Chapter 69 Celebrity Contest

Chapter 69 – Celebrity Contest

It seemed like the doctor in front of him was that female doctor that he saw when he arrived in the hospital.

Huang Shengmei instantly frowned when she heard that he wanted to be discharged, “Stop messing around. You have a gun wound on your shoulder. The bullet was just taken out and you actually say that you want to be discharged?”

Ye Zichen twitched his mouth, “Doctor, I recovered pretty well, and don’t like this sort of place that is full of the smell of disinfectants. Just let me go.”

Huang Shengmei shook her head, “No, as your attending physician, I have to be responsible for your body. You can’t be discharged in your situation.”

Ye Zichen felt helpless. It was about to be 6. If he wasted any more time here, then he might not be able to make it to the gala.

“Doctor, seriously… I know my own condition the best. Why aren’t you letting me get discharged? Black hearted doctor! Do you just want me to be hospitalized for longer so I would have to spend more!?”

“I said you can’t be discharged, so you can’t. Just lie down and rest. I’ll be back in an hour.”

Huang Shengmei snorted and left the ward. Ye Zichen twitched his mouth as he looked at her back, then took out his phone.


He threw his phone to the side, then squinted his eyes as he leaned back against the pillow. Then, he started to laugh.

“Liu Qing, Liu Qing…”

Liu Qing floated out from the Dragon Eye not long later and asked, “What is it?”

Ye Zichen indicated towards the door with his mouth, “Go and help me stand watch at the entrance. Tell me if my mom or that Dr. Huang Shengmei come over.”

Liu Qing nodded and floated towards the door. Ye Zichen immediately jumped onto the floor, then quickly took out his clothes from his closet and put them on.

“How is it, they aren’t outside, right?”

Ye Zichen ran over to the door sneakily.

Liu Qing couldn’t help but be shocked when she saw him get dressed, “Where are you going like this?”

“Aren’t you tell? I’m going to hospitalbreak.”

Ye Zichen stuck his head out of the ward and looked around. When he saw neither Ye Rong or Huang Shengmei were in sight, he immediately started to run.

Huang Shenmei looked down from the window in her office. All of a sudden, she saw Ye Zichen.


She quickly pushed open the window and shouted downstairs, “Ye Zichen!”

Ye Zichen, who just reached just hospital gate, subconsciously looked up when he heard this call.

In that instant, their gazes met.

He was found out.

“Ye Zichen, get back here!”

Huang Shengmei called out from the office window.

Ye Zichen chuckled, made a face, then waved towards her, “Doctor Huang.”

“Catch him!”

Huang Shengmei shouted towards the guards downstairs. Hearing that, that surrounding guards immediately came over. Ye Zichen shrank his neck when he saw the intimidating guards, then ran out.

“This guy…”

When Ye Zichen got to the Polytechnic University, the school anniversary gala had already begun.

At that moment, the person on the stage was Fu Chengming. His show was a song as well.

His idol-like and handsome look coupled with his decent voice caused a small commotion in the crowds when he finished singing.

Meanwhile, a chair was placed on the second floor of the audience's’ seats, right next to the railing facing the stage. On the chair was a sunglasses-wearing man.

“Old Hu, how is it?”

The person that spoke was the chancellor of Polytechnic University, Shi Rui.

The sunglasses-wearing man smiled faintly and raised his eyebrow, “It’s alright, let’s see more.”

Fu Chengming gave a deep bow, then left the stage.

“The next performance is also a song. Please welcome out Ye Zichen to sing “Later”!”

Fu Chengming slightly smiled as he stood underneath the stage. Ye Zichen’s show was originally very far back.

However, as the vice president of the student council and the person hosting this event, it was very simple for him to change the time of a performance.

He had already gotten news that this school anniversary gala would be different from before. There was an agency that had come in order to choose artists through the students’ performances.

He was very confident in his singing. He was sure that he would get selected when coupled with his looks.

As for why he put Ye Zichen behind him, he purely wanted to treat Ye Zichen as his stepping stone.

Only contrast would make him seem more excellent!

What’s more, he could also use the chance to put down Ye Zichen’s pride, so why wouldn’t he do that?

“Ye Zichen.”

“Coming, coming.”

Ye Zichen rushed out from the backstage with a mic. However, his rash look caused the school directors to frown.

“So rash.”

“He’s young, it’s normal for him to be a little rash,” the sunglasses-wearing man smiled. Seeing that, the Polytechnic University dean also smiled without saying anymore.


Light shone onto Ye Zichen’s face, who looked down into the crowd.


“Riche Bro…”

“Riche Bro…”

“Riche Bro…”

The students in the audiences all shouted crazily. Ye Zichen smiled and placed his finger to his lips, “Shhhh…”

The crowd immediately turned silent.

“Not bad,” said the sunglasses wearing man suddenly. Chancellor Shi was a bit shocked, why did he say not bad before the student started singing?

“Old Shi, you are amazing at managing a school, but you are far from capable at picking out artists. This young man is very famous in your school, and is pretty good at managing the crowd. He is a good seed to become a singer.”


Ye Zichen snapped, immediately starting the music.

Ye Zichen’s singing definitely had a magic to no one’s surprise. Thunderous claps only begun after he bowed towards the students and left the stage.

“Ye Zichen!”

“Ye Zichen!”

“Ye Zichen!”

The entire venue yelled out Ye Zichen’s name in unity. Meanwhile, Fu Chengming, who was beneath the stage, clenched his fist tightly. He never could have expected that Ye Zichen was so good at singing.

His face was extremely dark as he heard the calls in the crowd.

Stepping stone!

Just who was who’s stepping stone!

“This kid is pretty good,” the sunglasses-wearing man couldn’t help but praise.

Ye Zichen returned to the backstage during the passionate clapping.

Actually, Ye Zichen did not manage to sing to his full potential on the stage earlier due to him being slightly nervous.

He returned to the chair in the resting area while wishing for more. However, he saw Sun Yige standing there unsure of what to do. Her delicate face also showed a frown.

“Class Rep.”

Ye Zichen clapped Sun Yige on her shoulders. She immediately looked up, displaying a hint of smile in her eyes, “You came.”

“What do you mean I came? I already finished singing,” Ye Zichen was speechless.

“Finish? That’s shouldn’t be right. Your performance is clearly after mine,” Sun Yige raised her eyebrows in confusion. Hearing that, Ye Zichen also paused for a moment, but he quickly understood the situation.

It was the doing of that grandson, Fu Chengming, again.

That grandson didn’t dare to do anything on the surface, and only knew these sorts of petty tricks.

Ye Zichen cursed in his heart, but stopped caring about the issue. Then, he couldn’t help but ask when he remembered the worry on Sun Yige’s face, “What trouble did you get into?”

Sun Yige instantly frowned and mumbled, “I... The person singing with me… can’t come."

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