Chapter 697 True Strength of the White-Robed Man

Chapter 697 – True Strength of the White-Robed Man

“Are you trying to drag me into it?” the Jade Emperor, who was dressed in a dragon robe, smiled helplessly. He glanced forward, then back onto his own fingers.

The atmosphere in the Cloudy Palace of the Golden Arches seemed to become rather suppressing with the Jade Emperor’s words.

“Ignoring everything else, my Heavenly Court is the realm with the most direct contact with the God Realm out of all three of the Lower Three Realms. You might not know what the situation in the God Realm is like, but I’ll tell you that the Heavenly Court is trying to survive in the middle of a storm.”

“Survive. Do you get it? As the ruler of the Heavenly Court, every word I say, every action I do, will directly affect how the Heavenly Court is going to be.”

“You’re asking me what I will do if those of the God Realm wants to deal with him!? What do you think I’ll do?”

The Jade Emperor had a solemn expression on his face. He rubbed his fingers and looked interrogatively at the black figure sitting in front of him. “I’m not like you. You can completely ignore the Underworld, but do you think I can do the same to the Heavenly Court?”

“What’s more, I never had too much contact with him. Why should I take that risk for him? I have endured everything for several tens of thousands of years. I am on the verge of going through everything safely. Don’t you find it ridiculous when you are suddenly telling me to take such risks?”

The Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heaven suddenly stood up from his chair. He couldn’t help but shake his head at the Jade Emperor. “So you’re determined not to do anything about it? Don’t be so much of an idealist. If that truly comes, do you think that you can really stay out of it?”

“At least that day hasn’t come yet,” the Jade Emperor was determined not to budge his stance on the matter.

The Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heaven nodded plainly, then snorted. “I thought you would have understood after so long. I guess I thought too much.”

With that, the Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens turned away.

The Jade Emperor smiled, “You’re not going to stay for a while?”

“There’s no need.”

Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens waved his arm and disappeared from the hall.

The Jade Emperor sighed, then looked forward, “Come in.”

The seals around the palace disappeared with the Jade Emperor’s words. The Seven Fairies also walked into the palace and curtseyed towards their father.

“Begin.” The Jade Emperor began watching his dancing daughters absent-mindedly with the plate of celestial fruits in his hand. Instead, he thought back to what the Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens had said to him.

At least we cannot tell whether my choice is right or not yet. The God Realm definitely sensed the unsheathing of Xuan-Yuan Sword. The Yellow Emperor did not succeed back then, and he is merely a reincarnation who has just awakened. What can he even do? What we should do now is pray for the God Realm to act slowly, and not attack a rock with an egg.

But… how is that possible? Great and mighty God Realm, am I right?

The Jade Emperor gazed up into the ceiling with a complex look in his eyes as if he was seeing through the ceiling and into the sky.

Ugh, he’s so annoying, like a piece of gum. The white-robed man was furious after sending Qiu Hai flying back by several dozen meters.

Qiu Hai’s strength greatly increased after his revival. He possessed a strength equal to at least a seventh rank Sky Supreme. However, the white-robed man would still only need a split second to deal with Qiu Hai if they were in the God Realm.

However, they were in the Lower Three Realms. The white-robed man did not dare to muster up too much divine energy since it would catch the attention of the people above.


A strange fluctuation appeared in the space around them. The white-robed man looked up and saw a blinding pillar of gold light that was quickly spreading out towards its surroundings.

Over there…

The white-robed man squinted his eyes, then felt his eye twitch.

Why is that brat so capable of causing trouble!?

Qiu Hai, Black Dragon and Qiu Yuan all felt the strange fluctuation. They stopped fighting and looked towards its origin.

This feels like… Could it be the number one primordial divine artifact… Qiu Hai was shocked.

The white-robed man’s expression darkened when he noticed Qiu Hai’s expression.

If it really is, then I have to report back to His Majesty! Qiu Hai ignored the white-robed man in front of him, and conjured up a spiritual formation filled with strange symbols.

“Don’t even think about it!” the white-robed man roared with an angry glare. The avatar of the sea god behind him began to solidify, while several marks appeared on its trident.

An even more powerful pressure was released from the white-robed man’s body.

Both Black Dragon and Qiu Yuan revealed painful expressions underneath the pressure as their bodies fell uncontrollably to the ground.

How is he so strong!?

Black Dragon felt his eyes twitch and his body tremble.

He didn’t want his body to tremble, but his body was already beyond his control. He was unable to deny the fear emerging from the depths of his consciousness under the pressure.

What is this feeling?

Qiu Hai, who was conjuring up the spiritual formation, couldn’t help but look back. At that moment, it finally saw the white-robed man’s face properly.

“How is this possible!?” Qiu Hai roared. That face….

“That spiritual formation… Are you trying to tell them about the news of Xuan-Yuan?” a calm, yet terrifyingly chilling tone sounded out from the white-robed man’s mouth as he stared at Qiu Hai with his ocean blue eyes.

No, those were not the eyes of a human.

The person in front of Qiu Hai was no longer human. Instead, he was a god… A god with a trident in his hand that looked down upon Qiu Hai as if he was looking at an insect.

Sweat flowed down Qiu Hai’s body, drenching his clothes.

The primordial demon avatar writhed on the ground, unable to resist at all, while its hammers were thrown to the side.

“The Law here cannot possibly allow you to use such power!” Qiu Hai scratched his head and roared in extreme terror. “Your face, your aura! Who are you!? You’re not someone who belongs in our dimension!”

“Law? Laws are made to be broken. What can the Law do in front of me?” the white-robed man spoke with disdain. The blue light shone out from the eyes of the humongous avatar behind him, and the surrounding space begun to crumble underneath the pressure.

The natural laws of the surroundings became twisted, while Qiu Hai noticed that his connection with the laws of nature seemed to disappear within the shattered space.

“Impossible! This is impossible! The Law cannot be defied! The Law will kill you. Your strength is above that of a Diviner! You can’t possible descend here with such strength. Impossible! This is impossible!” Qiu Hai shook his head and roared in anger. At the same time, he also tried to order his avatar to get up.

However, the avatar seemed to ignore him and continued to writhe on the ground.

“Oh?” the white-robed man pursed his lips.

“You can’t kill me. If you kill me, then the Demon Emperor will not let you go. He will kill you. The Law will kill you. The Law cannot tolerate anyone challenging it. You will die. You will DIE!”

“Is that so? Then I do want to see whether the Demon Emperor you’re talking about will take revenge for you. What’s more, the Law that you believe in so much will not act either.” With that, the sea god avatar behind the white-robed man thrust its trident towards Qiu Hai without any hesitation.

“Mortal, was it you who uttered my name?”

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