Chapter 694 Arrogance!

Chapter 694 – Arrogance!

So we still have to fight in the end.

Ye Zichen let out a long silent sigh.

The strongest fighting forces in the subdimension are only the ones from the Immortal Region. However, Great Emperor Qingming has already been heavily injured, and the various experts and city lords of the outer region of the Immortal Region are probably preoccupied, so they can’t spare any effort to come over here to help us.

Ye Zichen originally thought that he could scare his enemies using the white-robed man. However, his enemies were no fool. They were not scared away by his simple words.

“Are you certain? If you truly wish to fight us, then there is no turning back,” Ye Zichen’s gaze gradually turned cold as well. Blood energy surged up from his body and a crimson scythe appeared behind his back.

“Yonghe, you still have a chance to right your wrongs if you stop now!” Great Emperor Qingming roared.

“There’s no need to speak anymore, we never thought about turning back the moment we decided to turn our backs on the Three Realms,” Yonghe’s pea-sized eyes shimmered. He squinted his eyes and swept his gaze over Great Emperor Qingming and Ye Zichen like a poisonous snake. “Don’t worry, I won’t kill the two of you. You’re more useful to me alive.”

With that, Great Emperor Qingming’s aura gradually rose to its peak.

Great Emperor Qingming grit his teeth. Then, he made up his mind and stepped forward. However, Ye Zichen pulled him back.

He looked at Ye Zichen in confusion. From his perspective, he was the only one who could actually face Yonghe. Although he was heavily injured, Yonghe would definitely not be in good shape if he fights with his life on the line.

“Go and tend to your wounds. Leave this to me,” the aura around Ye Zichen became sharper. He forcefully dragged Qingming over to where City Lord Qiu’s side sat. “Take Great Emperor Qingming to get treated. The other city lords are probably in bad situations as well. Go and help them.”

“I can’t accept that!” Great Emperor Qingming frowned. He could sense Ye Zichen’s strength. Facing Yonghe and the Fire Cloud Sect Master was just hitting a rock with an egg.

“Take him away!”

“Understood,” Although City Lord Qiu knew that he was stronger, and that him staying around was better, for some reason, he felt as if Ye Zichen was far stronger than him when he sensed the current changes in Ye Zichen’s aura.

Ye Zichen is merely of the mid-stage Sky Immortal level. How could he make me feel that way?

He took one last long look at Ye Zichen, then carried Great Emperor Qingming on his shoulders.

“You want to face the two of us alone?” Yonghe mocked Ye Zichen with a shake of his head. “Young man, should I say that you’re fearless, or should I say you’re foolish?”

“I’m not that arrogant. If you want, then you can face me one on one. Of course, you can also come at me together if you’re scared,” Ye Zichen ignored Yonhe’s mockery and smiled. He reached behind him and grasped the blood energy scythe. He pointed the scythe towards his two enemies and hook his fingers. “Come.”


With that, a gust of raging wounds blew past them.

Ye Zichen stood in front of Great Emperor Yonghe and the Fire Cloud Sect Master with the crimson scythe in his hand.

“Such arrogance. One hit is more than enough for me to deal with you!” the Fire Cloud Sect Master shouted, then flapped his hands.

The temperature in the surroundings turned hotter, and a ball of searing flames surged towards Ye Zichen.

He had a grudge against Ye Zichen from the beginning, so he did not hold back at all.

Yet, Ye Zichen didn’t even blink. He merely watched silently as the fire approached him.

“What is Ye Zichen thinking!?” Great Emperor Qingming exclaimed. He was truly worried about Ye Zichen, so he made City Lord Qiu stop in his tracks. “The fire geezer already cultivated his fire attribute spiritual energy to the max. Even complete stage Sky Immortal experts don’t dare to take his flames head=on.”

“He is the reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor. You are one of the Great Emperors of the sacred land of the Immortal Region, do you have no faith in the Yellow Emperor’s strength?” City Lord Qiu smiled. His impression of Ye Zichen changed greatly after finding out that Ye Zichen was the Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation.

He grew up listening to the Yellow Emperor’s tales. He was certain that the Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation was definitely spectacular in some ways.

What’s more, the aura just now…

“I definitely wouldn’t be worried if he was the Yellow Emperor, but…” Great Emperor Qingming hesitated.

City Lord Qiu shook his head with a smile, “He’ll definitely be fine. He is the Yellow Emperor.”


The wave of flames engulfed Ye Zichen in a split second. The sparks shot up into the sky, dying the night orange.

“Ye Zichen!” Great Emperor Qingming shouted.

City Lord Qiu also frowned, but he didn’t shout and merely worried about Ye Zichen’s safety silently.

As the fire burned with dense smoke, the Fire Cloud Sect Master took a glance at the flames, then turned around with a shake of his head. “Most people who speak arrogantly are weak. Great Emperor Yonghe, let’s go and clear up the battlefield elsewhere.”

“Is this all there is to the sect master of the Fire Cloud Gate, which leads the six gates?” A figure in a silver armor and carrying a huge scythe on his shoulders walked out of the flames.

Great Emperor Qingming revealed a look of joy, while City Lord Qiu relaxed his eyebrows with a smile. “You see that? He is the Yellow Emperor, the real leader of our Immortal Region. Alright, stop watching there. It’ll be fine with little friend Ye here. Let’s hurry up and deal with the others. We can’t let these traitors go!”

With that, City Lord Qiu’s expression darkened.

The Qiu Family has always lived and died for the land. They detested people like these traitors.

“Fire Cloud Sect Master, if this is all you’ve got, then you might as well just give up.”

Ye Zichen’s figure became clearer and clearer, until… the searing flames were all sucked into his scythe.

So this weapon can absorb fire.

Ye Zichen silently gasped. The reason he didn’t dodge the fire was because he wanted to see just how strong the Fire Cloud Sect Master was.

He did not actually know that his scythe could absorb fire. He merely wanted to try and take the attack head-on with his divine artifact armor and his ‘maxed out’ Unbreakable Body.

He did not expect such a pleasant surprise at all.

The Fire Cloud Sect Master looked at Ye Zichen, who looked down at him, in shock. “Impossible!”

“Nothing’s impossible,” Ye Zichen shrugged, then stretched lazily. “Your fire was quite painful just now. But don’t say that I’m bullying you anymore, I already let you have a free hit. It’s my turn now.”

With that, Ye Zichen stepped forward with a cold look in his eyes. “Die!”

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