert,” the white-robed man stepped forward with a smile. “It really is an honor for me to see the Law descend. Did the Master of the Law come to kill me?”

“The Law cannot beest defied. The Law dictates that the strength used hither must beest limited to the Sky Supreme Level. Thou hath used the strength of a Monarch in this domain of mine, that is naturally a provocation. Coequal if 't be true thee art not of mine dimension, I will still punish thee.”


Qiu Hai felt his eyes twitch once more.

He is actually of the Monarch level above that of a Diviner!

Cold sweat flowed down his back like a river. I was actually mocking a Monarch level expert just an hour ago!

“That’s great,” the white-robed man smiled. He lifted his right hand, and a trident like the sea god avatar was holding appeared in his hand. “But what a shame. You will be the second Master of the Law who will die by my hand!”


Divine energy radiated out.

The white-robed man no longer paid attention to Qiu Hai. He didn’t dare to act carelessly against a Master of the law.

“The second? I see thou hast slain a Master of the Law ‘ere. That fool truly was useless to have died by the hands of a mortal,” the loli-like girl smiled.


The Master of the Law snapped her fingers, and the natural law in the area began to change…

A devastating bolt of lightning crashed down, raging winds began to soar, and rain poured down from a hole in the sky.

The raging winds were suffocating, the pouring rain was blinding,, and an intense pressure pressed down upon the white-robed man’s sea god avatar.

This is a good chance.

Qiu Hai, who was lying on the ground, shot towards Black Dragon. He reached out to grab Black Dragon by the scruff of the latter’s shirt, then began to run away without looking back.

“You want to leave?” the white-robed man reached towards Qiu Hai’s position with the avatar’s hand without any hesitation at a speed far quicker than Qiu Hai was running away.


Just as the hand was about to catch Qiu Hai, the hand hit an invisible barrier.

“Master of the Law, thank you for your help,” Qiu Hai bowed deeply towards the young girl.

“Leave,” she said expressionlessly.

Qiu Hai nodded, then raced off.

At the same time, the white-robed man’s expression turned cold. He glared at the young girl, “He isn’t someone who should be in these Three Realms either.”

“But he didn’t break the rules.”

Back in the subdimension’s battlefield.

Since Ye Zichen’s sword strike was way too fast, the Fire Cloud Sect Leader’s lifeforce did not disperse after he was chopped in half. As his two halves fell onto the ground, a look of confusion rose on his face.


He screamed out in his mind, but he was unable to utter any sound.

He could only silently feel his life force disperse and gaze grudgingly and helplessly at the young man standing in the gold pillar of light.

Am I going to die?

The thought surfaced in his mind. All of a sudden, long forgotten memories hidden in the depths of his soul seemed to play out in front of his eyes.

He thought back to a thousand years ago before he established the Fire Cloud Gate. He had friends back then. He did not have the ambition he does now. Back then, he was just like a normal person like any other in the Immortal Region…

He grew up listening to the stories of the Yellow Emperor. He admired the Yellow Emperor as his idol.

However… people will change.

A drop of tear flowed down the corner of his eyes and landed in the pool of blood.

This must be what it feels like to die.

But, for some reason, he wanted to laugh…

Perhaps, dying will be easier.

What’s more, at least I died by the hands of the person I admired for half my life.

The Fire Cloud Sect Master’s life force fully dispersed with that final thought.

Ye Zichen, who was holding the Xuan-Yuan Sword, looked indifferently at the Fire Cloud Sect Master, whose soul was dispersing, then cast his gaze over to Great Emperor Yonghe.

“Since you worked so hard for the Immortal Region for so many years, I can let you choose how you want to die!”

“I guess you have finally awoken as the reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor, right?”  Great Emperor Yonghe smiled calmly. However, he wasn’t actually feeling so calm.

The awakened reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor, and the complete Xuan-Yuan Sword…

Even if Ye Zichen had not yet absorbed everything the Yellow Emperor was capable of in the past, it would still be simple for him to squish Great Emperor Yonghe dead like a bug.

“You’ve got a problem with that?” Ye Zichen replied calmly.

“There must be a lot of terrible memories, right? For example, when you were forced into the cycle of samsara.”

The sharp edge of Xuan-Yuan Sword trembled slightly. Indeed, the moment he awakened, Ye Zichen found out about the truth behind the Yellow Emperor reincarnating.

Reincarnating so that the Immortal Region could have an Immortal King? That was bullshit.

Great Emperor Yonghe smirked when he noticed the change in Ye Zichen. “Ye Zichen, since you remembered your helplessness back then, then why fight for the Immortal Region? They are a bunch of hypocritical and self-righteous people. They chose to discard you when you were in danger. Did anyone say anything speak up for you? Even the big brother Suiren chose to stay silent.”

“Then what do you think I should do? Work with the Demon Realm and betray the Three Realms?” Ye Zichen couldn’t help but sneer.

“It isn’t betrayal. It is merely a choice for survival. It’s like how they chose to discard you back then for survival. Why not work with us? Although you had a grudge the demons in the past, the grudge should have washed away in time.”

“Work with us. The God Realm definitely noticed the Xuan-Yuan Sword drawn. Do you want the disaster from back then to repeat? It was already difficult for you to successfully reincarnate. Are you going to wait for the ones from the God Realm to descend and get forced into the cycle of samsara by them once again?” Great Emperor Yonghe said with sincerity.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but shake his head with a laugh, “Oh wow. Not bad! I was nearly convinced by you!”

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