Chapter 691 Qiu Yuan makes a move

Chapter 691 – Qiu Yuan makes a move

If the Black Dragon was facing the white-robed man, the latter might even be able to kill him with a sneeze. However, since the white-robed man was facing Qiu Hai, Black Dragon has now become the most problematic figure around.

“Where are you hurrying off to? Are you trying to go back to your base? Don’t head over, my people have already conquered the place, what can you even do if you manage to return?” Black Dragon smiled faintly as he stared at Ye Zichen, as if he was afraid Ye Zichen would disappear in front of his eyes.

I won’t let the Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation run away!

The ley line was hidden by the Yellow Emperor before he entered the cycle of samsara. In several thousand years, nobody was able to find where it was. If there was still anyone who knew where it was located, then it could only be the Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation.

I have to find the ley line!

I have to!

Ye Zichen’s expression grew dark as well. The situation was dire.

The white-robed man was stopped by Qiu Hai from helping us, and I don’t think I can match Black Dragon. What’s more, we don’t know the situation at the base…

“What do you want?”

“What do I want?” Black Dragon raised his eyebrows with a smile. “My goal has always been clear. I just want to ask the Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation to become an esteemed guest of the Demon Realm and tell me the location of the ley line. That is all.”

“I really don’t know where the ley line is,” Ye Zichen answered expressionlessly, while trouble filled his heart.

He had heard the news of the Yellow Emperor hiding the ley line. However, even though he was the Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation, he never inherited anything about the ley line from his past life.

Or rather, all he inherited was Xuan-Yuan Sword.

Nothing else!

Wait, Xuan-Yuan Sword!

All of a sudden, Ye Zichen saw hope. He had not drawn out Xuan-Yuan Sword even since he white-robed man returned it.

He told me to draw it out in the Immortal Region, but everything that has happened made it impossible for me to do that.

Even though I might attract the attention of those people in the God Realm if I draw it out now…

Right now…

Never mind, I’ll endure it for now. I won’t draw Xuan-Yuan Sword unless absolutely necessary.

“You still don’t want to say it? Do you really think that I won’t kill you?” Black Dragon’s expression darkened. He had to get the location of the ley line. He was very displeased about Ye Zichen getting in his way multiple times, and his patience had already run out. “Ye Zichen, don’t say that I didn’t give you any chances. I will ask you one final time. Are you going to say where the ley line is or not!?”

It was clear from his tone that he was truly angry.

The spiritual energy in the surroundings seemed to gather towards Black Dragon. Ye Zichen felt troubled by the pressure.

“Master Ye, I’ll stop him for you. Hurry back!” City Lord Qiu tried his best to muster the spiritual energy in the surroundings. However, Ye Zichen knew that City Lord Qiu facing Black Dragon was like hitting a stone with an egg. It was just asking for death.

Ye Zichen shook his head, then touched the phone in his pocket. “I will also reply one final time. I don’t know where the ley line is.”

Ye Zichen already decided. If Black Dragon was going to attack, then he would draw out Xuan-Yuan Sword. Even if it might catch the attention of those people in the God Realm, but so what.

“Fine. If you want to die, then I’ll grant death to you!”


Black Dragon pushed off against the ground and reached his hand towards Ye Zichen’s head. During so, Black Dragon already completely locked onto Ye Zichen, so the latter wasn’t able to dodge at all.

Xuan-Yuan Sword, don’t disappoint me. Ye Zichen took a deep breath and took out his phone.

At that very moment, a green light shot in front of him and collided with Black Dragon.

“Do you think I don’t exist?” the newcomer sneered.

Ye Zichen looked up in surprise, then saw Qiu Yuan fully armed in his armor and both swords in his hand.

“Qiu Yuan,” Ye Zichen smiled in surprise.

Qiu Yuan nodded towards him, “Don’t think too much into it. I’m not getting involved, but he wants to bully my dad. I think he’s also the boss of those guys who broke my toys. I have to get even.”

With that, Qiu Yuan turned to glare at Black Dragon.

Black Dragon also smiled when he saw Qiu Yuan. He already sensed Qiu Yuan’s existence when he arrived, but they never met. That’s why Black Dragon was always acting slightly warily, since he was afraid that the person he sensed would suddenly attack him from the shadows.

Now that Qiu Yuan showed himself and was going to clash with him head on…

It was the best news for Black Dragon.

“So you’re the lucky child who inherited everything from a master of the God Realm. A first ranked Immortal King. Zeze, are you sure that you can deal with me?” Black Dragon pursed his lips.

Qiu Yuan smirked, “I don’t dare. I hope I can take three hundred hits from you.”


“The fight over there will end in three hundred blows, maximum. Then, the guy in white will naturally come and deal with you himself.”

“Hah, I’ll take your life in less than that!” Black Dragon attacked without any hesitation.

Qiu Yuan locked his eyebrows and prepared for combat, while also shouted towards Ye Zichen and his father. “Go, you’re not needed here!”

“Be careful,” Ye Zichen nodded.

City Lord Qiu couldn’t help but grit his teeth. “Lil’ Yuan, be careful. I… only have you left.”

Qiu Yuan paused for a moment. Then he nodded with a grit of his teeth when he saw City Lord Qiu’s watery eyes. “Don’t’ worry. I’ll definitely take care of you when you’re old.”

With that, he combined his twin swords into a broadsword that seemed to light the surrounding area with a pale green aura before he charged towards Black Dragon.

The two pairs of foes clashed repeatedly in the surroundings, and even the smallest of residual shocks ruined Pool City.

Ye Zichen took a last glance at the white-robed man and Qiu Yuan, then turned to City Lord Qiu.

Also, City Lord Qiu had always said that he didn’t care, when Qiu Yuan was truly in a life or death situation, City Lord Qiu’s image as a strict father instantly crumbled.

No matter what, Qiu Yuan was his son. He had to care about Qiu Yuan!

“City Lord Qiu,” Ye Zichen called out softly. He didn’t want to disturb City Lord Qiu, but there was no time for the latter to feel sad right then.

“Master Ye,” City Lord Qiu wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes.

“Qiu Yuan will be fine, so please don’t worry. We must hand the battle over to the two of them here. Right now, our job is to hurry back to our base. We have more important matters to take care of there!”

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Black Dragon vs. Ye Zichen & City Lord Qiu

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