Chapter 693 Mental Warfare

Chapter 693 – Mental Warfare

Ye Zichen summoned the Swirling Flash Plate the moment he entered the subdimension, and also applied a layer of blood energy on top of it.

It was not the time to hide anything anymore. The sub dimension was facing a revolt. He might die if he was not careful.

And the smoke and chaos he saw only caused him to be more careful…

The first thing City Lord Qiu did was bring Great Emperor Qingming beside them and stuff a pill into the latter’s mouth.

“You guys hid pretty well,” Ye Zichen smirked. He was covered from head to toe in the Swirling Flash Plate, and only revealed a pair of bright eyes that stared at his foes.

Yonghe was still rather wary about Ye Zichen’s appearance. However, he was not wary of Ye Zichen. He was wary of the white-robed man who had been with Ye Zichen the entire time.

Yonghe carefully looked around and frowned.

Since Ye Zichen has come back, why didn’t I hear anything from Black Dragon?

He touched the jade tablet in his pocket. It had not shattered yet, meaning that Black Dragon was still safe. Yet, even so… Why is Ye Zichen here?

“Great Emperor Yonghe, what’s going on?” the Fire Cloud Sect Master had a worried look on his face. He knew just how terrifyingly strong the white-robed man was. A person who could create a sub dimension in the Three Realms had to be at least at the Immortal King level.

If that man returns, then we’ll all die.

Yonghe shook his head lightly and merely looked around tensely.

Ye Zichen naturally noticed his nervousness. He also understood that they were being wary of the white-robed man.

“Ye Zichen, since you’re back, Sir has come back as well, right?” Great Emperor Qingming had recovered a little after consuming the pill.

Ye Zichen didn’t answer his question, and merely asked, “Where is Heavenly King Li, God of Thunder and Xie Bi’an? Why don’t I see them around?”

“They went back after you and Sir left,” Great Emperor Qingming replied.


Ye Zichen clenched his teeth. Going back right now instead of any other time? Isn’t this just causing trouble for me?

Great Emperor Qingming noticed the change in Ye Zichen’s expression as well. He opened his eyes wide, “Did…”

“Haha, it looks like that white-robed person didn’t return with you,” at that moment, Great Emperor Yonghe let out a maniacal laughter. He had already searched through the surrounding space, but did not notice the white-robed man.

Of course, Yonghe couldn’t detect that level of existence if the latter didn’t want him to.

However, the white-robed man did not appear yet.

Yonghe and co. were clearly traitors already!

But the white-robed man did not appear to act as the judge, jury, and executioner. Since only Ye Zichen and City Lord Qiu appeared… and the jade tablet didn’t shatter…

Then it’s obvious. The white-robed man was being held back…

He can’t come over!

“Sir really didn’t come back with you?” Great Emperor Qingming’s expression drastically changed.

Ye Zichen nodded, “A small issue came up, so he’s tied down for now.”

“Damnit!” Great Emperor Qingming gritted his teeth and roared angrily.

Yonghe laughed even more maniacally. “Since the guy in white can’t come back, then did you two come to die?”

The Fire Cloud Sect Master also stopped worrying and sneered, “Ye Zichen, I do have a lot of grudges I have to get even for.”

“Don’t get too full of yourselves. Since City Lord Qiu and I could come back, then he will naturally return shortly. How long do you even think Black Dragon can hold him down for?” Ye Zichen smiled.

The Fire Cloud Sect Master’s expression turned strange.

However, Yonghe snorted, “Stop pretending. The sweat in your palms already gave you away.”

When Ye Zichen quickly pulled his hands back into his sleeves, Yonghe laughed coldly, “The situation over there should be rather complicated, right? Trying to scare us? You’re too naïve.”

“Great Emperor Yonghe is right,” the Fire Cloud Sect Master agreed.

“I wonder who is the one pretending here?” Ye Zichen put up a calm smile. “You aren’t that confident either, are you? You are wondering whether Black Dragon can actually hold him back, right?”

Yonghe’s expression stiffened a little. His mouth moved, but wasn’t unable to utter a single word for a while as he looked silently at Ye Zichen. I didn’t expect this child to be so hard to deal with. I can’t deduce any useful information from his expression. The white-robed man is a bit too powerful, I have no idea how long Black Dragon can tie him down for. If the white-robed man is hurrying back now, then should we retreat?

Ye Zichen’s mental warfare did have some effect, and it caused Yonghe to be unsure of what to do.

“I advise you to just surrender now. Since you have contributed a lot to the Three Realms before, he might let you live when he returns,” Ye Zichen said with more confidence. He clearly understood just how wary his enemies were of the white-robed man.

Since Ye Zichen didn’t have anyone by his side right now, the only thing he could do was attack them mentally and buy time until the white-robed man returns.

“You make it sound so simple. Do you think we can stop right now?” Great Emperor Yonghe pursed his lips as he listened to the explosions in the surroundings. “Even if he lets us off, the people of the Immortal Region will not. We have no way out now.”

“How could that be? You should know who I am. I am the reincarnation of the yellow Emperor, the people of the Immortal Region will give me a little bit of face. As long as you stop now, I can ask for mercy on your behalf and ask them to let you live!” Ye Zichen was very nervous.

He could sense that Yonghe was about to give it a shot anyways. And Ye Zichen knew that the situation will become very dire when Yonghe does.

“Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation, do you really think you are the Yellow Emperor of the past!? Even the Yellow Emperor was forced to reincarnate because of them back then. Brat, you think too highly of the Immortal Region!” Yonghe gripped his fists tightly and roared. “We have no other choice now. We already lost all other options when we chose this path. The white-robed man might be scary, but at least he has not yet returned!”

Spiritual pressure begun to radiate out from Great Emperor Yonghe. The Fire Cloud Sect Leader also snorted. “Great Emperor Yonghe is right, we have no other choice. The white-robed man is strong, and I will die when he returns, but before that… At least I can rip you apart, brat!”

“Going down the path of no return like that is not going to end well,” Ye Zichen forced himself to keep a calm smile, but his heart began to race.

The Fire Cloud Sect Master stepped forward and a roasting heat wave soared forth. “No return? I’ll rip you apart until there’s no return!”

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