Chapter 696 Secret

Chapter 696 – Secret

The golden light from Xuan-Yuan Sword illuminated the entire subdimension, and people felt like they wanted to submit.

“What is this feeling?” Everyone fighting felt a moment of hesitation. The moment the golden light shot up into the air, for some reason, they all wanted to kneel onto the ground to display their submission.

City Lord Qiu, who brought Great Emperor Qingming to a safe location to heal, looked towards the source of the gold light…

“As expected of the Yellow Emperor.”

“Did he finally awaken?” Great Emperor Qingming’s eyes teared up. Before he had grown to power, he grew up listening to stories of the Yellow Emperor, but he has actually never seen the Yellow Emperor at the height of his glory.

He felt like that was his greatest regret… Until Ye Zichen appeared…

When Ye Zichen appeared, Great Emperor Qingming paid a lot of attention to him, and because Great Emperor knew some secrets of the Immortal Region, he had tried his best to protect the former.

Everything, was for this very day.

Great Emperor Qingming smiled in satisfaction and excitement, then his expression suddenly changed.

“What happened?” City Lord Qiu naturally noticed Great Emperor Qingming’s expression fill up with nervousness and fear.

“No, not now. It isn’t time yet…” Great Emperor Qingming struggled to get up, but City Lord Qiu pressed him down.

“You can’t afford to move around right now. It’s not time yet? What do you mean?”

“I said it’s not time yet! It’s not time yet! Hurry over to where Ye Zichen is! He’s in danger!”

Several Immortal Region heavyweights sat on top of straw cushions within an ancestral hall in the sacred land of the Immortal Region.


Suiren, the eldest one in the hall, suddenly revealed a shocked expression.

The shoulders of the Flame Emperor, who was dressed in white, trembled. “Brother Yellow Emperor!”

The Flame Emperor stood up, and powerful spiritual pressure radiated out from his body.

He glared at the other sin the hall with a chilling look, “I know some of you are getting ideas, but don’t try to do anything in front of me. Brother Yellow Emperor was forced into the cycle of samsara by some of you. That was because I wasn’t here! This time, I, Flame Emperor, will fight with my life on the line to take your life if you even dared to do anything to Brother Yellow Emperor.”

He locked onto everyone in the ancestral hall as he spoke, then slowly paced to the door.

The ancestral hall was silent.

After a while, Suiren finally spoke up, “Flame Emperor, you are overreacting. The incident back then has passed, so let us not mention it anymore. Brother Yellow Emperor awakening and drawing out Xuan-Yuan Sword will definitely cause a situation. Our primary concern right now is protecting Brother Yellow Emperor.”

“Heh, I think some people here must know whether I am overreacting or not.” Flame Emperor’s white robe fluttered as spiritual energy spiraled around him. He gazed at the other sin the hall and smiled indifferently. “Not doing anything to you for what happened back then was already my bottom line. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you. Don’t let me catch your tail.”

“Flame Emperor!” One person shouted out in the ancestral hall with a frown.

Flame Emperor merely glanced indifferently towards him and sneered, “Don’t let me catch you.”

With that, Flame Emperor disappeared in a flash of light.

“Brother Suiren, Flame Emperor was a bit too outrageous,” a person couldn’t help but swear after Flame Emperor left.

Suiren merely looked indifferently towards the people who had grown angry and snorted, “You know very clearly why Flame Emperor acted so. I will say it here as well, since the Yellow Emperor’s nine reincarnated lives has passed, and he reincarnated as you wished back then, if any of you dare to cause trouble for him, then these old bones will… Heh.”

The meaning behind Suiren’s cold snort was clear.

Yet, the reactions weren’t only felt in the Immortal Region.

The Heavenly Court and the Underworld also sensed the appearance of the aura.

“As expected of Brother Yellow Emperor, nine reincarnated lives are so dangerous, yet he still succeeded,” the Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens shook his head with a soft smile. “Now this is getting interesting. It was the Demon Realm’s previous attacks that caused Brother Yellow Emperor to end up in this situation. This time… Alas, such is fate!”

At the same time, the Jade Emperor, who was getting well known as a foolish ruler, also smile softly. It was a smile that did not suit how he was acting at all.

“That little kid actually succeeded? He’s sure lucky. If I wasn’t enough, then it must be that little fellow. Interesting. Very interesting!” Then, he shook his head, picked up another celestial fruit and took a bite. “Who cares. Call the Seven Fairies over to dance for me!”

As the guards of the Cloudy Palace of the Golden Arches went to summon the Seven Fairies, there was a special fluctuation within the palace itself.

“You actually spent the effort to come over here?” The Jade Emperor did not appear to be indulging himself at all.  Instead, both his tone and expression seemed to show extraordinary wisdom.

“Do you think I actually want to come here?” a black figure appeared. It was the Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens.

“You came for him?” the Jade Emperor asked casually. “I can guess why you came. I don’t hold any hostility towards him. We are each the strongest of one of the Three Realms. I won’t deny my ambitions, but I also know that those people up there… Are not easy to deal with.”

“You’re smart!” Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens chuckled.

Jade Emperor squinted his eyes with a shrug, “Let’s not talk about all that. We haven’t met for ten thousand years. How about staying here and watching my daughters dance? They do dance rather well after all.”

“Your act of indulgence does seem rather realistic.”

“I can’t help it, I’ll lose my life if I draw too much attention. Both you and I know very well why he ended up reincarnating,” the Jade Emperor crossed his legs like a rascal and said with a spoke with a hint of disdain. “He ended up like that because he was shining too brightly. But he is rather pitiful, he did everything for the Immortal Region, but those little ones in the Immortal Region forced him into the cycle of samsara.”

“Heh, they’re just a despicable bunch,” Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens snorted coldly.

Jade Emperor shot up from his sea as if someone had stepped on his tail and quickly formed incantation gestures with his hands to prevent others from detecting what was going on in the palace. “Do you want to die? Even if you do, don’t drag me with you. This is my turf. What if those people up there hear you!?”

“Just look at how scared you are,” Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens mocked, but did not say anything else about the people up there.

He understood very well. The people of the Lower Three Realms…

Were just a bunch of pets being raised by those people above.

“But I’ve got to say, your Heavenly Court did get some talented people. When Brother Yellow Emperor brings out the ley line , you do have a group of people who can go up with you.”

“Perhaps,” A hint of yearning appeared in the Jade Emperor’s eyes. “I’ve stayed here for too long. It’s about time for me to take a look up there.”

“But before that, I do have a question to ask you,” Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heaven suddenly quieted down and asked a lot more seriously. “If the people from up there wants to do something to him, then… will you lend a hand?”

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