Chapter 689 Master Yao

Chapter 689 – Master Yao

Great Emperor Yonghe sat on his bed and looked at the jade tablet shimmering with red light on the shelf.

It was given to him by Black Dragon for communication.

Although the two normally would not communicate, if Great Emperor Yonghe remembered correctly, then red meant that it was time.

It’s time to move out!

“It’s earlier than I predicted!”

Great Emperor Yonghe smiled craftily in the dark room. He reached out to grab his jacket which seemed to have lost its color, then left the room with the jade table in his hand.

The night was incomparably silent.

Yet, the many things seemed to be happening in the white-robed man’s subdimension, disturbing its serenity.

“I can’t believe it, the Immortal Region has so many ungrateful people.”

A group of experts gathered in front of what was supposed to be a cliff without anyone there. If anyone paid attention, they definitely would find it rather weird, because all of them were reputed people in the Three Realms.

The one who spoke was the sect master of the Fire Cloud Gate. He remained in closed cultivation even during the earlier battles. His fire-like hair also symbolized that he had already cultivated the fire attribute techniques to the extreme.

“Old Fire Monster, the Five Sovereigns treat you well, but you’re here too, aren’t you?”

The one who spoke was the pavilion head of the Firmament Pavilion. They never got along with the Fire Cloud Gate, and both of them being there was truly a twist of fate.

“I didn’t expect to see an old geezer like you here,” the Fire Cloud Gate sect master glanced at him sullenly, then snorted. “You better act properly. Otherwise, I don’t mind ending you here and now.”

“Anyone can brag. End me? Why don’t you try?”

Neither old man gave in to another, while flames seemed to shoot out from their eyes.

“Since you’re both here, then we’re all on the same side. Fighting amongst ourselves before solving the external issue isn’t a good idea, is it?” At that moment, an elegant looking man holding a fan appeared between the two and separated them.

The surrounding people were all slightly confused. They couldn’t remember who the man was.

After a while, someone finally exclaimed, “Master Yao, that’s Master Yao!”

The Mu family head of the outer regions has two sons. One of them, Mu Chengtian, was from the family head’s current wife, but he has always been plagued with sickness, and was famous amongst the outer regions of the Immortal Region for that.

However, the Mu family head did have another wife before the previous one.

She was from the Xiao family of the outer regions. Her family wasn’t a very important one, but it wasn’t a normal family either. The Mu family head was accompanied by her the entire time before becoming the family head.

However, during the contest for the family head position, the current Mu family head wasn’t in a very good position. In order to win the position over, he chose to discard his wife back then, and chose to marry the young lady of the famed Tang family of the outer regions.

Master Yao naturally returned with his mother to their clan and changed his surname to Xiao. The Xiao family also moved to the Hundred Flowers City

Plenty of people felt pity for them when it became more well known.

Part of it was because the Xiao lady was a true woman of the house, while the Tang lady has always been overly arrogant, so the Mu family head’s future days would be rather terrible.

The second was because of Xiao Yao.

Xiao Yao was clearly a talented child, and his talent could be said to be amongst the best in the past ten thousand years. If the Mu family head could have endured everything for ten years or so until Xiao Yao came of age, then the Mu family was still his, and they would definitely be greater than ever with Xiao Yao.

However, he didn’t.

That was why they were all surprised when the genius young man had appeared.

“So people still actually still recognize me? That’s comforting to know,” Xiao Yao smiled softly turned to the armored man with a stern face and a longsword in his hand with a mocking laugh. “Actually, everyone here has their own reasons for being here, but this one...”

The sword wielding man looked up and gazed at Xiao Yao with a razor-sharp look.

“General Zhao being here isn’t quite right is it? City Lord Lin is very nice to you, so nice that I’m actually kind of jealous,” Xiao Yao’s expression turned dark, and squinted his eyes like a snake’s and gazed at Zhao Zizhao with a vicious look. “You actually want to betray Lin Xiyi when she has treated you so well!?”

“That’s none of your business,” Zhao Zizhao glanced at him plainly. “Stop acting righteously here. You are of the Hundred Flowers City as well. City Lord Zhao is very nice to your Xiao family as well, but you still came.”

“A friend asked me to come. I couldn’t help but be moved by his offer.”

“Then what are you blabbering on for?” Zhao Zizhao answered indifferently.

Xiao Yao glanced at him and shrugged, “Never mind, I don’t want to waste my words with a brute like you.”

“And I don’t want to speak too much to a sissy like you. Oh, let me remind you, Lin Xiyi will never like a sissy like you.”

“Say that again!?” Xiao Yao roared angrily and pointed towards Zhao Zizhao.

Those words touched his sore spot. Xiao Yao was indeed very handsome, but at the same time…

He was slightly feminine.

“So what if I say it ten thousand times? You sissy!”

“You are seeking death!” Xiao Yao’s eyes filled up with blood. He drew his sword out and pointed it at Zhao Zizhao. “I shall help Xiyi clean her subordinates up!”

“I fear you won’t be able to do that,” Zhao Zizhao drew his sword as well, while he radiated a murderous aura like an unsheathed blade.

The surrounding people were rather shocked by the turn of events, and that was especially true for the Fire Cloud sect master and the Pavilion Head of the Firmament Pavilion.

Master Yao just pulled us apart, why is he starting to fight now.

Yet, nobody dared to stop the pair from fighting. Zhao Zizhao is a reputed general, while Xiao Yao is a long reputed genius.

The surrounding people needed to actually think long and hard before even attempting to stop the two.

“Things doesn’t seem quite right here,” Great Emperor Yonghe appeared between the two and pushed them apart just as the two were facing off against each other.

When the surrounding people saw Great Emperor Yonghe, they all bowed, “Great Emperor.”

Yonghe nodded with a smile, “We are all here to do something great. I don’t care what grudges you might have between you guys, but put it aside now. Fight how you like when the future is decided. I definitely will not interfere.”

He swept his gaze over the group. The Fire Cloud Sect Master and Firmament Pavilion Head lowered their heads.

Xiao Yao and Zhao Zizhao both snorted, put their weapons away and stood to one side each.

Seeing that, Great Emperor Yonghe nodded in satisfaction, then stretched lazily with a smile, “Are you ready? No one can turn back after this point!”

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