Chapter 688 Let the game begin!

Chapter 688 – Let the game begin!

A gust of wind blew against Black Dragon’s face.

It should have brought a hint of coolness for him in the heated night, but he felt like he fell into a deep hole of ice.

He did not find the white-robed man’s ‘kind’ invitation very nice. He had wanted to be the person who benefits from the fight between Qiu Hai and the white-robed man by capturing Ye Zichen.

Then, he was supposed to kill both of them when they were locked in combat.

His wish was grand, but reality was…


The old guy from the Demon Realm, who has always acted as if he was better than anyone, failed to even stand up against one of his foe’s strike and directly died.

Does that mean nobody in the Lower Three Realms can match up to him?

All Black Dragon could think of was that he placed too much trust into Qiu Hai’s strength. He even wanted to curse out loud…

F*cking hell!

“What? Are you not going to give me face?” the grim reaper like voice sounded out once more.

The truth was that Black Dragon didn’t want to give him face, but in the current situation…

Black Dragon let out a soft sigh, then turned back and raised his eyebrows, “How could I not? I cannot reject your invitation no matter what.”

“Then, please!” the white-robed man pointed the way to the meeting hall.

Black Dragon gripped his fists tightly, then relaxed it, before slowly walking past the white-robed man nervously.

Inside the meeting halls of the Pool City’s City Lord’s manor.

The hall was terrifyingly silent in the serene night. A faint fragrance of tea flowed out form it.

The white-robed man sat opposite Black Dragon and sipped his tea, “Lord Black Dragon, why aren’t you moving?’

“I don’t have much interest in all this,” Black Dragon smiled, while still being nervous. He couldn’t help but act like that, after all…

The white robed man sat opposite him. The Pool City’s City Lord sat beside him.

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen, the weakest and the one he wanted to target, was protected by the white-robed man’s spiritual energy.

Black Dragon was in a dire position.

“Is that so? But I seem to have heard that Lord Black Dragon really likes tea. Don’t worry, I won’t do anything with it,” the white-robed man pursed his lips with a smile.

Black Dragon picked up the tea cup awkwardly and took a symbolic sip before putting it down again, “I wonder what Sire would like to discuss with me?”

“You should know better than me, right?” the white-robed man directly returned the question to Black Dragon.

Black Dragon licked his lips, then shook his head, “If you want to use me to threaten my subordinates, then you will be making a fatal mistake.”


“People of your level definitely understand how demons are. We never care about relationships. The only reason I became the master of the Demon Realm was through plain strength which deters them. They do hold a grudge against how much I took from them. They rather I die, since that would let them select a new master.”

“Then you mean capturing me is useless?” the white-robed man seemed to show a moved expression.

Black Dragon quickly held on to the chance, “You can say that. But it’s not completely useless. Since you captured me, then my life is in your hands. I want to discuss some terms in exchange for my life.”

“What is it?”

Black Dragon let out a long sigh, then tried his best to think of the words that can be used to convince the white-robed man.

“Hurry up, I don’t have so much time to waste,” the white-robed man said coldly, while a suffocating aura begun to fill up the hall.

“Actually, you would just want to see the Three Realms remain the Three Realms. I promise you that I will lead all the demons back to our sub dimension. I will assure you that I will not touch even a single strand of grass from the Three Realms within the next thousand years!”

“Thousand years?”

“Ten thousand years!” Black Dragon immediately changed the date. When he noticed that the white-robed man was still dissatisfied, he spoke once more. “I swear that I will never attack the Three Realms again… If you don’t believe me, then I can swear on my heart demon and let the Laws bear witness.”

Black Dragon gazed hopefully towards the white-robed man, but noticed that the latter didn’t seem satisfied. “What do you actually want me to do?”

The rise of the demons, conquering the Three Realms…

None of that mattered compared to living on.

He already decided that worst come to worst, he will just hide in the sub dimension a bit longer. The Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation will become a Supreme one day, and when that happens, Black Dragon himself can just ascend to the Demon Realm and ignore everything down here.

“I thought you would be an ambitious one,” the white-robed man snickered, then slowly stood up and stretched lazily. “I am rather happy with what you said just now, especially about the swearing it by your heart demon.”

“Then I will immediately…”

“But I refuse,” the white-robed man interrupted Black Dragon mercilessly, then chuckled. “I said it when I dealt with Qiu Hai earlier. I have bear no good feelings about demons.”

“Actually, I’m not a demon, I’m a dragon.”

“It is the same towards the dragons,” the white-robed man’s expression turned sullen. “I only have respect for just a few of the dragons. I have no good impression of the rest. And you are not one of the few. Alright, I made it very clear already. I can only apologize to you. I really didn’t expect everything to end so simply when I made such a refined plan.”

His white robe turned pale blue, while the gold trident appeared in his hands once more.

After seeing what had happened earlier, they knew that he had used that form to kill the Sky Supreme Qiu Hai in one hit.

Normally speaking, Black Dragon should already be afraid. He should be kneeling on his knees and begging for mercy.

However, everyone in the room could see that he was smiling.

Indeed, he was smiling.

“I underestimated you just now. You are kind of brave. Seeing as you can laugh in the face of death, then I will give you a swift end,” the white-robed man lifted his trident high.

Black Dragon smiled and looked at him fearlessly, “Are you sure that you want to kill me? If you kill me, then everything you planned will go to waste?”


“You know this, right?” Black Dragon opened his palm and revealed a jade tablet for communication.

“I really did underestimate you,” the white-robed man’s tone turned cold.

Black Dragon shrugged, and the fear he showed earlier completely disappeared. He pushed himself up from the chair and pushed the white-robed man’s trident aside. “Let the game begin!”

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