Chapter 692 - Revolts

Chapter 692 - Revolts

The lights were completely lit in a simple wooden room.

Great Emperor Qingming, who was wearing plain clothes, was holding an ancient book as he read on and occasionally let out loud sounds of laughter.


Great Emperor Qingming put the book in his hand aside when he heard the door open. He looked over and smiled.

“Yonghe, what brings you here?”

The stout Yonghe was frowning, and Great Emperor Qingming could see the worry look on his face, “I have been thinking about something since last night and am still worried.”

“What’s there to worry about?” Qingming smiled as Yonghe entered. He prepared a pot of tea and smiled. “I know what you’re worried about, the demons are attacking fiercely, but we’ll be fine with Sire here.”

Great Emperor Qingming handed Great Emperor Yonghe a steaming hot cup of tea.

“I’m not worried about the demons,” Yonghe shook his head with a dark look and pushed the cup of tea back towards Qingming.

“Then what’s there to worry about? Big Boss Suiren’s guarding the sacred land of the Immortal Region, so that’ll be fine unless the demons launch a full-scale attack on the sacred land, and we won’t possibly let that happen.”

“That’s not what I’m worried about. I’m worried about…” Yonghe replied indifferently, then his expression drastically changed. He gathered spiritual energy in his palm and struck Qingming’s chest. “I’m worried about how to deal with you.”

Great Emperor Yonghe’s attack caught Great Emperor Qingming completely off-guard. The two were more or less equal to one another, but the sudden palm strike caused Great Emperor Qingming to be sent back flying, and crashing through the wooden house as he coughed up blood.

“Yonghe, you…”

The palm strike had sealed Qingming’s spiritual energy. At that moment, he was no different from a normal person.

In there had to be any difference, it would be that he was a like heavily wounded normal person.

Great Emperor Qingming looked at Great Emperor Yonghe in confusion as he laid on the ground.

Yonghe walked closer towards him with a smirk on his face, “I had always thought you to be a bright person, I didn’t think that… Qingming, let me tell it to you straight. I’m working with the demons.”

“Yonghe, you traitor!” Great Emperor Qingming’s eyes filled up with blood. The white-robed man had reminded him many times to be careful of Great Emperor Yonghe. However, their bond as the emperors caused him to unable to feel wary towards Yonghe at all.

Until now…

“You traitor!” a heart-wrenching shriek filled the air. But it was merely a fool’s scream in Great Emperor Yonghe’s eyes.

He shook his head as he watched Great Emperor Qingming to struggle to get up.

“Great Emperor, why are you injured!?” a frantic call sounded out from afar.

“Hurry, Yonghe is a traitor to the Immortal Region. Kill him!” Great Emperor Qingming roared out.

Yet, when he saw the owner of the voice…

He saw that the only of the voice had the head of an elder in his hand. The dead elder’s eyes were opened wide, it was clear that the elder did not expect his killer would suddenly kill him.

“Great Emperor, are you alright?” The newcomer was an elder in a red robe. He bent down with a slightly worried expression that seemed to radiate mockery as he looked down at Great Emperor Qingming. “Say, how did you get injured so gravely? With you injured? Who’s going to stop us?”


“Murder!” Civilians scuttled away frantically after a huge explosion. The explosion seemed like a trigger as more traces of battle appeared all over the subdimension.

“You guys…” Great Emperor Qingming looked at Great Emperor Yonghe in shock as surprised screams sounded out in their surroundings.

The Fire Cloud Sect Master and Great Emperor Yonghe looked at each other.

Then, the former chuckled, “It seems like you succeeded. Didn’t you just say that it’d be difficult?”

“I didn’t think it’ll go so successfully either,” Great Emperor Yonghe shrugged. “What’s with this? Didn’t you say that you can convince him to join us?”

“Him?” the Fire Cloud Sect Master threw the head of the elder in his hand to the ground and snorted. “A true fool. I thought he would be the same kind of person as me. I didn’t expect him to be rather loyal to the Immortal Region.”

“The Immortal Region doesn’t lack these foolishly loyal people,” Great Emperor Yonghe laughed coldly in mockery.

Great Emperor Qingming was going unconscious, but he still roared loudly with all his might. “You traitors! Traitors!”

“Great Emperor, that’s not right,” the Fire Cloud Sect Master shrugged. “We are merely choosing a suitable chance to choose a suitable partner and manner of living. We don’t have faith in this alliance, so we naturally have to find better partners to live on.”

“Traitors. You traitors!”

“You’re so damn annoying. Great Emperor Yonghe, hurry up and finish him. Don’t tell me that you can’t do it. If you can’t, then I can totally do it for you,” the Fire Cloud Sect Master rubbed his hands in anticipation.


“What’s this? Could the high and mighty Great Emperor Qingming be afraid of death?” the Fire Cloud Sect Master laughed hysterically.

“I merely regret not listening to Sir’s words!” Great Emperor Qingming gritted his teeth.

The Fire Cloud Sect Master twitched his mouth and turned towards Yonghe, “These self-righteous people are so annoying.”

“You’re right,” Great Emperor Yonghe shrugged. “You look quite interested in killing him yourself. I will give you the chance.”

“Thank you, Great Emperor Yonghe,” the Fire Cloud Sect Master cupped his hands, then licked his lips and turned to Great Emperor Qingming. “A great emperor of the Immortal Region is a being just below that of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors. But I am a famous killer of the Immortal Region. It’s no loss for you to die in my hands! But of course, if you beg me…”

“Great on!” Great Emperor Qingming glared at the Fire Cloud Sect Master. If he could still use his spiritual energy, then he would definitely kill the two traitors even if it cost him his life.

“Then alright,” the Fire Cloud Sect Master let out a soft sigh as the area around him begun to glow orange. “Don’t hate me. I was still foolishly loyal towards the Immortal Region just a few days ago as well.”

Great Emperor Qingming didn’t even blink as the fire red palm begun to press down towards his forehead. He merely stared at the two people in front of him. “Traitors! Traitors!”

“Die,” the Fire Cloud Sect Master pressed his palm down quicker. Just as the fiery red aura was about to consume Great Emperor Qingming, two blood red daggers suddenly shot out towards them.

“Who is it!?” Even Great Emperor Yonghe couldn’t help but tense up and looked around.

Not long later, two figures broke through the air. “It looks like we made it in time.”

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