Chapter 695 King!

Chapter 695 – King!

A person acting arrogantly needed to have the strength to back it up!

Ye Zichen looked forward indifferently at the Fire Cloud Sect Master, who was shocked, while his own aura had become a lot sharper.

Purely from their cultivation levels, Ye Zichen was truly weak. Everyone around where heavyweights in the Three Realms, and all of them were of the complete stage Sky Immortal level.

Ye Zichen’s mid stage Sky Immortal level was not of much use at all in their minds.

However, cultivation levels were not everything, and treasures could be used to make up for their difference.

No matter what, Ye Zichen was someone who has learnt pretty much all of the Heavenly Court’s supportive skills, so he was not afraid of the Fire Cloud Sect Master at all.

“Fire Geezer, are you sure you want to face him alone?” Great Emperor Yonghe asked plainly.

“He just caught me off guard just now. I don’t need your help to deal with a shitty brat,” the Fire Cloud Sect Master squinted his eyes and snorted coldly.

Yonghe nodded, then took a step back. He was already able to identify some of Ye Zichen’s weaknesses, but his relationship with the Fire Cloud Sect Master was merely because of the current situation.

He really couldn’t care less about whether the Fire Cloud Sect Master died or not.

In fact, it might even be beneficial for him if the Fire Cloud Sect Master died here.

“I don’t mind you asking for help if you aren’t sure,” Ye Zichen dragged the blood scythe along as he looked indifferently at the Fire Cloud Sect Master.

Both he and the Fire Cloud Sect Master were surrounded by a red aura, but…

The Fire Cloud Sect Master’s aura was of fire, while Ye Zichen’s was plentiful blood energy.

“You have a sharp mouth. I hope you can still speak like that later.”


A wave of fire soared forth from the Fire Cloud Sect Master’s hands.

Ye Zichen squinted his eyes, stabbed his scythe into the ground and quickly formed incantation gestures with his hands.

The blood energy around him surged instantly and formed a barrier with strange sigils flowing around it.

“You’re embarrassing yourself with just that? If you give up now, then I just might spare your shitty life!” Ye Zichen indifferently in front of him.

No matter how strong the Fire Cloud Sect Master’s flames were, it was unable to do anything against Ye Zichen’s barrier.

The Fire Cloud Sect Master’s expression darkened and frowned as he looked carefully at the blood energy around him. This brat shouldn’t be able to block off my flames with his level of strength. It should be due to the blood energy around him.

I have cultivated for more than a thousand years and read plenty of secret manuals in the Immortal Region. But I’ve never heard of anyone cultivating using blood energy. I have to be cautious, yet, since it is blood energy, it should be limited. No matter how much of blood energy he has, he shouldn’t be able to maintain the barrier forever.

The Fire Cloud Sect Master nodded slightly, then decided on what to do.

He will drag the fight on.

Since he wasn’t sure of what the blood energy could do, then he would just wait until it disperses. The barrier may be strong, he never actually saw Ye Zichen’s attacks.

He was certain that Ye Zichen’s defense was practically indestructible, but at the same time, Ye Zichen should not be able to hurt him due to their difference in strength.

Thinking that, he stopped worrying. He was certain that Ye Zichen was the one who should be feeling anxious.

What should I do?

Ye Zichen’s eyebrows locked tightly together within the barrier. It was exactly as the Fire Cloud Sect Master had thought. He could defend against the flames, but he was unable to actually threaten the Fire Cloud Sect Master at all.

As the blood energy was consumed within his body, he knew that he would be the one who would lose if the situation continues.


Ye Zichen silently touched the phone in his pocket.

Xuan-Yuan Sword!

He did not draw out Xuan-Yuan Sword ever since the white-robed man had returned the sword to him. However, the white-robed man had reminded him time and time again that he should only draw it out in the sacred land of the Immortal Region, or else the people from the God Realm will take notice of it.


Ye Zichen heard a soft creak and saw a crack in his barrier. His scythe on the ground also seemed to dim a little.

“Brat, you can’t hold on anymore, right?” the Fire Cloud Sect Master sneered, but if one was to observe carefully, his flames seemed to began to waver as well.

“I can’t hold on anymore, but aren’t you the same?”

Blood energy may run out, but spiritual energy was the same.

“Heh, the same?” the Fire Cloud Sect Master’s gaze turned sharper. He reached down and took out a fiery red pill.

Even Great Emperor Yonghe’s eyes twitched when he saw it.

Quenching Pill.

It was a pill unique to the Fire Cloud Gate, and only people at the status of an elder or above could have one.

It was an extremely costly pill to manufacture. After consumption, it was able to increase the purity of the user’s flames and strengthen the user by thirty percent.

However, after the effects wear off, the user’s meridians would break, and his strength would be reduced greatly even after he recovers.

It was a pill that people would only use when facing a fatal threat that they could not deal with.


From the looks of it, it did not seem like Ye Zichen could pose any threat to the Fire Cloud Sect Master.

At that very moment, Great Emperor Yonghe saw the Fire Cloud Sect Master’s eyes. They were bloodshot and filled with rage.

Just what sort of vendetta is there between them? But so what if he takes the pill? It’s none of my business!

Great Emperor Yonghe smiled, then continued to watch the show.

The flames around the Fire Cloud Sect Master shot up into the air and seemed like they would burn the world asunder.

“Die!” the Fire Cloud Sect Mater shouted as the fire from him turned into a fire dragon and tore at Ye Zichen’s barrier.




The crack on the barrier became larger and larger. Soon, the entire barrier became covered in cracks.


The barrier shattered.

Ye Zichen coughed up a mouthful of blood. Although it was merely the barrier that shattered, it had hurt him mentally.

His crimson scythe also turned into a sliver of crimson blood energy and dispersed in the air. Ye Zichen kneeled down on the ground on one knee and stared at the howling fire dragon racing towards him.

“Haha. Die. DIE!” the Fire Cloud Sect Master laughed maniacally.

As Ye Zichen watched the fire dragon move towards him…

“Sorry,” Ye Zichen muttered softly. Then, a pillar of golden light shot through the sky.




All beings in the world couldn’t help but want to submit in face of the pillar of light!

A king cannot be defied!


A ray of light blew the fire dragon into two like a lightning, sending it flying back behind the Fire Cloud Sect Master.

The fire dragon let out a final wailed and disappeared.

At the same time…


The Fire Cloud Sect Master, who still have a melancholic look on the face, fell onto the ground with his eyes wide open.

“Great Emperor Yonghe, it’s your turn now!” Ye Zichen’s voice rang out in the pillar of golden light like the call of the abyss. It was deep, dark, and undefiable!

At that very moment, Ye Zichen was king.

A king like the Yellow Emperor of the past!

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