Chapter 690 Qiu Hai is alive again

Chapter 690 – Qiu Hai is alive again

At the Pool City’s City Lord’s manor.

Black Dragon wore a carefree smile on his face after he activated the communication jade tablet as he looked towards the people in the meeting hall.

“If there is no surprise, then your place should have been conquered by my people already.”

“Aren’t you getting relaxed too early? I can still instantly take your life, then go back to the subdimension and remove the spy you left there,” the white-robed man squinted his eyes and gripped his lance tighter.

“That’s quite the case, but do you know who I left there?”


“I really couldn’t hide it from you,” Black Dragon did not reveal any shocked or frantic expressions when the white-robed man mentioned who it was. He merely nodded slightly with a smirk. “You are right. Yonghe is the spy I left with you. You can return to the subdimension after you kill me. Even if they already conquered your place, since you created that subdimension, you are naturally invincible there.”

“Since you know that, then why are you doing so much as to expose your spy and lose your life,” the white-robed man truly did not understand. He could not comprehend why Black Dragon was able to fearlessly chat away after doing so much.

Something was truly wrong.

“I never expected to conquer your place. I merely want to affect the morale of your alliance,” Black Dragon gazed to the brightening sky with his hands behind his back. “You rallied the entire Three Realms. I don’t know how you did it, but I can’t help you admire you for that. I, Black Dragon, am proud, but I am not arrogant. Although the demon warriors are all elites, I do not deny that I only have a mere fifty percent chance of victory against the entire Three Realms.”

“Fifty percent? You are sure proud!” the white-robed man snorted.

“I definitely have a fifty percent chance, but I won’t tell you why,” Black Dragon looked seriously at the white-robed man, then raised his eyebrows. “But fifty percent is too low, I need a higher chance of success. The way to do that is to cause your alliance to crumble from within.”

“You rallied the Three Realms because they have the confidence in you to deal with the Demon Realm. Then the best way to make them lose their confidence in you is to directly make a move at your base. If someone can’t even defend their home, how are they supposed to attack their enemies. Am I right?” Black Dragon slowly turned around with a proud look on his face.

The truth was that the white-robed man really did not expect that at all. However, since things have already come to it, the best way of salvaging everything was to eliminate the demon general in front of him!

“You truly have some areas where you are spectacular in. You were a bit too humble when you said you won your position by force,” the white-robed man’s trident glittered. Spiritual energy radiated out from the weapon, causing the stones outside the building to vibrate.

“You are praising me too much,” Black Dragon cupped his hands with a smile.

“But you will not be able to escape death,” the trident soared out.

Black Dragon crossed his arms and stood still with a soft smile, “You might be wrong on that account.”

With that, a huge flying hammer knocked the trident from its track.

Everyone looked outwards and saw Qiu Hai, who had been slain by the trident prior to their talk, stand there, alive again.

The primordial demon behind his back had formed once more, and the demonic aura around it seemed purer than before.

“Senior Qiu Hai, you are finally awake,” only then did Black Dragon’s calm expression reveal a hint of franticness as he hurried over to Qiu Hai’s side. “You are five minutes later than the designated time. I was really worried that you wouldn’t be able to wake up.”

“You would like that, wouldn’t you?” Qiu Hai’s blurry eyes seemed to shine with an intelligent light.

Black Dragon’s smile froze on his face, “How could I think that?”

“You know how you think, so I’m not going to waste my breath. Actually, you would have just ran away if you weren’t captured, right? Would you really have bought time for me?” Qiu Hai replied with a soft smile.

He was actually only in a state of false death. And as for why the white-robed man didn’t discover it? That was simple.

He had found another manual when he found the one for the primordial demon avatar. It was one on how to upgrade the avatar. The condition was simple enough. He just needed to take lethal damage.

That’s why he did essentially die once, it was just that he had a slither of life hidden away.

That was why nobody was able to sense that it was only a state of false death.

“Senor, just what are you saying,” Black Dragon chuckled wryly. Old geezer, you are right. If I wasn’t caught, I definitely wouldn’t have been bothered with you. I can’t believe that your bet worked and you managed to come back to life. But that’s good, otherwise, I really wouldn’t have anyone to deal with the man in white.

“Hah, never mind. I have no time for you right now. Do what you should do now. There’s a wild monkey I need to take care of here,” Qiu Hai’s silvery hair fluttered up, and he gazed towards the white-robed man like a menacing monster.

“How’s he alive again?” Ye Zichen looked at the old man in the sky with a look of confusion. I saw the white-robed guy stab him to death with one hit.

How the heck did he come back to life?

“He probably used some secret technique that I am not aware of. But this makes sense. Since he managed to gain the primordial demon avatar, he might have actually gotten the inheritance some powerful demon left behind. I seriously didn’t expect this, so they did one-up us,” the white-robed man squinted his eyes and said quietly. “Ye Zichen, leave with City Lord Qiu first and hurry over back to the subdimension. Since Black Dragon is so confident that he can conquer the place, Yonghe might not be the only traitor. Hurry back. You must stop them.”

Black Dragon’s words did make sense. If their base was conquered, then it would definitely affect the trust the Three Realms alliance placed in the white-robed man.

Then, if someone with ill intention fanned the flames, then the alliance might truly crumble!

“Then you..,” Ye Zichen frowned and glanced over at the old demon.

He seems quite a bit stronger after revival!

“Of course I have to stay here. Can’t you tell that the geezer has already locked onto me?” the white-robed man smiled. “But don’t worry about me. Since I can kill him once, I can kill him again. Hurry up and leave. The situation over there is important.”

“Tsk, who’s worried. Whatever,” Ye Zichen twitched his mouth. Then City Lord Qiu and Ye Zichen shot out. Yet, before they could make a huge distance, they saw Black Dragon appear in front of them as he cracked his knuckles.

“Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation. Just where are you trying to go?”

Original Chapter Teaser:[expand]

A revolt has begun. Traitors of the Immortal Region spread through the subdimension and began to burn everything down. They cared not for who stood in their way. Friends, family, lovers... It didn't matter. They only had one goal in mind - To bring down the alliance of the Three Realms.

And why was that? Perhaps it was for disgust of their home? Or perhaps they were tempted by the murmurs of the demons. The civilians did not know. All they knew were that... A lot of the people they put their faith in and respected had turned their backs on the Immortal Region. And the subdimension, which was supposed to be a safe-haven for the civilians... was not consumed by the flames of battle.


Black Dragon stood confidently in front of the white-robed man. He had a smug on his face, and there wasn't even a hint of fear on his face. Was he not afraid of being killed directly? Ye Zichen did not know, but he could sense that something was wrong. Black Dragon was far too calm. And that was not a good news for them.


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