Chapter 687 The Fall of Qiu Hai

Chapter 687 – The Fall of Qiu Hai

Black Dragon felt a chill when he heard the casual greeting. I actually didn’t detect anyone coming towards me!?

I can even detect it if it was Qiu Hai.

Just who is that person? How did he get around my senses? Why is he giving me so much pressure?

Black Dragon raised his eyebrows and glanced forward. When he saw the person, his pupils contracted.

The trap.

It must have been all planned by him.

“I apologize for not greeting you sooner when you visited. I wonder what did you come to Pool City for? Why don’t you come and have a chat with us in the halls?” the white-robed man made a please gesture.

Qiu Hai couldn’t help but purse his lips and smiled, “So you didn’t return to the Upper Realms yet. Are those God Realm fellows provoking the existence of the Laws?”

“Listen to yourself. You didn’t return yet, so why should I?” a hint of laughter could be seen in the white-robed man’s eyes as he replied indifferently.

Qiu Hai’s expression shifted for a moment when he saw the look the white-robed man gave him, then snorted, “The cowardly small fry back then actually dares to act like this in front of me? I guess I really do have to make you remember what happened then.”

Good, fight. I’ll reap the benefits. Oh, the Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation is here too. This really will be killing two birds with one stone. Black Dragon thought to himself.

The white-robed man shrugged, “I merely wanted to let the injured get treated quicker. Cowardly small fry? That’s a bit arrogant. I’ll be honest, I really don’t want us to fight right now, but since this is the case, then it can’t be helped.”

A gust of wind blew past, causing their robes to flutter in the sky.

The white-robed man smiled, then put on Huang Feihong’s signature pose[1.], while spiritual energy started to spiral around him…

The seemingly meager spiritual instantly soared out like a surging torrent and pressed down towards Black Dragon and Qiu Hai.

It was a suffocating feeling, and the moment the pressure appeared, Black Dragon’s eyes were filled with an unbelievable shock.

The pressure he felt was more than ten times stronger than what he felt when he had arrived in the city’s territory.

Even Qiu Hai’s eyes twitched. Although he was a Sky Supreme, he still felt a chilling pressure and a hint of danger.

It was something he had only felt from the Demon Emperor.

“Ye Zichen, be careful later. This geezer is no weakling. I might not be able to protect you while I’m fighting with him.”

The white-robed man reminded Ye Zichen through his sea of consciousness.

Ye Zichen nodded towards the man, then slowly backed off.

They were finally going to fight!

Qiu Hai laughed coldly. Pressure did not mean everything. He would only know the man’s true strength after they fought. What’s more, the Lower Three Realm’s Law limited things so that the highest level of strength that could be used was that of a first ranked Sky Supreme’s. Qiu Hai did not believe that he would be the weaker amongst the two when that’ the case.

“Heh, puny small fry!”


With that, Qiu Hai also released a powerful surge of spiritual energy from his body, which glittered with a purple light. The mirage of a demon holding two hammers seemed to be mixed amongst the energy, which glared at the white-robed man.

At that moment, the white-robed man stopped holding back. He released a powerful pale blue aura around him. Then a giant image of a sea god holding a trident appeared and stared at the opposing demon mirage.

A lion should use its full strength even against a rabbit. The white-robed man was not about to overestimate himself and get destroyed for that.

“Let me tell you this first. I don’t have a good impression of you demons. If I wound you gravely or kill you, please understand that.”

The sea god behind him rose its trident high, while water attribute spiritual energy gathered towards the weapon.

The demon behind Qiu Hai did the same. It crossed its hammers and began to let marks appear on them.


Qiu Hai began to feel more and more pressure from the white-robed man, and this pressure also ate away at his fighting spirit. When Qiu Hai finally couldn’t take it anymore, he chose to attack.

“What a shame, he lost.”

Meanwhile, the turtle chancellor shook his head with a sigh in a corner outside Pool City.

“That demon geezer’s avatar is a primordial demon… What a talented person. I wonder if the demons will be outraged when he dies here,” then he shrugged and continued his mutterings. “But so what. The best thing that’ll happen is if all the demons die. As for the guy he’s facing. He should be the one His Majesty was talking about. A primordial sea god avatar… That’s clearly not the strength a Sky Supreme should have. Oh my, His Majesty is clearly just making things difficult for me!”

At the same time, Qiu Hai’s demon avatar swung its hammer towards the white-robed man. Yet, it was like the turtle chancellor said.

He lost!

The white-robed man suddenly opened his eyes, while the sea god behind him pointed towards the demon avatar.


A hole ripped through the demon avatar.


The demon avatar crumbled, while Qiu Hai also knelt down in the sky and spat out a mouthful of blood.

He opened his eyes wide in shock and glanced at the shimmering avatar.

“How’s this possible!?”

His avatar was a primordial demon, and that made him a rarity even in the Demon Realm. That was something he had gotten from Black Dragon by chance when he descended, it was supposed to turn his life around…

But how!?

I lost.

My primordial demon actually lost to this wave-riding person with a crown on its head and scales on its arm!

“Impossible!” Qiu Hai roared with bloodshot eyes. He struggled to stand up and resummoned his avatar.

“Stop trying. The sea god is a primordial god. Your avatar has already been shattered,” the white-robed man slowly walked towards Qiu Hai, while the avatar behind him began to disperse. At the same time, the man’s robe begun to turn blue, a crown appeared on his head, and the sea god’s trident appeared in his hand.

“H-How do you know this, that’s…”

“You understand now?” the white-robed man smirked and lifted the trident high. “Yes, it is as you said. Do you feel like it is a reasonable death now?”

“No, I can’t die! My ambition…” Qiu Hai scuttled back frantically.

The white-robed man sighed, then through the trident out like a spear and pierced it through Qiu Hai. “I told you already. I don’t like demons.”

Qiu Hai stopped breathing and fell on the ground.

The white-robed man dispelled his own condition, then glanced down at a place outside Pool City.

He noticed me!

The turtle chancellor gulped, then ran. I definitely won’t be able to complete the mission now. His Majesty didn’t give me a time limit, so let’s just wait and see.

“Hah…” the white-robed man smirked, then looked towards Black Dragon, who was preparing to run. “You want to run? Why leave so quickly when you’re already here?”

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